fantasy brat

In which Ignis’ idea of a perfect date is a fancy night at the Opera and Aranea just cannot appreciate it — and he made her dress up and everything!

I’M SORRY BUT THIS IS SUCH A RARE SHIP I NEED TO KEEP CREATING FOR THE….10 FANS WHO SHIP THIS (also tried practicing some lighting etc etc)

(sort-of Art Trade with @heysherry - TY FOR FANGIRLING WITH ME!)

If you think Ravus grudge against Noctis was childish and unreasonable, I just want to remind you that poor man had been listening how much Lunafreya loves Noctis for 12 years.


It was the first time they were home alone. Bells never trusted them for more than one day and, even if she had all of the reasons not to, Brynn was determined to prove her wrong. She just needed to work a little bit more on her cooking skills…

Oliver: Did you really needed 20 minutes to cook this slop?
Brynn: It’s fruit salad you brat. It’s healthy and-…
Oliver: Oh, so that’s fruit? Good to know.
Brynn: You’re lucky I don’t have time anymore to let you starve to death.

I posted this on Twitter yesterday:

“Haha looks like a singlefather!AU 🙈🙈🙈 my version of Dream Daddy 😂”  (

Perhaps I will draw some “Dream Daddy” portraits ~ This idea came to me while I was sketching this 8DD <3 @agi92 already drew something like that, but in their younger days (soooo gorgeous):