fantastic rory funny rory gorgeous rory

Let’s talk about Rory Williams.

Rory Williams from Leadworth.

Rory Williams, who is one of the few people who actually sees the Doctor for who he is.

Rory Williams, who trusts the Doctor despite knowing how dangerous he can be.

Rory Williams, who can see just how much the Doctor’s life weighs down on the Doctor.

Rory Williams, who noticed that comatose patients were walking around town only to have no one believe him.

Rory Williams, who sometimes thought he was second best to the Doctor, especially in Amy’s eyes.

Rory Williams, whose mother was a massive fan of Dusty Springfield.

Rory Williams, whose Nan always said ‘you’ll never miss the water till the well runs dry.‘

Rory Williams, who pretended to be police officer simply because two people thought he was.

Rory Williams, who questioned why he and Amy would ever want to give up on traveling with the Doctor, before the two had even gotten married.

Rory Williams, who helped a scared woman regardless of her not being human just because he was kind.

Rory Williams, who fearlessly confronted a group of Cybermen at their prime (and possible blew-up their entire legion) so he could find his wife.

Rory Williams, who had always wanted kids ever since he was a kid, but only got to be a dad for five minutes.

Rory Williams, who never took any of the Doctor’s shit.

Rory Williams, who left a phone charger in Henry the eighth en-suite and thought it was fine because it was ‘only a few years out’.

Rory Williams, who didn’t get along with his dad, but still loved him.

Rory Williams, who completely trusted Amy to save him after he had drowned.

Rory Williams, who dies saving the Doctor on one occasion.

Let’s talk about Rory. Fantastic Rory. Funny Rory. Gorgeous Rory.

Let’s talk about how he’s not just ‘the Roman’ or ‘the man who dies and dies again’.

Let’s talk about him, because we never really do. Let’s talk about him because he’s a complex character. Let’s talk about him because he never really gets brought up by the fandom unless it’s in regards to what he is for somebody else, mostly Amy, or to poke fun at how he dies a lot.

Because Rory is ridiculously neglected by this fandom, to the point where he is rarely included in posts depicting the core companions despite the fact that he is one. Because while I’ve seen dozens and dozens of metas about Amy and Clara and River and Donna and the Doctor and others, but I’ve never once seen one namely about Rory.

So let’s talk about Rory Williams: the Last Centurion and time traveling nurse.