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“Reclaim your throne” slogan is just big cruel joke.

A lot of people (including me) expected an epic journey about Prince Noctis, who is gonna fight evil Empire and take back his Kingdom. Common fantasy plot that involves restoring the rightful heir to the throne (”Lord of The Rings”, “Lion King”, “King Arthur“, thosands novels and films). Well, we all know how it actually ended. 

Final Fantasy XV is Japanese game.

So, let me tell a short story about another Japanese game - Dark Souls.

Dark Souls is video game series about repeating cycles of Fire and Dark. The Age of Fire is completely dependent on the First Flame. When the Flame starts fading, people start becoming Undead, because humanity in Dark Souls cursed with Starscourge Curse of the Undead. Eventually Undead lose their mind and go Hollow (mindless zombies… as I remember correctly “daemon” on Japanese is pretty similar to “corpses”). 

“The fast fading Flame must be linked to preserve this world. A re-enactment of the first linking of the fire. So it is, I became a Lord of Cinder.” © Ludleth of Courland

Lord of Cinder in Dark Souls 3 is a title given to those who once were mighty enough to Link the Flame. If Undead tried to link the Fire, but weren’t powerful enough and failed, it just burned them to ash, which called Unkindled.

Anyway, even successful Lords should… take their Throne and sacrifice themselves for Fire. 

tl;dr  “Reclaim your throne” was never supposed to be “Marry Lunafreya, defeat Nifflheim, restore Insomnia, live long and happy”. It was about “Go and kill yourself, Noctis” all along.

Faerie Sight

How to see faeries:

  • Wearing one’s coat inside out.
  • Wearing a posy of primroses.
  • A four leaf clover crushed and put into an ointment may give one sight of the Faeries as well as placing Faerie Ointment on the eyelids.
  • Bending over and looking backwards through your legs.
  • Looking through a Fir knot hole.
  • Looking through a loop made with a Rowan twig may cause Faerie sight.
  • Looking through a hag stone
  • Meditating on a daily basis.
  • Averting one’s vision.
  • Dawn, moon, dusk, and midnight are the best times for faerie sightings.
  • Believe - faeries will most likely not show themselves to non-believers.
  • Have good intention - faeries can sense it.
  • Looking for a long time without blinking.
Promptis headcanons

ok first can we talk about how much the boys must love water (Prompto always photographing Noct in front of the water ingame and ofc Noct x fishing)

