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Niffler Update

Finished another niffler, with an improved face shape – at least once I’ve bought some buttons for the eyes, which I’d totally forgotten – and correctly curving fingers!

This one will go on sale tomorrow (when I’ve got those buttons) with a price tag of £40 plus shipping. A link to its upcoming Etsy page tomorrow at 8pm gmt. The first order will be filled with the little guy up there and shipped immediately, and any further preorders will have a production time of up to 2 weeks.

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Let’s talk about the future..!

So now what, indeed..!

Well, the demo is public, but it’s not complete just yet. Already, we’ve received a number of excellent observations and wonderful advice that we’ll be applying to the demo before we start sending media kits to review sites, potential investors/grants, etc.

This is the scary part.
It’s the part where we’ll see if we can realistically continue  with the project at a pace that will  see the game’s completion before the end of the decade…

Before I go further, I think we need to take a moment to place thanks where it’s due. 

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I met an old trans woman like me for the first time ever. I hardly knew we existed.

She told me that in 80s Melbourne showgirls were trans girl aristocracy because they didn’t actually have to fuck the guys. I couldn’t decide who our scene queens are now. The downwardly-mobile art-school non-binaries? The fantastically wealthy 40something lesbian programmers? Who knows.

I want so desperately to grow old, to live in the same osteoporotic witch body as my grandmother, to have an old lady job and comfort crazy girls with my mere existence.

Psychoanalysts say a therapist’s clients are her surrogate children, and full of shit as they are I feel it so deeply.

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Alex posted on Reddit: Variables to make YanSim less buggy. The guy who learns to use C# right now, the developer of OpenYandere, helped him out with an advice related to the use of the Unity engine. Again Alex has tortured the poor Unity engine for 4 years now (or more) and still doesn't know the basics and the proper use of the game's engine. His followers still think he is a fantastic programmer. Well at the least he admited now he is not genius in something. Improvement.

This is something that he should have learned before even pitching the idea of making a game. He worked at a video game company, for fuck’s sake. There isn’t anything wrong with asking for help if there’s a problem you can’t figure out, but his game is nothing but problems, and there is no excuse as to why he doesn’t know how to properly code a game at this point.

- Mod Sega

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Do you have anything you'd recommended a student starting Classical Studies in September should read? I'm starting uni soon, and am freaking out because I realise I don't really know anything. Thank you so much

hey!! okay so first off i think i may have another ask from you sitting in my drafts, and i’m super sorry for not responding to it earlier. second, so, i definitely do have some recommendations for you, but if you’re freaking out a bit about not having read much yet, i think it’s super super important to keep in mind that the whole point of university is that you know all this stuff when you leave, not when you arrive. if you think that reading up ahead of time will make you personally feel more prepared or less nervous about starting your course, absolutely, yes, please do read as much as you want to!! but if you’re freaking out a bit - which is completely understandable! - please please try to remember that you do not have to be an expert from day one, and no-one is going to expect that from you. 

(my entire first two years at uni pretty much consisted of courses designed to get everyone to the same level of understanding, including a semester-long lit course that included stuff like reading and discussing the iliad book-by-book with the assumption that none of us had ever read it before. people don’t expect engineering students to turn up to their first lecture with the robot they built at home, right?)

THAT SAID, if you do want to read a few texts in advance, here are my (highly biased, selective, incomplete) top picks!! this is a sort of greek mythology for beginners post i put together ages ago, although by no means feel like you have to read all of them - the iliad/odyssey/aeneid are all works that will probably be covered at some point in your degree and are also seriously fucking long, so you may want to leave them until you get a chance to cover them in class. if you do want to give them a shot, i highly recommend the fagles translations of the first two, but there’s plenty to choose from. the argonautica is way more fun, way shorter and also gives you an excuse to (re)watch the harryhausen jason and the argonauts!

