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Niffler Update

Finished another niffler, with an improved face shape – at least once I’ve bought some buttons for the eyes, which I’d totally forgotten – and correctly curving fingers!

This one will go on sale tomorrow (when I’ve got those buttons) with a price tag of £40 plus shipping. A link to its upcoming Etsy page tomorrow at 8pm gmt. The first order will be filled with the little guy up there and shipped immediately, and any further preorders will have a production time of up to 2 weeks.

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some stuff

1. On the third lap of my walk today I met a homeless cat who came when I sat down and meowed and got fur all over me and I petted it for like a full ten minutes.  It had half of one ear, crusty eyes, and was very skinny, but also super friendly.  It didn’t like being picked up but it did walk all over me!  Then I wanted to bring it home or feed it something or take it to a shelter or something but I didn’t know how or whether I should so I didn’t. ;v;

2. Currently working my hardest on Spellbound and NRS: I’ve been working on the former for half a year and the latter for over a year and they have got to go.  Want to be done with both of them within the next week.  Maybe the one after it.  Point is, soon.

3. John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme is fantastic.  John Finnemore’s stuff in general is quickly becoming my first choice in comedic listening.  And now that Cabin Pressure is over (I weep a single bittersweet tear but hey my deluxe full-series collection is currently in the mail), it’s great to have something to buy off of iTunes and binge on.