  • imagine both of them going camping while in highschool and Prompto’s delighted because it’s the first time he really goes out of the city apart from school excursions and this is a huge deal for Noctis too because his father actually agreed to let him go?? On his own?! (PEACEFUL TIMES)
  • So they choose to go camping near a river, so that Noctis can fish and Prompto will take so many pics of the scenery, Noct will get mad at him bc the fishes are going away because of him but really he’s just so happy he’s out there with his bestfriend
  • Prompto splashing water at a napping Noct. Yes this ends up in a terrible waterfight
  • Prompto staying still in the water and suddenly he feels ?? Small things pecking at his skin ?? And in 30 secs this turns into 20 small fishes eating his dead skin
  • “Noctis do you think they’re gonna eat my freckles too ??”
  • Noctis suddenly being very aware of all the freckles that cover his friend’s body
  • Noctis blushing 
  • “O-of course not”
  • MIDNIGHT BATH and there are fireflies all around them
  • Regretting sleeping under the sky next to the river the following day bc they didnt plan to get THAT MANY bites from mosquitoes (you can bet your ass next time they’ll bring some anti mosquitoes products)
  • For the time being they’ll sleep in the tent
  • hiking up the mountain by following the river stream and Prompto litterally c r y i n g when he sees the view from the top and Noctis just hugging him from behind without saying a word
  • Watching the shooting stars from atop of the mountain while chatting about very personnal stuff
  • Prompto loving being massaged (unlike Noctis -throwback to Galdin Quay-) so at night in the tent Noctis will give Prompto massages after their long day’s walk and if you dont think Prompto moans and Noctis is hella flustered and stops everything then you’re very wrong
  • both boys trying to be subtle when they try to close the gap between their sleeping bags at night
  • ends up with both of them being milimeters apart but not doing the last move
  • You can bet in the morning they’re snuggled together
  • Prompto waking up first but being prisoner of the royal arm around his chest and yes he tries to break free (#nohomo) but he’s just ?? HELD EVEN CLOSER ?
  • And obviously he can’t win bc it turns out all those trainings with Gladio really did good for Noct’s muscles
  • So you have a sleepy Noctis and an overthinking (and hungry, maybe also wanting to pee) Prompto also very bothered by how cute Noctis is with his bed hair
  • the astrals shipping the fuck outta those two rn
  • Eventually Noct wakes up and is face to face to a Prompto who may or may not have been trying to get a taste of Noct’s lips bc anyways Noct was asleep ?? But he woke up just before it happened
  • They can feel each other’s morning breath on their own lips (which, let’s be honest, smell bad) and woooooo INTENSE STARING
  • Noct just kinda presses the hand he already had on Prompto’s back and Prompto can feel his heart beating even faster than it already did bc now Noct’s closing his eyes and oh my oH MY IS HE GONNA ???
  • fall back asleep
  • That Royal asshole
  • can you hear this sound yes it’s Prompto’s heart breaking in two
  • (that’s what you get for trying to take advantage of a sleeping prince, blondie)
  • Prompto finally goes outside the tent and is met by rain and yeah his day couldn’t have started in a worse way
  • But the weather’s still very warm so he takes off his clothes except for his briefs and wristband and stands outside
  • How long he stands there he doesn’t know
  • He suddenly has a lot on his mind and he’s angry at himself because this week end was supposed to be a special time with his bestfriend why did he have to let his feelings in the way
  • But next thing he knows Noct’s there too ??
  • “Couldn’t sleep with the rain. Let’s go”
  • Prompto doesn’t ask questions and just follows him a bit farther into the woods
  • That’s when he notices Noctis is also only in his t-shirt and briefs so he offers a silent prayer to Shiva to thank her for his view on the royal ass
  • And they finally reach a small waterfall with a large pond. It’s very humid and you cant see clearly the other end but Prompto has a feeling there might be more to it. He can hear frogs croaking 
  • Noct just offers him his hand, and although Prompto is intrigued and still a bit sulking, he lets him lead him into the water
  • When they’re midwaist and Prompto still doesn’t know where this is all leading to, Noctis tells him, a slightly bit anxious “ok, on three we go underwater. Keep your eyes open. Three…”
  • “but Noct you know that with my eyes-
  • Doesn’t matter here. Two… ONE !”
  • Noctis drags him underwater by force with his hand. Prompto, taken aback, forces himself to open his eyes, trusting his bestfriend. And then he sees.
  • Everything is light. The fishes are luminescent, shiny frogs are passing by him, and he feels safe in this water, almost at… Home. Noctis points him to rarestones that are emetting their own light. He’s never been more amazed. And flowers are growing from the bottom. Actually, they’re growing everywhere they can. Soon missing air, the boys quickly come back to the surface. Back to the dull and misty pond, assaulted by rain.
  • “Dude what was that ?!!
  • -Ok, you know the legend of that florist who died at the hand of the bringer of destruction?
  • -Yes it’s a classic
  • -So you know her true love left her dead body in a pond. Well now the legend has it that, when it rains, it means people are still mourning her death, and if you come to a pond pure enough with the person you love  then under those circonstances you can enter the realm of wonders her spirit built. Iris showed me the pond”
  • The last part had been said way more quickly than everything else. Prompto slowly processed the information
  • “Oh. I hope you and her will be happy…”
  • Prompto thought he had seen what was underwater only because he was with Noctis. Not because his feelings were reciprocated.
  • Noctis, eyes wide and suddenly very unsure, added “but Iris didn’t see what was underwater ! Only I did. Because I was the one she loved. It works only one way. I didn’t tell her I saw it, though. … But you saw the flowers, right ?”
  • “Yeah… I did !”
  • Noctis looked at him and couldn’t hide his smile any longer. “So did I.”
  • Before he let his tears slip out, Prompto jumped at Noctis’ neck and brought him underwater. There, they exchanged a look that meant more than any word could say about their mutual affection, and it was as if the water brought them closer for a kiss only the flowers witnessed.

