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Some dumb little things that warm my heart ? ??

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I love you all you’re all so kind and wonderful thank you all so much for making running this blog so enjoyable 

When I see all the Daenerys or Sansa hate in those pointless shipwars my feminist heart bleeds. Why do we pit fantastic, strong and powerful women against each other? Both Sansa and Dany are amazing and deep characters that should never be reduced to the pairings one ships them in. I value the brilliant character development of both Dany and Sansa. They have come so far, been through so much, if you’d go and tell them about the war between Jonsa and Jonerys fans they would have a laugh together.

You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. Do you realize this is the very path that goes through Mirkwood, and that if you let it, it might take you to the Lonely Mountain or even further and to worse places?

Bilbo Baggins, who used to tell this to Frodo on the path outside Bag End’s door, especially after a long walk. Fellowship of the Ring, Ch III: Three’s Company. 

Bilbo spent his life wishing he could return. He left his heart at the Lonely Mountain one November day among the falling snow, but went back to the Shire because that was where he was supposed to be. Where he ‘belonged.’ And he could not suffer himself to stay after the grief of the Battle of the Five Armies.

But every time Bilbo got on the path outside Bag End, he remembered his 50-year-old self also getting on that road to go on an adventure. And an older Bilbo was always tempted to follow it, back along the paths through Mirkwood and on to the Lonely Mountain. 

But then Bilbo would recall all that had happened and who would not be there.

Maybe he imagined walking further into the Lonely Mountain, along pillared paths and great halls of stone until he was led to the catacombs of Erebor, deep within the mountain. 

And for all his adventures, all the dangers he had faced, Bilbo Baggins could not stomach going to worse places – those inside himself. 

“Is this really the kind of card you bring to Norfolk, Virginia all due respect to the fine folks who live there?!” UFC Fight Night Poirier vs Pettis preview


November 6th

We just passed the UFC’s biggest weekend of 2017 and normally after a big weekend, a not so good card follows. This time though after a big card, we’ve got a really good free TV card to follow it up. Live from Norfolk, Virginia, the UFC rolls into town with a pretty damn solid card that has just a little bit of something for everybody. Like really compelling on paper fights? We gotcha! Like WMMA? Gotcha! Like old veterans with something to prove? Gotcha! Like bantamweights? Word! Heavyweights? I mean we got those too! Ya like Sage Northcutt? WHO DOESN’T?! This UFC card is an Oddlot and I can approve of that, topped by a fantastic main event pitting Dustin Poirier vs Anthony Pettis.

Fights: 13

Debuts: 1 (Karl Roberson)

Fight Changes/Injury Cancellations: 1 (Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Jared Cannonier)

Headliners (fighters who have either main evented or co-main evented shows in the UFC): 11 (Anthony Pettis, Dustin Poirier, Matt Brown, Diego Sanchez, Andrei Arlovski, Nate Marquardt, Raphael Assuncao, Joe Lauzon, Clay Guida, Jon Dodson, Sage Northcutt)

Fighters On Losing Streaks in the UFC:  3 (Andrei Arlovski, Matt Brown, Nate Marquardt)

Fighters On Winning Streaks in the UFC:  2 (Matthew Lopez and Raphael Assuncao)

Stat Monitor for 2017:

Debuting Fighters (Current number: 33-29)- Karl Roberson

Short Notice Fighters (Current number: 20-31-1)- 0

Second Fight (Current number: 23-33)- Michel Quiñones, Tatiana Suarez and Junior Albini

Cage Corrosion (17-11-1)- Tatiana Suarez

Twelve Precarious Ponderings

1- Is it FINALLY going to be time for Dustin Poirier to get that big career defining win? Poirier has been fantastic at 155 lbs, an action fight fan’s dream fighter, a finisher and everything else you can put on a guy. He is must see TV and it’s no surprise that since dropping to 155 lbs, he has three bonuses (and was likely robbed of two other ones since the Alvarez fight didn’t get 50K and his KO of Bobby Green happened on a card where dudes were getting flattened left and right). Lost in the love for the 28 year old Louisiana native is the fact that he hasn’t had that ONE signature win. He’s beaten a lot of guys who in theory live in that 15 to 10 range of the LW division but the big win has eluded him. At FW, entertaining losses to guys like the Korean Zombie and Cub Swanson plus a KO to Conor McGregor are probably his trademarkk performances. At 155 lbs, he looked on his way to putting himself in the conversation among the likes of RDA, Pettis, Alvarez, Ferguson and the crew before Michael Johnson removed him from the conversation in a stunning upset. He looked on his way to getting that win vs Alvarez before he got hurt and eventually kneed illegally.

The entire career of Poirier feels like a collection of moments where he’s good enough TO win but not great enough to rise above. In main events, Poirier is 0-2. In co-main events, he’s 0-1. If we judge fighters by their ability to rise up, so to speak, then Poirier’s record is not giving you a ringing endorsement for confidence. Even saying that, we’re discussing a 28 year old who is ultra skilled in every capacity. Maybe he’s a step slower than the heaviest hitters in the division (he looked to be moving at Tivo slow mo speed vs Michael Johnson) and maybe you have questions about his ability to deal with pressure. Maybe you worry about his composure which could explain his so-so record in big fights. Whatever the case, even at 28 years old, we’re reaching the “He is what he is” portion of Poirier’s career. A fantastic action fighter who SHOULD be among the elites at 155 lbs. This is a big fight for him.

