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“Who owns you?” (your choice!)

a different take on my fox hux au where Kylo is a witch & Hux is his shapeshifting companion

Despite it being the middle of the night, Kylo knows when Hux has come home.

There’s a shift in the air, something otherworldly that resonates in Kylo’s veins and awakens every tidbit of magic that he possesses, sending shivers across his skin and alighting his mind with the same fire that Hux holds in his soul.

The soul of a kitsune.

The wind chimes in Kylo’s living room jingle softly as the sounds of padding paws turn into a patter of bare feet, floorboards creaking, the smell of the midnight woodland air filling Kylo’s small cottage.

“You’re back early,” Kylo yawns, stretching, turning over to face the entrance to his bedroom to see a silhouette in the doorway.

Even in the darkness, Kylo can see the outline of Hux’s nine fox tails, spread around him like a regal fan, his two fox ears like a crown atop his head. The most beautiful creature that Kylo has set his eyes on.

“Everything is peaceful tonight,” Hux says, walking towards the window to gaze out of it for a moment. “Though, I may have cut my patrol short to come back to you.”

“Imagine if your ancestors could see you neglecting your duties as guardian of the forest for a measly witch like me,” Kylo chuckles.

He stretches his hand out from underneath the blankets, the hand that grasps at his wand, and points it at the window to shut the curtains and hoping to coax Hux to bed. The dark drapes shuffle closed and block out the moonlight, though the fox jumps back in surprise at their sudden movement, though smirks in his partner’s direction.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux says, digging his teeth into his bottom lip. “I’ve more magic in one tail than you have in your entire body.”

Saying nothing but managing to keep the smirk on his face, Kylo raises his wand again and mutters a few words, making the little clear-white crystal at the bottom of his wand glow red, and Hux is suddenly being pulled forward by an invisible force and trips over to land on the bed next to Kylo, bodies touching, finally.

“Who owns you?” Kylo says, crystal still flickering, a lasso-like hold around Hux’s hips.

“You, Ren. Stars. You do,” Hux moans, leaning in to kiss Kylo, cupping his lover’s cheek and sending his nine tails into a happy flutter.

Kylo drops his want as they kiss and his hold on Hux disappears, and no sooner are his invisible restrains gone is the fox rolling over to straddle Kylo’s tummy, flicking his wrists to pin the witch’s arms up over his head.

“And who owns you?” Hux says, fanning his tails out and wafting them, white tips seductively flicking simultaneously. Kylo is hypnotised.

“You do, Hux. Maker, I’m yours,” Kylo licks his lips, unable to look anywhere but the glorious creature in front of him.

“We’re each other’s,” Hux leans down, letting Kylo’s wrist go from his magical hold to place his own hand upon Kylo’s bare chest, right over his wildly thrumming heart. “Your fire is the same as mine. The same stars burn inside us. That’s why I’ll always come home.”

“Listen to you,” Kylo smiles, resting his hand atop of Hux’s, rubbing it gently. “If the warriors from your family’s past could hear you now. They’d say you’ve gone soft.”

Hux smiles but shakes his head.

“They’d be wrong,” Hux holds his head up high, ears tall atop his head of shining red hair. “I’m the strongest warrior of them all. I have you.”

And Hux kisses him again, again, until the fox falls asleep on Kylo’s chest, breathing deeply. Kylo stokes Hux’s hair, rubbing the soft orange fur of his fox ears, watching them twitch softly underneath his pets. Hair like fire, a soul of flames, a heart of impenetrable heat.

For Hux, Kylo will burn the world.

