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There's a really neat book called Lawn People that, among other things, breaks down how people care for their lawns and use herbicides. They talk about how people are totally aware of the risks of using herbicides (they will complain about how their neighbors are negatively effecting the environment with them), but then they'll turn around and use the SAME herbicides in their own lawns. A really weird disconnect.

It is a weird disconnect. Western suburban culture, at least American culture, is so detached from nature its appalling. People around here complain about the bugs outside. Bugs! Outside! Where they’re supposed to be! And most weeds are fantastic for local species. Damn the French bourgeoisie and their lust for lawns

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Totally understandable. I meant specifically tobacco. Weed is fantastic but I always want to eat while I'm weed high. Acid helps to not want to eat but it's not the kind of drug you can do other daily things on so it's not an extremely often thing for me to do.

Sameee, I almost always binge when I’m high on weed. Menthol cigarettes work the best for me when I’m trying to curb hunger.