fantastic sequence

Reasons to watch Outlander:
•Beautiful men and women

•Strong men AND women

•Feminism and women empowerment

•Talk about a man’s feeling after a trauma without making him less manly

•Sexuality representation

•Mixes different genres

•The acting

•Caitriona Balfe

•Historical accuracy

•I don’t wanna spoil you, but you will ship them, and IT’LL BE CANON.

• The costumes and decors

•Fantastic plot, action sequences, and dialogue

•Scotland’s landscape

•Sam Heughan’s accent

•Season 2 is just over now so you can totally watch it in one weekend

•Caitriona Balfe

•Basically you should be watching it

Playing GTA V Murder Maze
  • *Nogla is the last alive and is being hunted*
  • Nogla: Oh dang, I even got a pumpkin as a head so they gonna cut me. They're gonna want my, my spicy pumpkin latte.
  • Lui: Nogla, we just wanna turn you into a jack-o-lantern.
  • Delirious: Yeah, we want to jack your lantern.
  • Lui: No, we just want to turn you into a pumpkin pie Nogla.
  • Nogla: Oh my god! They're horny teenage girls!
  • Delirious: Yeah, we wanna... we wanna eat your seeds!
  • Lui: *chuckles* Geez... What the fuck, Delirious?

SAUSAGE PARTY is FUCKING (I stress the word fucking here) hilarious time and is genuinely one of the most non-PC films I’ve ever seen. There are so many moment and situations I’d love to discuss but I don’t even think I can put them into words. It’s vulgar/crass while at the same time being incredibly intelligent and offers an amazing viewpoint/talking point about God, religion and belief systems. I don’t really want to get into this film too much (maybe it’s why I’m writing about it today and not after I saw it) because it’s something you need to experience on your own. It’s gorgeous to look at, offers some fantastic action sequences (and horror sequences too) and the humor/thought provoking material come in equal measures. If you enjoy any of the names on this poster you need to check this out (or you probably have at this point) because it’s one of the best times I’ve had in the theaters in 2016.

Sense8 is just such a spectacular show. The characters are amazing. The representation is on another level. They had MULTIPLE musical numbers and I didn’t even question it. The action sequences were fantastic. They had some of the most powerful and touching heart-to-heart character moments I’ve ever seen. They gave us four complicated and diverse love stories and I was 100% into all of them. The score is incredible and the cinematography is gorgeous. They paid off on their premise and answered questions without killing the steam on their mystery/conspiracy arc. The writers are playing the long game and have a mapped out plan for five seasons.

I honestly can’t get my head around the fact that this show is real. It’s a gift from the gods of television, like the universe is apologizing for Glee.

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#139: Mako and Bolin vs. Ghazan and Ming Hua in “The Stakeout.”

Part of why I love the Red Lotus as villains so much is that their action sequences are just so damn fun to watch.  Their unique abilities make for, well, unique action scenes.  

What’s great in particular about the battle between Mako/Bolin and Ghazan/Ming Hua in “The Stakeout” is the real sense of peril it creates.  There have been some fantastic action sequences in the show, but this one above all others really made me fear for Mako and Bolin.  The fight choreography emphasized how much more powerful Ghazan and Ming Hua were by focusing on their attacks, and contrasting them with Mako’s and Bolin’s retreats.

For example, the four initially start off positioned as equals in the frame:

But Ghazan’s very first attack sends the bending brothers diving for their lives:

The sequence tracks Mako as he just barely dodges Ming Hua as she bears down on him with her creepy water arms.  We then transition directly from her chasing after Mako … 

… to Bolin on the defensive against an onslaught of lava from Ghazan.

And an onslaught it is:

Here, again, we see Mako fleeing from Ming Hua, who is like a hawk descending on her prey from a power position.  And in the background, we see Ghazan in a power position against Bolin, who just barely keeps himself from being roasted:

Ming Hua has got Mako right where she wants him – she even taunts him with a smile:

Meanwhile, we see Ghazan again in a power stance:

While Bolin is fleeing for his life and diving into the pool:

It’s no surprise that the sequence ends with Ming Hua in absolute control over the incapacitated bending brothers:

Again, I love a LOT of action sequences in the show.  But the imbalance of the combatants here and the choreography’s focus on contrasting Ghazan and Ming Hua’s stances with Bolin and Mako’s retreats creates a palpable sense of danger.  It’s incredible.


The atmosphere during this sequence is fantastic and Sephiroth’s operating at peak creepiness and minimum comprehensibility. This line’s always stood out to me but I’ve got no idea what it means, and I’m not even sure who he’s talking to. Cloud, I suppose, would be the main suspect, but he addresses Cloud, Jenova, and himself at various points of flickering in and out of existence here.