…. So yeah, Promptis and water are important to me.

Eos Timeline - Ages Edition (Contains SPOILERS)

I wanted a timeline with more information about Luna and other characters’ ages around the game’s events to give it more perspective, so I did it by fusing the info in this post HERE, plus the ones given in Brotherhood/Kingsglaive/FFXV/Ultimania guide (big thanks to superespresso + thetwilightmexican and zukarevue translations!) /Anything I come across to be honest.

I thought that maybe someone may find this useful too, but I did this mostly to back my fanfic ideas with some accurate lore.


M.E. 606 - King of Lucis erects a magic wall around the kingdom.

M.E. 722 - Ardyn joins Niflheim.

M.E. 723 - Magitek soldiers’ mass production begins, with Ardyn’s help.

M.E. 725 - Niflheim introduces Magitek soldiers in battle.
- Lucis forces retreat from battle against Niflheim.

M.E. 726 - King Mors reduces the wall to just around Insomnia.
- Around this time Nyx is suspected to be born.

M.E. 728 - Galahd starts it’s 18 years of peace (Nyx suspected age is 2 y/o).
- Ravus is born.

M.E. 729 - King Mors dies, Regis is coronated King.

M.E. 732 - Luna is born, Gentiana joins the Nox Fleuret.
- King Regis marries Aulea.

M.E. 736 - Noctis is born, Luna is 4 y/o, Nyx is suspected 10 y/o.
- Prompto is born in Niflheim (In a lab? From a person? Both?? Is kinda vage, we just don’t know).

M.E. 737 - Prompto (1 y/o) is adopted by the “Argentum” family in Lucis.

M.E. 740 - Ignis (6y/o) is assigned to Noctis (3 y/o) [Because of the 3 year gap between the two, this event must have happened between Feb 7th-Aug 30th of that year].

M.E. 741 - Noctis is chosen by the Crystal (5 y/o), Luna is 9 y/o.
- Regis founds the Kingsglaive
- Iris is born.

M.E. 744 - Noctis is attacked by a Daemon (8 years old), goes to Tenebrae for treatment.
- Luna meets Noctis, she is 12 Years old.
- Noctis meets Gentiana.
- Niflheim attacks and conquers Fenestala Manor, Queen Sylva of Tenebrae is killed. Ravus is 16 y/o.
- Noctis tells Ignis about the dessert he ate in Tenebrae.

M.E. 745 - Giant Shiva awakens. Noctis is 9 y/o, Luna is 13 y/o.
- Shiva tells Luna about the covenants.
- Gigant Shiva is defeated by Ardyn/Niflheim in Groves Valley.

M.E. 746 - Niflheim attacks Galahd.
- Ardyn contacts Drautos.
- Is believed that Nyx joined the Kingsglaive around this time. He is believed to be 20 y/o.
- Gladio starts working for Noctis. He befriends Noctis after Iris’ incident. Iris is 5 y/o, Gladio is 13 y/o.
- Noctis starts training with Gladiolus.
- Noctis is 10 y/o, Luna is 14 y/o.

M.E. 748 - Prompto (12 y/o) saves Pryna in Insomnia, Luna contacts him and he begins his quest to befriend Noctis.
- Luna enters her first covenant with a god.
- Lunafreya becomes the youngest Oracle in history, at age 16. Noctis is 12 years Old.

