fantastik mondays


Good morning/afternoon/evening/night #BrooksTribe!! 

Who’s been feeling Christmassy with all Joe’s festive posts?! I know the team are! 

Who’s up for a Christmassy #FantastikMondays on the 24th December?!

Christmas Eve? Perfect right?!

Get your Christmas edits in and we’ll save them till #FantastikXmasEve!!

Get creative and most of all, spread the Christmas and Joe Brooks love! ;)


Good morning/afternoon/evening/night #BrooksTribe!!

We’re holding our first ever #FantastikMondays this coming Monday (22nd October) and need your entries asap!!

If you don’t know what #FantastikMondays is all about, check out the information here and join in!!

As this will be the first ever one, we want kickstart the collection with as many entries as possible, so get submitting and we’ll show Joe EVERY entry!!

Have fun and get creative!! :)


There’s 3 ways to enter your works for “Fan-tastik Mondays”:

Fan-tastik Mondays are just basically a fun way for you guys to show Joe what you’ve made for him and can be literally ANYTHING! Photos, drawings, videos, songs, stories, just anything you amazing #BrooksTribe can come up with!!

We’ll be sorting through what you’ve sent in every week and post them onto our tumblr on MONDAYS (hence it being called “Fan-tastik Mondays”) and we’ll tweet your works to Joe too so you never know, he may even see them!! 

So go on, get creative, you have a few days before our first one next week!!


@joebrooksmusic #FantastikMondays: wonderful #BrooksTribe lyric video collaboration of Joe’s cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!! :’)