I’m gonna be honest: what’s the literal Point of being a spellcaster if you never get a bit where you’re levitating and your eyes are glowing and wind from nowhere is whipping your hair and clothes about (mostly back, in a suitably dramatic way), and there’s a strange light about you and fire/lightning/power crackling, growing in your hands, and you say something authoritative and righteous in a slightly echoing voice and then blast someone

Elven femme: Dainty jewelry that looks like branches, barefoot in the woods with green colored nail polish, long flowing skirts dyed with natural flowers and plants, flower crowns

Dwarven Femme: Jewelry made of raw crystals, high heels that look like geodes, beards that are braided or curled with colorful beads, bright vibrant lipstick to stand out against their long facial hair

Orcish Femme: Weapons made into something aesthetically pleasing, spiked chokers and bracelets, messy makeup from the night before, loose fitting crop tops to show off abs


Bring Me the Moon - Another painting of Fantine and Lala :) I’ve been meaning to draw this for a while now. HD file and video process on Patreon.com/Yuumei

In other news, the Thanksgiving Charity Sale was an amazing success! I don’t know the exact numbers yet (still need to calculate stuff) but we definitely beat last year’s record and reached over $10k in donations! I’ll be posting all donation receipts in mid December. Thank you all who supported the charities! :D