M.E. 749 - Ignis starts training to join the Crownsguard (15 y/o).

M.E. 751 - Noctis moves to a new apartment, outside the castle (15 y/o). Luna is 19 y/o.
- Prompto starts to hang out with Noctis.
- Gladio formally joins the Crownsguard (18 y/o).

M.E. 752 - Ignis formally joins the Crownsguard (18 y/o).
- Noctis gets the Engine Blade from King Regis as a present for his 16th birthday.

M.E. 754 - Gladio gets his scar while protecting Noctis from a drunken Lucis’ citizen. Noctis is 18, Gladio 21, Luna 22.

M.E. 756 - Noctis recieves the Audi R8 Star of Lucis as a gift for his 20th birthday.
- Noctis Leaves Insomnia to attend his wedding ceremony in Altissia (20 y/o).
- Insomnia falls. Nyx is believed 30 y/o, Luna is 24 y/o.

— Start of FFXV —

I may edit this in the future as more info is released/confirmed. Let me know if you see any inconsistency :)

Edit: Added year of Gladio’s scar. More info on Ardyn, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Iris, Nyx, Ravus, Luna and Gentiana.

Incoming fan-lore critical rant

  Alright fam real talk time now. This is WoW related so if you couldn’t care less about WoW you can totally ignore this. So Im a massive fan of Draenei, and they are basically responsible for most of my interest in the game/world along with the Elves. They are surprisingly one of the most if not the most original, well designed, subversive fantasy races I’ve ever come across next to the Sylvari from Guild Wars 2.

  Heres my issue, and its a hugely irritating one. WHY does almost everyone keep superimposing our concept of gender roles, politics, understanding of religion, etc onto them? Its irritating as hell and massively out of character for the entire species lol; like have yall actually been paying attention? We see extremely low (almost negligible) levels of sexism in their culture with females being present in EVERY profession and level of their society in generally equal ratios to men with some exceptions (additionally this fact is not questioned or criticized by any of them). Our stereotypes of gender are totally irrelevant to them lol. Their whole culture is counter to ours. They are extremely collective oriented with focus being placed on the whole while value is still placed on individual freedom and expression of knowledge.

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anonymous asked:

How does Blue eat? Does he just sit there with some dead thing in his hand for a month as the mycelium absorbs it?

He sticks his feet in the ground!

Blue cultivates a mycelium network in the soil. It acts as both a nutrient reservoir and a communication network, so in addition to using it for sustenance, he always knows exactly what each of his crops needs. That’s how he’s so good at his job!

This kind of network is also how myconids communicate, often over great distances!

And so it began ...

Ilúvatar: *thinks*
Ainur: *are created*
Ilúvatar: .. oh. Neat. Do a music.
Ainur: *makes music*
Ilúvatar: Awesome - hey, what’s that one doing.
Ilúvatar: He’s ruining the mus—
Ilúvatar: Okay, just because you have more power than everyone else does not mean you get to be a dick.
Melkor: 2 metal 4 u
Ilúvatar: I did not create you for this.
Melkor: Suck it, dork.
Ilúvatar: Stop it.
Melkor: Sorry. (Not actually sorry)

About the Astrals

…and How Much (read: Little) They Could Really Do, And What They Gave To Do It

Okay, this started as me being pissy over all the “The Astrals are so cruel” “Bahamut is such an asshole” “It’s not fair that they made him do this they could’ve just fixed it themselves” kinds of posts. And then debating with that. And then realizing how long this was getting, and so here we are, it gets its own post.

It’s formatted a bit awkwardly and I am entirely too lazy to make this a pretty post so I’m sorry for my rambling.

And now here’s the stuff~

-Gods tend to have some rules to follow about levels of interference and also the amount of responsibility that the people have to see to their own survival and such. (i.e. the Gods give Humanity the tools but humans gotta do the work)

-There’s also the fact that the Starscourge came from Outer Space and thus could have been outside of their ability to affect, since it wasn’t of Eos.