2- Similarly, Anthony Pettis. Lost in the record is the how and why we got here. Pettis simply got out dogged by an injured RDA in a fight where both guys were impaired. After that? I mean I thought he beat Eddie Alvarez pretty clearly. Edson Barboza is a better version of Anthony Pettis which was just all kinds of wrong for him. Ignore everything at 145 lbs because that was a bad idea. The point I’m trying to illustrate here is that Pettis is far better than he’s shown since 2015 or so. We’re talking about a fantastic athlete still entering his prime who is still capable of big fight magic. His resume is littered with well known names and those aren’t fluke wins. Even if I believe that Pettis has become a big stagnant in recent years, on his good night he’s probably better than your favorite lightweight. Poirier is going to be a pretty valuable test for him and what remains of Pettis as a top 155er.

3- I know Matt Brown is retiring but I really hope win or lose Diego Sanchez follows him into whatever MMA Valhalla is.

4- Andrei Arlovski vs Junior Albini is so much of what MMA is and so little of what we wish it to be. Arlovski is 0-4 and while he didn’t get sparked in his last fight, he showed so little against Marcin Tybura that I don’t even really see the point of this fight other than trying to launch Albini’s career. That’s great and all but Albiini is ONE fight into his UFC career and we have no idea what he’s really all about. The only way we learn anything about him is if he loses and that’d speak volumes in the negatives. This is a very odd peculiar fight.

5- Joe Lauzon vs Clay Guida has one of two ways of ending. The first is Lauzon dropping Guida early and snatching his neck or the other is a hot start for Lauzon followed by two rounds of Clay Guida just smacking him around on the ground if Lauzon doesn’t get an early sub. It’s so weird this fight hasn’t happened earlier than this point but even so, I’m pretty geeked about it.

6- Jon Dodson vs Marlon Moraes is one of those fights with no middle ground. It’s either all action or it’s the world’s smallest fastest staring contest.

7- While I don’t like the fight, Tatiana Suarez vs Vivianne Pereira seems like a really great fight between two solid strawweight prospects. Pereira is a little undersized but she’s hyperactive and looked worlds better vs Jamie Moyle. Tati Suarez has title contender talent and a fantastic base for the division but she’s been out for a good long minute. Excited for this one even if I dislike the fact a prospect’s gonna get knocked off.

8- Really excited to see Matthew Lopez get his crack at figuring out Raphael Assuncao. If you beat Assuncao, you should be like champion emeritus at 135 lbs. Lopez had a way too tough debut vs Rani Yahya and even in that fight he was more than competitive in scrambles and on the feet. Since then Lopez has picked up two wins over competent 135ers like Johnny Eduardo and Mitch Gagnon. That said, Assuncao is forever at a level above most of these dudes in the weight class.

9- We’re starting to get to that point where the DWTCS signees are getting opportunities to have fights. Boston Salmon lost his chance but Karl Roberson gets a shot now. Dropping from 205 to 185 lbs, Roberson draws Darren Stewart who was really impressive in Cage Warriors prior to getting his UFC call up. He got hit with the Francimar Barroso train after a no contest and now he’ll also make the drop to MW. Excited about these two guys.

10- Of the twelve fighters currently posted up on this main card, it almost seems reasonable to half of them could be retired or out of the UFC by next year. You have Arlovski, Diego Sanchez, Joe Lauzon, Clay Guida and Nate Marquardt who could all be on their last legs or considering retirement not including Matt Brown who is genuinely retiring.

11- Everybody’s favorite human Ken Doll is back in business, baby! Sage Northcutt has returned!

12- It has the potential to be a bit of a dud but Court McGee vs Sean Strickland could be a fantastic little fight on the prelims. Strickland’s kind of lost his way from his more exciting pre-UFC days but I Think he’s still got high upside and McGee always shows up to fight.

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Colin Farrell as Percival Graves saved 2016 pass it on

*takes ur face between my hands* i know, i know. but u know what else would be really cool ? 

if he kept going. like he just saved 2016. now let him save 2017. 18. 19. 20. 21. 58. my point is



First trailer of “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders”

Direct-to-video animated film based on 1960s Batman TV series with the cast reprising their iconic roles!

Adam West voicing Batman
Burt Ward as Robin
Julie Newmar as Catwoman

Joker, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman are the main villains:

It’s back to the 1960s as Batman and Robin spring into action when Gotham City is threatened by a quartet of Batman’s most fiendish foes – Penguin, The Joker, Riddler and Catwoman. This time, the four Super-Villains have combined their wicked talents to hatch a plot so nefarious that the Dynamic Duo will need to go to outer space (and back) to foil their arch enemies and restore order in Gotham City. It’s a truly fantastic adventure that will pit good against evil, good against good, evil against evil … and feature two words that exponentially raise the stakes for both sides: Replicator Ray. Holy Multiplication Tables!” (source)

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Regarding the pitbull thing, I'm always so glad to see a dog blog that knows what they're talking about. Maybe these people claiming otherwise will also one day learn that a dog being aggressive to other dogs does NOT make that dog a BAD dog. Pits are fantastic dogs, and prone to animal aggression, shouldn't be a controversial statement


How does one go about trying to talk the owners into letting us have a FIFA tournament in the theater room? Because I’ve been seriously missing actually playing footie these days, and I think that’s the next best thing. And of course, other games would be welcome for those who want to play something else, but I think it would be pretty fantastic to have people pitted against each other in a giant yelling match without actually having to do anything in this sweltering heat.