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You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. Do you realize this is the very path that goes through Mirkwood, and that if you let it, it might take you to the Lonely Mountain or even further and to worse places?

Bilbo Baggins, who used to tell this to Frodo on the path outside Bag End’s door, especially after a long walk. Fellowship of the Ring, Ch III: Three’s Company. 

Bilbo spent his life wishing he could return. He left his heart at the Lonely Mountain one November day among the falling snow, but went back to the Shire because that was where he was supposed to be. Where he ‘belonged.’ And he could not suffer himself to stay after the grief of the Battle of the Five Armies.

But every time Bilbo got on the path outside Bag End, he remembered his 50-year-old self also getting on that road to go on an adventure. And an older Bilbo was always tempted to follow it, back along the paths through Mirkwood and on to the Lonely Mountain. 

But then Bilbo would recall all that had happened and who would not be there.

Maybe he imagined walking further into the Lonely Mountain, along pillared paths and great halls of stone until he was led to the catacombs of Erebor, deep within the mountain. 

And for all his adventures, all the dangers he had faced, Bilbo Baggins could not stomach going to worse places – those inside himself. 

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Colin Farrell as Percival Graves saved 2016 pass it on

*takes ur face between my hands* i know, i know. but u know what else would be really cool ? 

if he kept going. like he just saved 2016. now let him save 2017. 18. 19. 20. 21. 58. my point is



First trailer of “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders”

Direct-to-video animated film based on 1960s Batman TV series with the cast reprising their iconic roles!

Adam West voicing Batman
Burt Ward as Robin
Julie Newmar as Catwoman

Joker, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman are the main villains:

It’s back to the 1960s as Batman and Robin spring into action when Gotham City is threatened by a quartet of Batman’s most fiendish foes – Penguin, The Joker, Riddler and Catwoman. This time, the four Super-Villains have combined their wicked talents to hatch a plot so nefarious that the Dynamic Duo will need to go to outer space (and back) to foil their arch enemies and restore order in Gotham City. It’s a truly fantastic adventure that will pit good against evil, good against good, evil against evil … and feature two words that exponentially raise the stakes for both sides: Replicator Ray. Holy Multiplication Tables!” (source)

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Regarding the pitbull thing, I'm always so glad to see a dog blog that knows what they're talking about. Maybe these people claiming otherwise will also one day learn that a dog being aggressive to other dogs does NOT make that dog a BAD dog. Pits are fantastic dogs, and prone to animal aggression, shouldn't be a controversial statement


How does one go about trying to talk the owners into letting us have a FIFA tournament in the theater room? Because I’ve been seriously missing actually playing footie these days, and I think that’s the next best thing. And of course, other games would be welcome for those who want to play something else, but I think it would be pretty fantastic to have people pitted against each other in a giant yelling match without actually having to do anything in this sweltering heat. 

Happiness in Hardships Chapter Seven

Authors Note:  Here it is! It’s gloriously and completely unbetaed so I own all mistakes.  It’s like Where’s Waldo but with dangling participles and sentences that end in prepositional phrases.

This is definitely moving into the NC-17 hallway- if you’re not old enough to be in this hallway, go find another hallway to hang out in- we’ll love you there too.

Thanks to everyone that’s liked, reblogged, and left me comments.  It makes me so happy! I don’t get instant gratification on my other writing (sadly all my editor does just send me comments about BIG GIANT PLOT HOLES) and this is nice.

Give love to all your Joshifer Fic Writers.  They write for YOU!

I know that I watched Josh try to eat his weight in noodles. I laughed as the owner, a lady who always had a nice thing to say but never intruded, handed him bowl after bowl. These bowls were big enough that I could take a bath in them and not be the least bit worried that I was exposing my bits to anyone. I can eat, this is a known fact, but I’d punked out half way through my own bowl of delicious noodles. I wasn’t sure what they used in these udon noodles to make them so damn good, but they were. I gladly had them boxed up (I wasn’t going to share) to take back to my house. I could eat them over the sink tomorrow morning before heading out to this ridiculously early call.

“How’s our date?” I laughed as Josh slurped another noodle. The man was a bottomless pit.

