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Snapchat adventures with the moon princess! Two blond babes having fun!
Spending time at the Carnival before their late, sleepy boyfriends come in to join ‘em! It’s mostly Noct’s fault Nyx is running late! It was Promptos silly idea for a double date, but welp, he already started having all the fun and dragged Luna with him! Two versions, one with the filters and one without. Prompto’s second fav filter is the flower crown one <3<3<3 

A little idea i’ve been playing around with for @sailor-mochi <3 It’s been stuck in my head for months, but thanks to the carnival, the selfie idea became better lol

I love you more...

It’s been 30 minutes since Jeff had called you from Jess’ party to let you know he’ll come home to you.“ Just one beer run, and I’ll be there, right next to you Queen” said Jeff when you were on the phone to him.

He used to call you ‘Queen’ because he told you that you were the best he could ever ask for. God he was the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ask for.

“Ffs why hasn’t he called me” said (Y/N) as her anxiety started to kick in. She started having that weird feeling in her chest, her heart beating fast and that watery stuff building up in her eyes.

“Clay” she shouted out loud. “Need to call Clay”.
She called him four times but no answer. The sound of ringing was banging her head. “One last time…” and it went through.

Clay picked up and the first thing she said was “Jeff… he’s not picking up and I’m worried Clay. I’m sorry I’m distur-” before she could finish she heard a sob from Clay. Her heart sank, she knew that feeling wasn’t some useless but it was her gut feeling telling her something’s wrong.

“What happ..happened Clayyy?” she said whilst crying. “Jeff… he got… he got into an accident (Y/N). That was the end of her, she had promised Jeff not to drink and then drive but she didn’t know if she should be pissed or scared. Pissed at Jeff for not listening and Scared for losing him. “No” she thought. She can’t afford to lose him, she loves him too much.

“Where is he… like… is he okay-” Clay cut her off and told her to come to (Y/H/N). She rushed to the hospital like it was no ones business. Hysterically crying and praying to God that He saves the love of her life.

As she entered the hospital she met Mr. And Mrs. Atkins. Both of them hugged and cried but also consoled each other.

“(Y/N) shouted Clay from across the corridor. You and Jeff’s parents ran towards him. Hysterical. That’s what were. We were hysterical. All three of us loved him to bits. “Is he ok-” that’s all (Y/N) could get it out of her mouth before the hysterical crying came out. You were scared to lose him. Even the idea of losing him made you go insane. “The accident was pretty bad” said Clay which made you lose your hope. But before you could say anything Clay told you he was alive and fine. “His head is injured, right leg fractured and left hand broken. Other than that he survived” Clay let a sigh of relief out and let’s just say this time when you and Jeff’s parent cried was because of the relief of not losing him. (Next day) The doctor had said only one person could go inside to meet Jeff and you assumed that either Mr or Mrs. Atkins would go. After all he was their son. But they chose to send you in. This is exactly why you loved them. They valued your feelings just like they valued their own child’s. As you walked in, your eyes payed on Jeff. Plastered with that white stuff, leg upright hanging with a sling and body covered with bruises. You wanted to cry. Looking at how helpless Jeff was made you upset but you knew he would be okay and he was alive, which reassured you. “Hey…babe” a raspy and low voice said. You could hear the pain in his voice. You quickly made your way to you boyfriend but kept your distance as you didn’t want hurt him. “Hey babe-” before you could finish Jeff interrupted you. “ (Y/N)…I wasn’t drunk.. I promise.” said Jeff. You knew Jeff wasn’t lying. You know when he lies. He can’t look you in the eyes when he’s lying but he did. He was looking tight in to your eyes and all you did was kiss him. You planted a sweet and meaningful kiss to reassure your boyfriend that everything will be okay. “I know Jeff, but don’t worry for now” you said. “I love you” said Jeff before dozing off as he was still weak. “I love you more” said (Y/N) and just admired the love of her life knowing that if she had lost him, she would’ve lost everything. “I..loo-” Jeff tried to say it again but (Y/N) him off by saying “ I know, you love me more. Now shhh and sleep and take rest” Jeff slept with a small smile plastered on his face knowing he could always count on you.

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