fantasy breakbot


Uhhhhhhhh, son.

This shit right here deserves a billion more views. This is grade A shit. This is what’s left of funk music from the past and artists like BREAKBOT are doing that genre proud. As you all know, I’m a slave to filthy bass lines that work well. Mix that up with sappy love song lyrics and you’re a shoe-in for making me fall in love with you.

The music video is essentially the equivalent of San E’s Body Language just a bit less fetishy. I mean, there are still fetish-like things in here like giving him a massage, but then she’s shaving his face. And, yeah, that’s…cool.

The whole song is just out of this world, but 2:50 is where the erections happen. 

Bass line becomes prevalent and it hits so hard that I get goosebumps whenever that part comes up. 

It’s nothing short of perfection - check it out because it’s definitely worth your time.