“Pretty fantastic.” He smiled. “This beats everything else we did today.”

“I don’t know about everything.” I leaned in, walking a few fingers up his arm and then fingering the sleeve of his worn plaid shirt.

That got his attention and he put down the fork he’d been using to shovel food into his mouth, blue eyes that were clear and bright met mine. I couldn’t hold his stared for long, I felt as if I was being stripped down in front of everyone enjoying their dinner. “Maybe not everything.” He corrected, his hand moved out from under mine and lazy fingers began to move over the inside of my wrist. I felt myself melting and all he had done was touch me.

Josh signaled for the check and I smiled- I knew that it was a smirk that said I’d won. But had there been a competition? Wasn’t the endgame of this dance we’d been doing for a few weeks now just a slow build up? Really extensive foreplay?

I’d been giving some thought to this relationship I’d found myself in. At first it was just for the eyes of those around us, a way to keep me safe, but some how only a few short weeks later and it was no longer an act. Kissing Josh, making out with Josh, getting to touch Josh in ways that had previously only been reserved for girlfriends, these things were now things I did. And I wanted to do more of it. I wanted to crawl into his arms, to feel his wonderfully talented hands over my skin. I was getting hot thinking about it. I wanted to feel more of him and I wanted it now.

Sadly my phone rang and Justine’s face smashed up a piece of glass (making it look like she was trapped in my phone) appeared. “What’s up?” I answered, watching as Josh paid. I was thinking of the things I wanted to do to him as soon as we got home. I wanted to tongue a strip of skin I’d noticed earlier today on him. It was just above the top of his pants, over a hip, and all I had wanted as soon as I noticed it, was to taste it. To feel the way his skin slid under my tongue as I kissed that tempting strip.

“We’ve got you checked into the hotel in midtown and I got your stuff moved.”

My heart shuttered to a stop. “I thought we were moving tomorrow.”

“They had the suite ready.” I could hear her driving, probably back to her own little condo not far from my new place in midtown. “Detective Avery said it’d be better if it was sooner. I knew you’d worry about your neighbors if you stayed.”

“True.” I answered. I hadn’t been able to tell the little house goodbye, to tell our neighbors that I’d see them later. I’d wanted to get everyone gifts to thank them for being so welcoming and understanding.

“Your call time has been moved for tomorrow.” Justine continued to talk and I tried to find focus, but I could feel the air being sucked out of my lungs. “The weather is supposed to cooperate for some scenes that don’t involve you until late evening.” Maybe there was an upside to this phone call. I could spend most of tomorrow tasting these patches of skin that I kept seeing on Josh. I could spend it wrapped up in sheets and nothing else with him. That would definitely help take the sting out of moving. “Josh still needs to be in makeup by seven.” Or not. I think she said more but all I could hear was that I wasn’t going to get to spend the next day naked with Josh. Instead I was going to probably miss seeing him at all.

“Ready?” Josh smirked, not knowing the change of plans.

“Let’s go to Young Augustines.” I smiled but it didn’t reach my eyes. “We need beer.”


The floor was hard. There was no give in concrete that had just been covered by some crap, industrial carpet. I missed the small, infinitesimal give of the hardwoods from my little house. Instead I was now habituating in a schmancy hotel somewhere in midtown. It was going for some “exclusive” vibe, but instead just felt dank, dark. There was no sense of elegance or even the hipster vibe that the black (with hot pink accents) decor seemed to try too hard for. Instead I wanted to whip open the blackout curtains and let in the overcast and dreary day. But, I wasn’t allowed too. For now my presence here was under complete secrecy.

“Hello….” I heard called through the suite. The voice was female so not Josh who I’m pretty sure was still on-set. Justine. I finally placed it in my addled head.

“In here.” I managed to call out. I was lying on the floor between the unmade bed and the floor to ceiling window. I’d been told that some years back a couple of women fell out of the window here and not to get too close. So I kept my distance. Sort of. I wasn’t exactly sure how I’d ended up on this side of the bed or the floor.

“You’re coherent.” She squatted down next to me, all I could see was her pointed knees in fabulous skinny jeans.

“Sort of.” I replied. “How did I get here last night?”