The second one explains itself I think, so it’s only the first I’ll expand on.

Out of the Astrals, this is what we have to work with us against the Starscourge:

1. Ifrit, the Betrayer. He’s dead and he wouldn’t help anyways since he caused it.

2. Bahamut. Gifted the Oracle with the Trident and magic to cleanse the Starscourge. Gifted the Kings of Lucis with the Crystal, the Ring, and his very own magic, all tools to be used to see to the ending of the Starscourge. He then seems to disappear from Eos (?) and is seen only in the Crystal and then outside of it again only after bonding with Noct, indicating he was within the Crystal the entire time, and unable to do anything outside of it.

3. Titan. He is a little bit trapped under the meteor unfortunately, and it seems only his death is able to clear out the meteor itself and free him, as seen when Noct (and the Empire…) defeats him. So the fact that he’s trapped under the meteor for ~2000 and unable to ever free himself or be freed by the others is probably the most powerful proof of the Astrals’ inability to deal with the Starscourge on their own.

4. Ramuh. …..I hate that we know nothing about Ramuh tbh lol he’s a dead spot. Could be alive, could be dead, could be recently dead, could be 30 years dead, could be thousands of years dead. Who knows, maybe he died way back, maybe Ifrit killed him, or maybe he was just on an intergalactic roadtrip for the last 2000+ years. We don’t know, anything’s possible~! He might like humans, he might hate them, he might not give a crap lol

5. Shiva. She certainly appears to have a fondness for humans. It’s interesting that the Cosmogony supposedly tells of the 24 Messengers, meaning that Gentiana is truly a Messenger or else they would have known she wasn’t who she said she was immediately. So, is Gentiana always Shiva, or did she take her form? (…did someone translate her blurb from the Ultimania guide? does it clear any of this up? the JP is way too complicated for me x_x)

6. Leviathan. Not particularly kindhearted towards humans. Doesn’t necessarily want them all dead the same way Ifrit does, but has no attachment to them and would not likely directly help the other Astrals in removing the Starscourge. She would demand humanity work for and earn her help, so if the other 2~3 were unable to remove the Starscourge with just their power but could have with hers, then that’s just too bad so sad, time for plan B I guess.

So!! Before the crystal and oracles and everything, there were at best 3 Astrals who could deal with the Starscourge, since Leviathan hates humanity, Titan was trapped, and then of course Ifrit was never on this list.

The fact that Titan was trapped by the meteor and they all apparently could do nothing to help him out shows us that they probably didn’t have the power to take care of the Starscourge by themselves anyways.

I believe it was said somewhere that the Crystal was part of the stuff that came from outer space???? I cannot remember and I might be mixing my series’ lores, but I’m mentioning it in case it rings a bell to anyone and if there’s a source if I did remember that right. (ETA: I’m mixing up my lore on this one, disregard lol)

Now on to how the Astrals DID help us~!

There’s a finite number of these Astrals. There’s the Six. That’s it, they’re all we got. But humans…! We propagate our species, but we have relatively short lifespans and a very small amount of magical/life energy in comparison with the Astrals.

So Bahamut gave his weapon, his trident to the Humans, managed a way to give them a magic to purify the Starscourge from each other, and a way to provide protections for settlements, so that they could survive.

And then he gave his magic to humanity, and he gave humanity this crystal which could be used to help protect them, and which would gather the power to eradicate the Starscourge from Eos.

The Omen trailer tells us about the power gathering part, in its way. The Crystal tells Regis that it has seen many deaths but only needs one more, then it can rest. That’s the indication. It’s finally at the point to move on to the next step, but it still needs Noct’s death to see it done.

The point here is that the sacrifices were never personal. People say the Astrals toyed with the humans, but they never once did. Well, not in regards to stuff done to get rid of the Starscourge. I don’t know what they were like back in the days when they seemed to interact with humanity a lot more. (Am I the only one who got that impression? That the Astrals were a lot more active in the lives of humans, until the Astral War?)

