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D-Kikan, the Hoshidan Army’s intelligence branch, formed due to war with the Kingdom of Nohr looming overhead

AKA The FE14 AU no one asked for

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rainbowcreampuffe  asked:

How well do you draw on paper tho?

hmmm I feel, doodle-wise it’s about the same traditionally and digitally!
I just take a bit more time traditionally because I can’t copy + paste the panels like I do digitally:

Usually I prefer doing the comic stuff digitally, but if I’m too lazy to boot up my computer I just doodle in my little sketch book! :’D
If you’re asking about actual drawings, I don’t actually have many (because I have the drawing stamina of a squashed tomato trying to skateboard with no wheels whoops ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) but I do have some tucked away in my sketchbook!

There’s a lot of Final Haikyuu quest doodles/drawings in there because I,,, well,,, weLL ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽

(Also the “at the vine tree, turn left” thing was a FHQ!! headcanon story excerpt by my good friend hina, about iwaoi finding each other in the forest in their childhood. Back in the day I wanted to make a series of these tiny watercolours and create small opening for a self-indulgent FHQ!! parody game but alas, squashed tomato drawing stamina strikes again but im determined to finish it somehow!!!)

Things I'm a slut for in Fanfic:

• Fake Relationship AUs

• Drunken Party Games that end with an otp kiss

• Royalty AUs

• Mutual Pining/Slow Burn

Fake Relationship AUs

• Enemies to Friends to Lovers

• Support characters sailing ships

• That sudden moment then person A realises person B is not an asshole

Fake Relationship AUs

• First kisses being terrible

• Confessions of love blurted out and instantly regretted

• Holding hands

Fake Relationship AUs

• Male characters in dresses

• Magic/Fantasy AUs

• Games of Truth or Dare that propel the otp towards dating


are y'all picking up what I’m throwing down Yuri!!! On Ice fandom???


Right now I was sketching some concept art for high summoner Kyungsoo and his kingdom  and there was another dragon in the background. My sister thought it was the giant dragon’s “hand” and ordered me to do this. Seriously, she’s the best. She always sees the most important things right away.

“Glad to be DO’s summon.”