“Josh brought you in through the back entrance.” She smiled, pushed a wayward lock of hair off of my face, ands then turned serious. “Jenn, you can’t let this creep get to you.”

“Well, I thought it was someone else’s job to keep him from me.” I sighed and slowly sat up, checking to see if the headache included spinning. So far the room stayed centered. “Why are we paying these people if I have to do that too.”

“I’m talking about mentally letting him get to you.” She helped me stand and followed me as I headed to the dressing area to brush my teeth. I could feel wool covering my teeth and tongue. I’d obviously had way too much to drink last night. All I remembered was being piled into Josh’s prius and taken here. “You’ve still got a job to do.”

“I know this.” I growled around toothpaste. “Don’t you think I know this?”

“Act like it.” She was getting frustrated with me.

I had been throwing myself a little pity party since this had all started again with Creeper. The first time, about two years ago, it’d been just letters, just little notes sent to my fan mail address. Sure they were weird, but it hadn’t been dangerous. In fact we’d ignored them for a long time. Then they became more frequent, they talked about specific places I’d been and what I’d been wearing- not to mention who I had been with. So, we’d finally reacted and gotten a TPO. That had worked for a while. I went to London and then Canada… Creep seemed to be leaving me alone. Until now.

“You’re right.” I conceded. “Sorry.” I looked around and noticed all the little things that Justine had done to try and make this suite more like a home. She’d placed some of my family pictures out. She’d hung my clothes. She’d even set out a photo of Josh and I. Something that had not been out in my Atlanta house. I crossed to it, noticing the way the living room light just reflected off the glass, our faces literally mugging for the camera. It was such a silly picture but one I loved. We’d been at ComicCon the year before and just so damn happy. All of a sudden a weird pang shot through me and I realized I missed him. I’d vaguely remembered him kissing me on the forehead that morning before getting in the car to hit that days set. Which probably meant I wouldn’t see Josh until tomorrow sometime. How could I work with a guy and not see him? Wasn’t he my love interest in this movie? Unfair.

“Josh said he’d call over lunch.”

“Oh?” I tried to keep it low-key. Not like I wanted to pump her for all the information she had on him. I would not become a teenager expecting a note to be passed between classes (did teenagers still pass notes? Was that still a thing? Were they now texting all the time? Was I really that old?).

“He called on the way to the set this morning. Asked me to check on you and make sure you didn’t fall of the bed.” She flopped onto the couch, pulling a pillow over her lap. “How did you end up on the floor?”

“It looked more comfortable.” I explained, setting the photo down. “I think I was still drunk.”

“I’ve got your itinerary for Christmas made.”

“Oh god…” I sighed. “Seriously? I have things?”

“Little things and then you get time why the family.” She paused, a smile that could only be described as devious slid up her mouth. “And Josh.”

I just stared at her for a minute, trying to read her. Justine was more than my assistant. She knew every secret I kept and every move I made- I’m fairly certain she had it scheduled when I’d take a pee. “And Josh.” I didn’t elaborate. The quirk of her mouth told me I didn’t need too. Sometimes not having to say anything is what makes some friendships great.


“How wasted was I?” Josh had called, as promised, over his lunch.

“Enough that I’m fairly certain you promised to let me keep your academy award.” I moved around the suite, holding the phone to my ear, listening to him and for a weird second that twinge of, something missing, shot through me. “I told you we could discuss where we’d put it at my place.”

“I can’t believe I offered you Oscar.”

“Only if I could keep you upright on our way to the car.” He laughed, I heard the din of his TV in the background. “You were upset that we were moving last night instead of today.”

“Yeah.” I remembered, barely, the tears of anger at something that I’d been so protective over was being taken from me. “And then the calls for tomorrow got changed.” It was like salt in an open wound and I didn’t understand my visceral reaction to these events. “Josh, I’m a mess.” I whispered it, a realization to myself.

“Jennifer.” It was just my name and there I could hear the break in his voice. I sat down hard on the floor, missing the footstool all together.

“Ugh.” I laughed through the knot in my throat. “I’m still drunk. I just missed the ottoman I was trying to sit on.”