And now we get to what did the Astrals sacrifice for humanity - Since they asked that lives be sacrificed to power this, it’s only right that they sacrificed, too, right?

Well, let’s not forget how every single Astral dies for Noct lol

I think this got missed by a lot of people, but yes, the Astrals did die.

Well, I can confirm Shiva, Titan, and Leviathan.

-I assume Bahamut died in giving his power and going into the Crystal, based on some other bits I’ll get to in a moment.

-Ramuh, as I said above, we know nothing about, but him being dead in some way is likely because of what happens with the other three.

-Shiva died 11 years prior. Gigant Shiva (?) was rose up, attacked, and was ultimately defeated by the Empire a year after Tenebrae’s occupation. (I like to think Genti was pissed on Luna’s behalf, but that’s not relevant)

-Noct, the Chocobros, and the Empire do kill Titan at the Disc of Cauthess. The energy released from his death destroys the meteor.

-Leviathan is killed in Altissia and it’s when she dies and her water vortex collapses into a tidal wave that Luna summons Titan to create a breakwater to protect the rest of the city from being destroyed.

(there are news headlines and radio news clips about these things so the proof on most of them is right in the game for you to find~)

Now to why I assume Bahamut and Ramuh are also dead, considering everyone else - That seems to be part of the price of giving their power to humans.

And that’s also why they require such a heavy price from humans.

But each of them are able to be summoned after giving their favor to Noct, so they clearly all have some ability in their deaths. But it doesn’t seem as though they have full ability, y’know? They aren’t really alive anymore, they’re just their soul and no longer their body? I’m not really sure how to describe, just that they are very clearly less than they were before in order to aid humans.

So they sacrificed every bit as much as they asked be sacrificed.

They only made humanity pay the price that was necessary to get the job done.

They needed humanity’s help to overcome the Starscourge. And they didn’t ask for an ounce more than they needed.

Elves & Men

Sindar and Noldor: *flocks of elves go to see the super cool new folks*
Men: *equally enthralled with the existence of these elves*
Finrod: *introduces everyone to one another*
Fingolfin: *sends messengers out to the men* Tell them to come hang out here for a bit if they want. We could stand to have some new friends, you know.
Malach: As the son of Marach, I accept King Fingolfin’s invitation. *takes a bunch of other people with him to work with/for the Kings of the Eldar and in Hithlum*
Edain: *the rest of the Men gradually leave Estolad*
Noldor: *send messages to the remaining Men* If you’re looking to keep moving west, then boy do we have the deal for you …
Men: Sold.

Eorzean History According To The Lore Book
  • Eorzeans: Everything is awesome!
  • A Calamity: *happens*
  • Eorzeans: Everything we were doing is wrong, we are instead going to go as hard as possible in the opposite direction. Nothing can possibly go wrong now.
  • Another Calamity: *happens*
  • Eorzeans: Everything we were doing is wrong, we are instead going to go as hard as possible in the opposite direction. Nothing can possibly go wrong now.
  • Another Calamity, Somehow: *happens*
  • Eorzeans: Everything we were doing is wrong,

Cosmogony page from Chapter 5 (I believe).

The Hexatheon and Their Divine Host page mentions twenty-four Messengers of the Gods. Gentiana is one we know of.

Umbra and Pryna may have been Messengers.

I am currently looking for the loading screen about the dogs. Thank you for letting me know Umbra and Pryna are indeed Messengers. Found it.

Dinner in Nargothrond

Finrod: *depressing feast for the sons of Finarfin*
Galadriel: *shows up for dinner*
Galadriel: Say, Finrod, if you’re king and all, why aren’t you married?
Finrod: *has an epiphany*
Finrod: … well, I can’t have a son born in to the curse. It is a pain no child should have to inherit.
Galadriel: *shoulder pat*