fantasy dinosaurs


Since I’ve been playing around with dinosaur based designs I wanted to try some less organic looking dinos.

Inspired by indominus rex, angles from bayonetta and strait up zombies. They’re hyper engineered with metallic skeletons and interior plating.
skin and organ generation in the face is usually left malformed to leave room for gear and computerized control attachments. (So basicly REALLY expensive and impractical zombies)

drawn in procreate and sketch club

:Neurotenic spinosaurus:
A lean and skeletal neuro specimen with an abnormal electromagnetic field radiating from it’s bioluminescent spinel structures. It’s magnetic field operates at a frequency that not only disrupts electronics but also interferes with ones neural connection between the brain and eyes causing optic distortion ranging from ‘visual snow’ to compleat blindness. If you’re vision starts to fail you better run in the right direction and hope you’re either too heavy to be snagged by it’s harpoon-like tongue or too swift to be caught by it’s hook-like tail.

I haven’t painted a “"realistic Pokemon” in a while but when I discovered this guy I was inspired to do so. I approached this, like I’ve done in the past, as more creature design than realistic pokemon. I like to take inspiration from the source but infuse some natural history.  So here is ludicolo.