tragedy, comedy or poetry are also good options! here are a bunch of pdfs of good translations of greek tragedies, and i would highly recommend anne carson or carol ann duffy’s translations of sappho, ted hughes’ tales from ovid: twenty-four passages from the “metamorphosis”, or basically anyone’s translation of catullus. for comedy, you can pretty much never go wrong with lysistrata. if you like history, herodotus is the #1 most fun and penguin handily did this abridged version a few years back

in terms of reading stuff about classics, i honestly would really recommend mary beard’s books. they’re really fun, enjoyable reads, they’re interesting and they’re informative. (they’re also very easy to get hold of, unlike a lot of classics books!) i’ve just started her latest one, s.p.q.r., which is a history of rome, and so far she’s doing an excellent job of explaining roman politics, which is a bloody difficult thing to do. pompeii is also great (and who doesn’t love a pompeii book?), and confronting the classics is really, really interesting on a more meta level; it’s a bunch of reviews she’s done of other scholars’ books, which sounds deathly dull but is actually amazing. it reads basically like a collection of short essays on a ariety of super interesting subjects eg. boudicca, the reconstruction of the ruins at knossos, the asterix comics, why thucydides is such a pain to translate, etc etc etc. it’s really, really fun, basically! (if there’s any more specific topics you’re interested in, let me know and i can give you some more recs)

oh, and before i forget - seriously do not underestimate documentaries and radio programmes! admittedly i will pretty much watch any documentary ever - one i spent four hours watching a bbc documentary about the london underground - but there’s shitloads of good classics programmes out there

anyway sorry i’ll stop there bc i don’t want to overwhelm you!! i’m just listing off a few of these because like i said, they’re all very accessible and interesting and don’t involve that much effort - you can just put them on while you’re doing something else and sort of soak up knowledge like a cool, classically-educated sea sponge. i hope everything goes great for you in september and you have a great time at uni <333


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Time to reveal the source from which I shall derive our campaign. This fantastic television programme.

Feminist Issues

Someone strongly suggested I submit to “Whatever Women’s International Film Festival” (fake name but it was a festival devoted only to women filmmakers). I wrote to the fest and asked if any genre was ok, like horror, fantastic etc. The [female programmer] said that genre doesn’t matter because the goal of the fest was to put women under the projectors. After I mentioned what kind of film I had made, and the fact that I worked with very little (read: no budget) she said that was OK, that it really didn’t matter. I sent three of my shorts. Never got an answer. So I wrote back. Once. Twice. After about two months, I put my ego down the drain and wrote again. Got an answer this time. She said she could not accept any of my films. I said I was OK with it (and I truly was) but I was curious to know what was wrong, since the festival is supposed to be about women filmmakers and their devotion to film making more than about films themselves. She said (still have those emails) that she could not accept any of them because she “COULDN’T FIND ANY FEMINISTS ISSUES” in them. That’s the only time in my life that I got mad at a decision from a festival so I wrote her back:

“To write an original script, then find the money to produce a film from that script, then build a crew, do casting, direct the film, edit it, then submit it to festivals, release a DVD compilation of my work on the market, with my own money, all of this without any financial support, and in a man’s world — that is what I call FEMINIST ISSUES.“

some stuff

1. On the third lap of my walk today I met a homeless cat who came when I sat down and meowed and got fur all over me and I petted it for like a full ten minutes.  It had half of one ear, crusty eyes, and was very skinny, but also super friendly.  It didn’t like being picked up but it did walk all over me!  Then I wanted to bring it home or feed it something or take it to a shelter or something but I didn’t know how or whether I should so I didn’t. ;v;

2. Currently working my hardest on Spellbound and NRS: I’ve been working on the former for half a year and the latter for over a year and they have got to go.  Want to be done with both of them within the next week.  Maybe the one after it.  Point is, soon.

3. John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme is fantastic.  John Finnemore’s stuff in general is quickly becoming my first choice in comedic listening.  And now that Cabin Pressure is over (I weep a single bittersweet tear but hey my deluxe full-series collection is currently in the mail), it’s great to have something to buy off of iTunes and binge on.