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Here’s a project that never came to fruition, but it was still a fun idea to illustrate.

When I was a kid, I always wondered what type of dinosaurs roamed the San Francisco Bay Area.  I recently found out that dinosaurs never existed in the Bay Area, but what inhabited my hometown were prehistoric marine reptiles, fish and ammonite.  For the most part, SF was submerged thousands of feet underwater during the Mesozoic.


Dinotopia is a fictional utopia created by author and illustrator James Gurney. It is the setting for the book series with which it shares its name. Dinotopia is an isolated island inhabited by shipwrecked humans and sentient dinosaurus who have learned to coexist peacefully as a single symbiotic society. The first book has “appeared in 18 languages in more than 30 countries and sold two million copies.”Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time and Dinotopia: The World Beneath both won Hugo awards for best original artwork.

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Could you do a breed analysis on the noble Stegosaurus? All I know about them is what InGen's been saying, but I don't really know if I can trust that... /jokepost

You should always be cautious about what anybody, including an organization, tells you about an animal they want you to buy. But you can trust me completely because I’m definitely not trying to sell you a stegosaurus, and I’m definitely not taking any sponsorship bribes.

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The Noble Stegosaurus is a charming creature and pleasant pet, unlike its unfortunate flatulent relative the Vulgar Stegosaurus. It requires well thought out care, and with patience you can have a loyal pet who will be able to differentiate you from a tree.

Noble Stegosaurus require careful planning of their enclosure or paddock because they are prone to misadventure. Unfortunately the modest cognitive capacity of this species, coupled with the fact that is has been plonked into a time period for which it has not adapted means they are prone to accidents and unintentional poisoning. Noble Stegosaurs will acquire intestinal foreign bodies from eating non-food objects, and require expensive surgery to treat.

In a similar vein, Fecolith development can present with similar symptoms to an intestinal foreign body, but accurate diagnosis may allow this condition to be treated with vast quantities of laxatives. The consequences of doing so are self explanatory. Smaller stegosaurus are more prone to this condition.

The Noble Stegosaurus is adapted to dry climates, and consequently will develop fungal infections of both skin and lungs if exposed to chronic humidity.

Like many reptiles, UVB light and adequate calcium intake are critical to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. Improper care of your Noble Stegosaurus will result in spontaneous pathological bone fractures, which owing to their slow metabolism will often take 6 months or more to heal, even under optimal conditions. In this case an ounce of prevention is worth more than three tonnes of cure.

Due to the unusual development history of the Noble Stegosaurus, our dino friends have not co-evolved with local parasites. In many cases this results in the stego being highly resistant to the parasite, because the parasite has not evolved methods of evading the host’s defenses. Trichostrogylus spp worms in particular have proved devastating to Stegosaurus permitted to free graze in paddocks that have been previously inhabited by livestock.

Noble Stegosaurs greatly benefit from a breed specific supplement regime to acount for the gaps in their evolutionary history and a few quirks left over from the extinction reversal process.



Lunar eclipse - one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, not inferior to the effectiveness of solar eclipse. I saw a total lunar eclipse twice - and this really inspires awe. A dark, heavy, brick-red moon with a pale edge hangs in the sky, and it seems somehow especially voluminous. Not just a luminous circle in the sky, but a huge ball in thousands of kilometers from us…

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Since I’ve been playing around with dinosaur based designs I wanted to try some less organic looking dinos.

Inspired by indominus rex, angles from bayonetta and strait up zombies. They’re hyper engineered with metallic skeletons and interior plating.
skin and organ generation in the face is usually left malformed to leave room for gear and computerized control attachments. (So basicly REALLY expensive and impractical zombies)

drawn in procreate and sketch club