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Another Fantasy AU: Izuku comes from a week quirk to quirkless group who have been seen as lesser than ones with stronger quirks. Izuku's earnestly and kindness is what makes up for it along with his will to stand up for his people. Midoriya is the prince who falls for Izuku and quickly chooses him as his betrothed. Izuku challenges Endeavor's views and fights for the quirkless and weak quirk's equality. He becomes a very loved and popular prince

By midoriya, I assume you mean todoroki lmao. i like the idea of izuku being the leader of a vigilante group (which consists of those who are quirkless, or those who have weak quirks). izuku’s group protects those who are unable to protect themselves, especially from those who use their “superior” quirks to hurt others. izuku is a BAMF–let’s say he saves shouto from a group of assassins or smth, not knowing that shouto was the prince of the kingdom. izuku, charismatic and charming as hell, intrigues shouto v much, and they end up meeting up with each other at random occasions, further solidifying their budding relationship.

eventually, izuku storms endeavor’s palace, an army in tow, demanding for there to be equal rights between those who have quirks and those who don’t have quirks. he’s surprised to see shouto there, but he can’t find it in himself to be mad at the prince. endeavor makes a decree that, if izuku could beat all of shouto’s suitors, then he could become a king alongside shouto.

long story short, endeavor is shocked and angry when izuku actually does win all the duels with shouto’s suitors, but since the duels were in public, and the decree was made in front of thousands of citizens, he can’t say shit or take back his word.

shouto and izuku marry, and they become the ultimate power couple and a symbol of hope.

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au where techie is a witch and matt is his wolf familiar!! techie tames matt without knowing matt can shift into a human, until one day he wakes up with a very muscular blond guy in his bed. matt does magics with techie in his wolf form and he's techie's very big and beautiful boyfriend as a human!! it's all very efficient

I love this!!! the sandy blond wolf is very very aggressive when he wanders near Techie’s woodland cottage but Techie gives him food and fresh water to try and make peace between them and the wolf accepts it but growls at Techie anyway as he leaves

but the wolf keeps coming back, at first it’s for food but then he starts bringing gifts for Techie that he can use in his spells and potions

and one rainy, stormy night there’s a scratching at Techie’s door and it’s the wolf so he lets him in and dries him and lets him sleep at the end of his bed

but Techie wakes to strong arms around him, a bare chest pressed against his back and he turns to see a big, blond-haired man cuddling him and the wolf nowhere to be found…

it doesn’t take him very long to figure out that this beautiful man is his wolf, and Techie is overjoyed that he’s been gifted with this wonderful familiar, this amazing companion 💕

nuuup. tumblr isnt letting me tag you lol. and I can answer these for u most of them arent spoilers!

iwaizumi and oikawa aren’t friends and have never met before, but you’re right that iwaizumi has business with oikawa and sought him out. the campfire art I did takes place sometime in the future when they’re companions, actually! (gotta give my iwaois a reason to stay together lol) anyway, i dont actually mean iwa has no choice in who he fights! it’s just oikawa who’s immediately hostile towards him and since iwa can’t exactly…state his business, he just rolls with it and starts attacking him back *iwa logic* ≧ω≦

i havent actually given much thought about other heretics but other than oikawa, more of them exist! it’s not an organization or anything, but more like a status. because they usually pose a threat, lots of people hunt them down, which is why oikawa is easily hostile to everybody

lastly, kenma isnt a divine servant, i just wanted to show what normal human would look like when casting spells hahaha. the beauty of being a servant means you can bypass all those longass incantations for a powerful spell.

Title: The Beholden

Author: sohbet

Status: Ongoing

Rating: R

Length: Chaptered

Genre: AU, Historal!AU, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

Summary:  Baekhyun has always felt a special connection to the gods even though it is forbidden-especially to Byeol-sa, patron deity to Veldelva and Goddess of Light. Born Accursed, he is forbidden to worship or be seen by the Light. When Crown Prince Chanyeol notices him on a visit to the spice plantation where Baekhyun has toiled as a field laborer his whole life, Baekhyun find himself plunged into dangers and intrigues far beyond his imaginings. Will benevolent Byeol-sa come to his aid, or is he Accursed for life?

