It’s. finally. done.

I know it’s not spectacular-looking, but I did work hard on this.  There will be a second part, but it probably won’t be done for a while since I have to start prepping for an AA table in January. (It’s my first one since a long while ago.)

Anyway, enjoy!  If you haven’t figured it out already, this is a “what if Cat Noir actually ran after Ladybug and told her his feelings instead of running away in the Dark Cupid episode?” AU


slow day at seventh heaven



[KHxStevenUniverse] The ClodNort

is finally done! omfg thank you so much to this awesome bro who just volunteer to draw the next part! (well it supposed to be Vexen cause i put his play there but,NVM! Vanitas will take the place for a while ^^”

Vanitas khxSu Design by me,

KHxSU submission by Redahfuhrerking on DA

This is inspired from a conversation I had with @parzival1 about the ending of my dark turtles AU, when they find out that Shredder is a lying meanie and go against him. @parzival1 came up with the quote and I just loved it! (Thanks for the inspiration) Leo is fighting Shredder and finally has him beat (That is who is at the end of Leo’s blade). And like any dramatic scene, yes, it’s raining, haha! I wanted to add more detail to this BUT short on time so this is all you get, so I hope you like the sketch anyway ^^ Wouldn’t you like to know how this scene ends, haha ;)