fantasy coat


Hail and well met, my dudes.

Public Fat Humiliation

So, I’m going to a store where I know I won’t run into anyone… Not wearing anything scandalous at all but a slight tight sweater…

When I don’t button my last jacket button, my gut from bellybutton to LOTS of lower bellyfat kind of marshmallow out of the opening in my coat.

For fantasy sake, I think it would be humiliating but hot if one of the workers at the store gave me a *poke* into my soft blubber and asked “have you already been attacking those Christmas cookies??”

Or, could be same scenario but with a full handful fat grab of my overgrown muffintop….

Idk… Being reprimanded in public by strangers is one of my favorite fantasies even though there isn’t room for much variation (that I’m into) l

Does anyone else dig this too? Have any variety of scenarios you want to share with me??


Slacked off and forgot to post this here - Another sacrifice to the dumpster pile of sketches I’ve worked up on my lunch breaks. This one is another ‘forever wip’ of my FFXIV Roegadyn - Silf Sthalwilfwyn. 

Will probably keep working on this one till I’m sick of it, which usually happens before it’s done.