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From my Visual Concept Development Final, where we had to pitch an idea for something ,a series, a short film, anything. I pitched East Conference Monsters, a graphic novel about a bunch of fresh college graduate monsters who are going on a road trip across the country to compete in a dodge ball tournament and preserve their friendships. The main character is an imp who is very afraid of the future, and is clinging desperately to his relationships with people around him.


Dragon’s parade!
I was imagining a world where dragon exists. What kind of world will that be? One thing for sure, we will “humanely” exploit them for our entertainment! Most probably we might be using them as a sport and of course gambling!

Yet I didnt want to show them in a negative light so I chose a more festive feel. (Since my birthday just past and I am feeling really happy!) So I thought what if they have a parade after they won the race? Just like when you played chocobo racing or mario kart the winner will go around the laps, with the victory song blaring out!

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Swedish HEMA practitioners demo at the annual gala dinner of the Swedish Martial Arts Federation. HEMA is the federations newest member, and recently received the right to hold officially sanctioned national championships.

Photos: Hamid Ershad Sarabi

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