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Hey newt. I was wondering do wizards know about dinosaurs and evolution and all that stuff or not, and if they are why is it never mentioned??

Hello!  Evolution is well known and debated amongst the magical community, with a few undisputed facts of our own.  Such as how some ‘dinosaurs’ could breathe fire, and aren’t quite as extinct as muggles have been led to believe.

As to why it isn’t mentioned- I would discuss that with your professors if I were you.  It really should be in all curriculums.  

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Se em uma missão vocês tivessem que fingir ser gays/lésbica, quem vocês escolheriam para par romantico?

Jimmy: Essa é a pergunta mais estranha que eu já ouvi.

Madison: Olha, acho que falo por todos quando digo que essa foi uma pergunta bem inesperada. A maioria de nós não tem uma resposta ainda.

Talia: Olha, a minha lista é grande. Mas com certeza a Maddie e eu formaríamos um lindo casal.

Jason: Estrategicamente falando, acho que o Frank e eu poderíamos ter sucesso na missão.

Franklin: Ok, isso foi estranho, Jay…

Zendaya: Eu escolheria a Mayday.

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Qual a estação do ano que vcs mais gostam?

Olivier: Verão, com ceretza!

Jason: A TJ e eu também preferimos o verão.

Rachel: Uma das únicas coisas em que eu e a Maddie concordamos, é que nós duas gostamos muito do inverno.

Franklin: Bom, a Zen, o Niko e eu preferimos a primavera.

Rebecca:  Gosto mais do outono.

Alexandra: Pra mim tanto faz, nenhuma me incomoda.

Jimmy: Bom, o resto de nós não tem uma estação favorita, então estamos mais ou menos com a Alex.

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os pais de vcs são casados?

Franklin: Os meus, os da Rach, do Jay e dos gêmeos são.

Nikolaj: Meu pai é casado, mas não com a minha mãe.

Zendaya: Os meus também são casados, mas meio que moram separados, já que minha mãe mora aqui no instituto e meu pai em Wakanda.

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Qual é a casa de vcs em Harry Potter?

Franklin: Ficamos felizes que tenha perguntado! Eu, a TJ e a Bekka seriamos da Lufa-Lufa.

Olivier: Já eu, a Zen, o Jay e o Niko seriamos da Grifinória.

Rachel: Eu ficaria na Corvinal, é a casa que eu mais gosto.

Jimmy: Disseram que eu, a Maddie, a Alex e o Evan seriamos da Sonserina.


Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Just So Stories for Little Children, which includes tales such as How the Camel got his Hump and How the Leopard got his Spots, is Rudyard Kipling’s (1865-1936) fantastical take on Darwinian evolution and remains among the most loved of his work.

The stories also had a deeply personal resonance for Kipling: as they were originally invented for the entertainment of his own children and those of his friends. Throughout the stories Kipling addresses the reader as ‘Best Beloved.’ This is more than just an attempt to bring a sense of intimacy; it is an allusion to his daughter Josephine who died at the age of six, just a few years before the stories were published.

The book was originally published in 1902 with Kipling’s self-drawn black and white illustrations. In 1912 colour illustrations by Joseph M. Gleeson were added. Kipling’s cover design includes the ancient Hindu good luck symbol, which is often mistaken for a Nazi swastika.

For further book scraps, please follow on Twitter.

Rainbow Power Theory

I’ve already figuring this with Rarity Takes Manehatten, but the latest episode, Rainbow Falls. Really supports the theory.

For the initiated, I’d first like to point out this clip from a MLP commercial that aired in Mexico (Or was it Spain?)

This commercial was to promote the release a new line of “Rainbow Power” MLP toys that features the characters with some crazy colors and designs. If it was just the toys, then we might have not thought anything more of it, but this image of the show’s characters showing of these colors suddenly makes us wonder.

It seems fair to speculate that this Rainbow Power will be the focus on the Season 4 finale, and possibly the replacement of the Elements of Harmony.

It’s also speculated that the box from the season opener will contain this Rainbow Power, and the keys to the box will be related to the objects that the Mane 6 are individually obtaining: The spool from Coco Pommel, and the badge from Spitfire, as the items are shown to flash with a rainbow light, as well as the character’s eyes flash with the same light as they had their epiphany.

