fantasy on ice 2012

[FUMIYA SASHIDA] 2012-09-03:「Fantasy on Ice 2012 in Fukui」Blog


Sashida here.

We finished up Fantasy on Ice 2012 in Fukui yesterday!

Two shows were held on the first day and one show was held on the second day for a total of three.

It was my first time seeing these skaters skate, and I was so impressed by them! They really motivated me in my performance!

I’m so honored to have been able to be a part of this wonderful event!

Also, Hanyu Yuzuru and I collaborated together with “Hana ni nare.”

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the song Yuzuru collaborated with Fumiya Sashida :) ♫

-literal translations so you guys can listen to the song with your own interpretation ;)

HANA NI NARE (Become a Flower)

Are you able to laugh now?

What kind of breath are you breathing?

Showing strength in a crowd,

thinking “Don’t lose”

you must be walking.

Even the flowers near my feet,

do not hesitate

to live~

Keep on living~

We feel the wind,

and look up at our own sky.

It’s okay to bump (into each other),

it’s okay to cry,

because the answer is somewhere.

Don’t give up~

no matter how difficult tomorrow may be,

your life will shine.

Because that single flower stands in the wind,

we all can become flowers too.

2012-09-03: Fukui

Fantasy on Ice in Fukui
finished without a hitch yesterday!
Thank you to everyone
who came to see the show.

During rehearsal

It was Anissina-san’s birthday!

My idol, Candeloro-san

Nobu hits the opening pose of my free perfectly (lol)

Before the finale!

Crystal Kay-san who I’ve known
since Medalist on Ice.

I’m so happy we were able to do another show together!

Good job everyone! *peep*

- - -

- The original Japanese for *peep* was ぴよ (piyo), which is the onomatopoeic word for bird chirping in Japanese. Akiko has been ending some of her tweets with it probably in reference to her peacock free this season. :)