fantasy art painting


Such a backlog to post! Well this was for the BST challenge originally but its not quite right for the theme. I decided to finish and make it my own tho. As a bonus the theme was “garden of the summer goddess” and this came up right as the FFXIV expansion released so I made a version with Titania as well :) I hate farming her but I love her music and look.


Hey folks!

I’m really in the mood for some portrait commissions right now, so I figured I’d open 3 slots for those specifically. :)


- The price would range between 65 - 80€.
-> Black/White illustrations will always be 65€.
-> Colourful illustrations
’ prices would range between 70-80€, depending on the difficulty.

Things that drive the difficulty level up might be, for example, more dynamic lighting situations/rimlights (see the image in the bottom right).

Commissioning Process

- Contact Info:

- The payment will happen via PayPal after you’ve approved the first sketch.

- In your email, I’ll require a detailed description of the character and (if on hand) references/face claims of/for them.
The more images you’re able to include, the better! Feel free to spam me with them, haha.

- It usually takes me about 2 weeks to complete one commission like this.
If all slots are filled by the time you commission me, I might need to push it up to 3 weeks.
I’ll also keep you updated with work in progress images throughout the whole commissioning process.

That’s it, for now! If you have any questions (even if you’re not planning on commissioning me) - feel free to shoot me an email!

I’m happy to work with y’all, if you’ll have me. :)

Here’s a sneak peek on my work for @ffxv-tarot-project

I’m so overjoyed of having been part of this project and fantastic team, to have painted on one of my favourite scenes from FFXV, and to have worked with the amazing @gizzwhizz for this card! Team Leviathan for the win! ❤

PO open soon- if you want this gorgeous Major Arcana deck, stay on the lookout for the Announcement!

The Mighty Nein short-resting after a day of adventure. This illustration is heavily inspired in paintings by Spanish artist Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923), particularly “Vendiendo Melones” and “Vendedor de Naranjas”. Loving my new dragon telenovela.


Czart - a relic of ancient times, although very rare even this days you can still meet some of them in less populated and wild places of Eastern Europe. Often near to the places of the ancient pagan temples and cults. They eat cows and sheep, try to avoid people, for unknown reasons they are really afraid of cats…

Who need a Witcher, when there is Babushka ;)


Is it Thursday yet?

The Ruby of the Sea and her Little Sapphire hanging by the sea back in Nicodranas. Marion Lavorre played by the fantastic Matt Mercer and Jester played by the incredible Laura Bailey. Illustration heavily inspired in paintings by Joaquín Sorolla.