fantasy of the alps

We spent all day exploring Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau and surrounds. Stunning day for it. We just arrived at our hotel in Füssen and we are happily exhausted. I’ll post more pictures soon.

blueconlan  asked:

Where would you have taken season 3? For agent carter

My dream S3 would’ve had a more international flavor. If season 1 was New York and season 2 was LA, for season 3 I wanted to see Peggy & co. go to London and possibly farther afield, as they searched for the solution to the mystery of the key and Jack’s shooting (not his murder, of course!) and whether Michael Carter is alive or dead.

My fantasy wishlist for S3:

  • Picking up pretty much immediately after the end of S2 rather than having another timeskip - at most I wouldn’t want to jump forward more than a couple of months.
  • Peggy & Daniel trying to negotiate the balance between work + personal life now that they’re in a relationship. No jealousy or contrived drama, just a sort of real-world-ish figuring out how to be people in a relationship who are also workaholics and often not even on the same continent.
  • Jack being basically grounded for the first couple of episodes because of his injuries and providing ground support, as it were, while Peggy & Daniel (+Jarvis, Rose, etc) do the field stuff.
  • Fallout from the Arena Club mess w/further disintegration of the SSR leading towards the formation of SHIELD (but not actually getting there; forming SHIELD could be S4).
  • Action/adventure shenanigans in the great outdoors. In keeping with the international theme, I have a persistent fantasy about everybody ending up in the Alps looking for a secret baddie base in pursuit of the Michael Carter/key mystery, with avalanches and being roped together to cross crevasses and so forth - and yes, I know my fantasy Alps look more like the Himalayas than the actual Alps, plus the show probably wouldn’t have the budget for this, but IT’S FANTASY OKAY. I liked the lost-in-the-desert bit from season two but there wasn’t NEARLY enough of it, so pretty much I just want my babies stranded in the mountains. Look, Jarvis has CANONICALLY done mountaineering, and Mountain Wilderness Shenanigans would be A+ comedy gold + the perfect opportunity for h/c.
  • Some sort of badass female spy ally/frenemy for Peggy. Basically someone who’s more on the ally end of things than Dottie but still not entirely on their side, like an observer who is assigned to them by the SSR or MI-6, for example. Basically if there are going to be new characters for S3, I think it would be great for the show to have more action-type women for Peggy to interact with and also I want a love interest for Jack.
  • And naturally, Dottie coming back to make their lives difficult some more. 

As you can see, I have not thought about this AT ALL.