fantasy brat

In which Ignis’ idea of a perfect date is a fancy night at the Opera and Aranea just cannot appreciate it — and he made her dress up and everything!

I’M SORRY BUT THIS IS SUCH A RARE SHIP I NEED TO KEEP CREATING FOR THE….10 FANS WHO SHIP THIS (also tried practicing some lighting etc etc)

(sort-of Art Trade with @heysherry - TY FOR FANGIRLING WITH ME!)


Two new emoji friends, Coblyn and Paissa!

I tried something a little different with these and instead of doing the shapes completely from scratch/visual reference, I based them more heavily on the ingame icons for the minions because those are 1) simplified designs 2) inside a square composition so they fill out the space more?? So hopefully they have improved visibility at tiny emoji sizes.

Please enjoy!


After finally watching the entirety of Gilmore Girls I can unapologetically say I’m team Logan (outside of that crazy OOC proposal/ultimatum) and I kind of don’t understand how that’s an unpopular opinion given the miserable, obsessive, drag-you-down-with-me dicks that were Jess and Dean? Logan was like a happy dude who didn’t deny his own privilege and never pretended to be anything he wasn’t and loved Rory without idolizing her and challenged her without trying to change her and was excited as hell about her journalism dreams and like they were so functional??? I mean yeah, he’s spoiled as hell and makes mistakes but he’s LIGHTYEARS more open to learning from them than Jess or Dean. None of them are perfect, and I think the revival should cast a totally new person for a Rory endgame, but out of the three? I’ll take a Logan any day. 


Introducing Biscuit! My new bff! I was having a tough week and then my boyfriend surprised me with my very own paissa brat.

I named him Biscuit and now we go on adventures together. He is adorable and quirky and weird, I love him so much!

Tagging @paissa-brat because she began my love of the humble paissa with her own sassy one named Rolanberry. (^_^) 

Okay, I got it.

Why this feels so weird.

Musashi thinks Daigo is tall.