Admin Notes: this fic is amazing!! it was written so well and i’ve never read a fic with the same au! i’ve only just started reading it but it’s already so good! the author (one of my all time faves) uploads the chapters by schedule but it’s already a completed fic ^^  seriously read this fic!!!!!!!!! - Admin N~


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for some reason i think for the fantasy au it would make sense for daniel to be a kelpie, as they pretend to look cool to trick people to ride them to kill them, and since they can switch between human and horse in some versions, maybe he could be like a kelpie centaur? thats just an idea though

thats actually a pretty neat alternative to my nightmare daniel take on it!

yeah you can get now why iwa was like “TCH!” in the comic (yeey context) i think i get why people weren’t alarmed that an oiks vs iwa fight was going on, iwaizumi looked too relaxed, it was mymistake!!! lol (≧∀≦)

“I’m sad for Oikawa being alone though :(”
he feels no kinship towards other heretics anyway but, yeah, he’s been alone for a while now :(((((

Wings [Part 32] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - When trying to escape, all it does to Namjoon is getting him almost killed. And when Hoseok is angered to the point where he thinks he’ll crack, Hijin tags along with him to make his job easier for himself.

Every rose has a thorn and every snake has it’s prey; but if you look close, you miss nothing, you wish, you pray. Innocence is lost, and every penny has a cost.

Prologue ; Part 31

‘Ah…Love is in the air,’ Hoseok spoke in a mocking tone as Namjoon faced him. Namjoon responded with a snarl, and the next second he was diving in for Hoseok who dodged him just as swiftly.

'Feisty already?’ He laughed as he continued to dodge every single punch or lunge of Namjoon’s. As far as it was buying the rest of you time, he didn’t care if he was taken or not. He pulled back his fist and went for what was supposed to be an awfully powerful punch, but Hoseok seemed to anticipate just that. He grabbed Namjoon’s wrist in a flash and pulled him towards himself so sharply that Namjoon had barely any time to block the knee that was already aiming for his stomach. Namjoon lurched forward, a groan voicing the pain as Hoseok kept an iron grip around the Red Blood’s wrist.

'Alright,’ Hoseok said coldly, 'that’s quite enough.’ He finished, twisting Namjoon’s hand and grabbing his neck by his elbow, now having Namjoon in a headlock. Hoseok squeezed tight enough to allow Namjoon a scarce amount of air. Nodding to the group of Red Bloods behind him, he disappeared with them and Yoongi into Kronell.

The moment they appeared in the middle of the bailey, the entire court went quiet as heads turned to Hoseok who had Namjoon in his hands and two other keepers who held an unconscious Yoongi by his hands around their shoulders, letting his legs drag on the floor.

'My, that is some scene,’ Kimroe immediately commented, 'Hoseok, you do know they are your-' 

Hoseok instantly cut him off, ’Brothers. Yes, Father.’ He spat. He glanced back at Yoongi with a carefully proportioned disgusted look etched onto his face; he could feel anger boiling inside him as he eyed him and Namjoon. Not at them; never at them. Never at Yoongi.

'What is up, Hoseok? You seem troubled.’ Kimroe asked softly; although he was regarded as nothing less than an evil ruler, he was just as gentle with his children. Or so he showed feigned worry and concern. Hoseok’s instincts screamed at him to grab Kimroe’s neck and squeeze it until maybe his head fell off. But, he did just exactly what was expected of him -

'How could you let these excuses of a Royalty live, father?’ Hoseok yelled, his voice echoing off the palace walls. Kimroe gave him an amused look, as he was questioning his father’s ways. He chuckled, 'Why, what is the matter?’ Kimroe’s grainy voice somehow sounded much softer than Hoseok’s.

'He is helping Y/N! Being of Royal Blood, how can he even dare to think to do such a thing?’ He cringed visibly as he said your name out loud. If Yoongi was conscious, he would have definitely laughed at the irony of the situation.

'There are things you have yet to know, Hoseok. But until then, please let your brothers go, Namjoon can barely breathe.’ He said as he pointed to a faintly purple faced Namjoon. Things, Hoseok thought. There’s more than just things, father.

Hoseok frowned, dropping Namjoon down on the floor like as though he was a rag doll. He turned back on his heels, marching away towards the door. His fists clenched and his nails poked into the insides of his palms. He had the sudden urge to punch something; or someone. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed the door handle.

