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Found this old disc of images while cleaning out the garage. It’s amazing what a talented photographer and MUA/hair artist can do with a few cheap props.

Photogapher: Steve McAfee

Model: Yours truly, circa 2007


Went to the Square Enix Artnia cafe today with @eikoeatscurry in Shinjuku (it’s actually right outside my office, which is a 5 min walk to Square Enix’s headquarters lol).

I’m a huge Final Fantasy nerd, so I was pretty much internally screaming the whole time, especially inside the Materia room omg…it was so beautiful.

We ordered Yuffie’s green tea parfait that came with her shuriken in chocolate form. Also, for the record, high potions taste like mojitos– probably gained HP +200 when I drank it after a day at work uh…I’m not a freak…


I’ve been playing a lot of final fantasy 7 lately and it’s been filling me with a lot of feels. I thought I’d share this flash back to when I cosplayed Aeris many, many years ago.

Aeris was a character that I’ve always had a soft spot for deep in my heart. I loved her will, out going personality and strength of character. I admired her for her courage and her sense of humour, a girl both willing to stare down Sephiroth and delight in putting Cloud in a dress.

I’m nearing the point in the game where she dies and I’ve been feeling so nostalgic. I hope you enjoy these photos.