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It's not personal, it's fiction (Biadore) - shadyqueenie

A/N: awwww baes, I’m sorry this took so long – but this chap is twice the first one and I really had struggles with some sentences :(((( also, I’m not that happy of how it came out but I needed to write it that way since I have plans for the next one ;)))

I don’t know when I will be able to update again – I hope it will be at the end of the month but ehy, it’s the MFW and guess who’s working as hell?!
Btw, I really love you (: thank you for your support, I wasn’t expecting it! As I always say, please keep on writing me!
Your duh, shady

In this episode (?) ~

“Do you want to come out?” He started off suddenly, nervous as hell.
“Outside! We need to celebrate my win!”
“You know it’s forbidden… do you?”

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grantaire/bahorel, unrequited enjolras/grantaire, by request | modern au, jealousy, angst, missed opportunities, enjolras was a charming young man who was capable of being terrible | m | 2k

Enjolras is in a foul mood, and the noise from the corner a grating distraction. The meeting is nearly over; Bahorel and Grantaire could at least pretend that they are listening to Joly as he presents on the state of the club’s treasury.

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