And here is where my theory comes in:

You’ll notice, that both Rainbow and Rarity got these times as a gift from someone whom they taught the value of their element.

Rarity demonstrated the element of Generosity to Coco Pommel, and inspired her to follow Rarity’s example, and was given a spool of thread as a return gift.

Rainbow Dash, taught the Wonder Bolts the value of Loyalty, and received a badge from their captain as a return gift.

My guess is the rest of the Mane 6 will also receive their Rainbow Power item in an episode where they inadvertently teach someone else the value of their element.

The Mane 6, no longer constrained to the simply representing the elements of harmony, are now expanding and promoting the values of harmony, and doing so by leading by example.

I think this is a fantastic evolution of the series morals and ultimately passes on a fantastic philosophy. “Always be a good person, and people will learn to follow you from example. And the world will become a better place”.

It was everything to me how happy Ginny’s teammates were that she had been out on a date - like they were so seriously invested in her happiness and life outside of baseball that it warmed my heart. (I was afraid at first they were just going to be gossipy, but no, they were fantastic.) the evolution of her relationships with her teammates this season has been such a joy to watch.

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Cat qual o nome da musica de cada um?

Hey! Foi mal a demora pra responder essa, mas aqui está a lista:

  • Genext: Muse - Uprising 
  • Rachel: One Republic - Say
  • Franklin: Coldplay - In My Place
  • Talia: Chandelier - Sia
  • Olivier: Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
  • Rebecca: Simple Plan - Welcome to my life
  • Jimmy: Eminem - Till I Collapse
  • Zendaya: Coldplay ft. Rihanna - Princess Of China
  • Jason: The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
  • Madison: Katy Perry - Dark Horse
  • Nikolaj: Tokio Hotel - Hey You
  • Alexandra: Metallica - Cyanide
  • Evan: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can’t Hold Us
  • Wiliam: Coldplay - Magic 
  • Thomas: Muse - Surviva

Se alguém quiser sugerir mais musicas pra playlist, pode ficar a vontade o/

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Unfortunately, I was forced to go to a Creationism vs Evolution Church sermon yesterday, and It physically hurt how bad a "certified" geologist was misapplying science in order to promote creationism. The problem is, I wasn't educated enough on every issue to be able to come up with a rebuttal. How do you argue when creationists say that the proof of evolution is nothing more the species variability in humans and chimpanzees?

My friends over at Stated Clearly have put together some very helpful videos and links to help explain such things. The video “What Is the Evidence for Evolution?” is fantastic. It’s simple without being oversimplified, and it gives clear examples that can be followed easily even if you’re not all that familiar with the science.

I also highly recommend the fantastic list from Talk Origins. It has an answer for just about every creationist claim.

I don’t understand how a genuine geologist could make such absurd claims. Geology supports the fact that there never was a world wide flood and many other crucial scientific facts such as age of Earth, continental drift, etc. 


You and I both know there’s got to be some greater storyline for you than ‘girl gets heart broken, was sad forever.’

I think a nice one would be ‘girl gets heart broken, was sad for a while but in her heartbreak she found freedom, friends, and the ability to look back and laugh at all she’d learned. She now lives her life on her own terms and still has fantastic hair.’

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O que vocês fariam se um dia acordassem c/ os poderes trocados?

Zendaya: Depende de com quem eu trocaria.

Nikolaj: Concordo com você, depende disso.

Olivier: Eu ia ficar tranquilo, to preparado pra isso.

Talia: Eu queria trocar com o Frankie!

Franklin: É..provavelmente não seria uma boa ideia, TJ.

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Vcs já foram a Disney?

Olivier: Já! Uma vez a TJ levou a gente, foi tipo, demais!

Talia: Ah sim, as vezes quando eu to no tédio, dou uma passada lá, sabe? Sempre levo o Ollie e a Bekka, a Maddie, a Alex ou Niko comigo. 

Evan: Eu já fui, quando era bem mais novo, agora não mais.

Zendaya: E eu fui uma vez com a Mayday.

Franklin: Também já fui algumas vezes, minha irmã adora ir lá. A Rach já foi com a gente.