'And what about Taehyung?’ Kimroe raised his voice to make himself audible to the retreating figure of Hoseok. 

'You’ll be getting all of them in due time, father.’ He said it with a promising tone. Just as he was about to open the door, it flew open, pushing Hoseok back on to the floor, him landing on his back. The anger that was kept bottled up was ready to explode.

'What-’ He was going to yell at the person but noticed he was no ordinary Angel. The anger washed away but it multiplied. It was as though his emotions were being tampered with, making them go null. And that same feeling was fueling his hate even further.

'What do you want now, Hijin?’ Hoseok heard Kimroe asking the man who had just entered the bailey. 

'That filthy human is harder to possess than it is to fool your son!’ He screeched, his voice hoarse and cracked in an unpleasant way as he spoke. Hoseok remained on the floor, now sitting up, his back facing the court.

'How many times have I told you not to possess a human? You idiot!’ Kimroe yelled back at Hijin, enraged. Hoseok stood up, definitely ready to punch anything in his way.

'Okay, look, I had to alright? Your damned son had put on those devil forsaken Barriers. What was I supposed to do-’ His words were cut off abruptly when Hoseok slammed the door behind him, getting farther away from the door. He didn’t bother to stay, as he had made other plans; plans to get to you.

He was about to teleport himself, as he stood in the center of the palace grounds when somebody yelled, 'Hey, kid! Hold on!’ Hoseok heard clanking of chains making him look back at the source. That same feeling returned. The feeling of numbness and fueling of rage. He’d slam his head onto a wall if that was going to happen again.

Hijin was running towards him, as he kept one arm stretched as if he was hailing a vehicle.

What?’ Hoseok asked, annoyed. Hijin ran until where Hoseok stood, then bent over to catch his breath. Hoseok heard him faintly cursing the chains.

'I- I’m coming w-with you,’ He said, panting heavily in between. 

'What, Why?' 

'I have to catch that Sinner.’ He finally straightened his back, looking at Hoseok. He could have sworn he would have thrown up if he looked at Hijin’s face one more time. Instantly looking away he spoke, 'That’s my job.’

'Wrong. Your job is to get that filthy human girl, and I have to get that filthy Sinner, for my wings.’ He said and Hoseok heard the stretching of wings, but he didn’t look back at him. Cursing his own luck, he began turning around when Hijin spoke again.

'I’ve gotten one, and I need one more.’ He could literally hear the smirk in Hijin’s voice. He sighed: he knew Hijin was doing this because he was aware of the job Hoseok was given. He was tagging along because of how much easier Hijin’s work would get at getting the wings. And even if he wanted to stop it, he couldn’t. He would get what he wanted and he would leave, and Hoseok couldn’t help but ignore the urge to slap some sense into that featureless male. 'Fine.’

[Part 32.5 on Thursday]

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A long time ago there was this Powers AU fic where the powers were like,Empath and such and it had a lot of chapters and I can't find it anywhere please help.I know this is vague I'm sorry.Just any chaptered fic where Empath is a power,I guess??


Powers AU: Rooster Teeth Backstories by rosesofenvy

Summary: This is the series of back-stories I have begun writing for my PowersAU. I will update tags and such as the stories are posted.  [PG13]

WC: 4,361 -Discontinued

[Tags:  AU (Modern), Fantasy, Series, Violence]

Michael/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon + Ray/Joel + Ryan/Ray

Running Like It’s Our Jobs by rosesofenvy

Summary: Running for them is like a job, being experimented on is the norm, scars are the signs that you’ve survived. [PG13]

WC: 27,801 -Complete

[Tags: AU (Modern), Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort, Series, Violence]



do you ever just get hit with a truckload of inspiration from reading a fic because????? i have

this is a gift for @adreamingsongbird!! THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING FIC!! and for answering my questions about their clothes lmaoo  

(you could read this beautiful fic here!! that’s right read it >>here<< and you should definitely read it right now at this moment because it’s great and i’m in love and did i mention that it’s beautiful???