fantasy of the alps


Name: Mara

Alternate Names: Nightmare, Alp (related), Mare, Cauchemar (French)

Mythology: European (almost all European counties have their own version of the Nightmare

Size: Shapeshifter, but have Medium and Large forms mostly

Environment: The dream world, can only be summoned out of dreams by Nocnitsa Hags

In Mythika: Horrifying parasites who feed on fear inside the dreams and nightmares of sleeping creatures, Mara are more a pest than a true dangerous killer, they make people very fatigued and exhausted as they can’t find a peaceful sleep, this makes them dangerous on their own right, as adventures must be battle-ready if they want to win against dangerous monsters. The Mara only becomes deadly if summoned out of the dream world by a Nocnitsa Hag, then they take the forms of black mares with burning manes in a multitude of bright flaming colors. In the dreamworld the Mara can appear in any form it desires, mostly taking on the victims worst nightmare. In the real world the Mara often functions as a carnivorous steed of the Nocnitsa hags.

Mara can breed with a multitude of Unicorns, the result is always a Mara, but a very different one, it will have a crystal-like unicorn horn. Winged Mara’s are also spotted.

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