“You’re hung over.” He corrected. “And a klutz.”

“You need to get to work.” I smiled as picked at the weird floor with it’s black carpet and strange supposedly artistic splatters of hot pink. “Someone has to make this movie.”

“It is all about me.” He smiled, I could hear it. I let that warmth wrap around my heart, moving out through the arteries and vessels, encasing me in his thick voice.

And again my heart missed him. Was it going to feel this way when we were done shooting? We were going to be apart a lot in just a few weeks, the holidays, then I’d be back here shooting scene after scene that didn’t involve us together. And I was already missing him. I got up and decided to do something. Anything. I just needed out and away from this dark room. I wasn’t supposed to go anywhere to draw attention or be alone.

I went to a bookstore.

Little Shop of Stories the sign read. It was technically a children’s bookstore, but I needed books and maybe children. Colorful store, but not in the bright primary colors kind of way, just full and appealing. I walked in, thumbing through several board books and children’s books, maybe there was something I’d like. Mo Wilems and his pigeon, Anna Dewdney and her llama… they made me smile. I wanted to wrap myself in these books. Instead I picked up Duckling Wants a Cookie and thought that Josh might appreciate a little gift. Sure, it was silly and made no sense, but when had I ever really made sense.

“Okay, shake out your baby toes!” Energy from the bookstore filtered down from the balcony above, story time was going on. “Now, wriggle your elbows!” The energetic voice made me smile, she knew what she was doing. I wondered what it would be like to be up there with a fidgety toddler. What would this figment of my imagination look like? Tall and slim with dimples? Round and chubby with sweet rolls? Girl? Boy? Fuzz for hair or a head full? It was true when I’d said I saw myself in a minivan and hauling kids around. I wanted that. I wanted that sooner rather than later. Would Josh want that? We were both young and let’s face it, we were together in a very unconventional way. Would we be able to stay together? Would we be able handle long separations and the pressure of our lives?

“You can go up and watch, if you want.” A guy spoke softly, touching my own elbow and bringing me out of the weird reverie.

“Oh, I don’t want to intrude.”

“They won’t notice.” He laughed. “It’s a Pinkaliscious tea party. There are ten preschool girls up there who would only notice is someone through a pile of glitter at them.” I made my way up the stairs and watched as a woman with short brown hair read the story. She smiled at me, recognizing me but making no other indication to me. These little girls were her captive audience and she was giving them her all. I smiled at girls stood and twirled, little tea cups in their hands and cheetos dotting the floor. Mothers stood off to the side, cameras in hand and chatting with one another. I watched for another moment as the reader talked about turning pink over night and the little girls tittered with giggles. I smiled again before heading back down to peruse the grown up books that were in one corner. Nothing caught my eye or pulled at me to read it, so instead I just bought Josh his Duckling book (which was really a pigeon book in disguise).

I didn’t want to go back to my dark hotel. I didn’t want to go back to a room with no one else in it. I wanted to be around people and the safest place for that was back on set.

Josh’s trailer was closer than mine. And eventually he would come back to it. I checked in with Douglas and only got a sort of strange look since I was only about three hours ahead of call and made my way to him. I didn’t want to watch him film, I didn’t want to know what it was. Peeta was literally tortured at times in the film and I didn’t need to see Josh do any of that. Instead I sat on the couch, turned on the TV and that was it.

When I was waking up I could feel the press of lips to my neck, hands on my ribs, strong fingers gripping onto me and hot breath shuttering over my own parted lips. “Wake up.” He whispered, pressing into me, onto me. “We don’t have much time.”

“Josh…” I moaned, my hands moving over his back, bringing him closer, needing to feel more. Then there was more, there was him and in that second I didn’t want anything else. I just wanted him, desperately. His mouth found mine and took control, took over and I gladly relinquished everything. I felt his hand moving up and under my shirt, calloused worn fingers, traced over ribs and grazed my navel. I pushed up into him, needing the pressure of all of him against all of me. I ached for more, more of everything. My breath stuttered as he moved down, pressing kisses to the underside of my chin, the hollow of my neck, my clavicle, my chest. I ached and needed and wanted so much more. I plunged my hands under his shirt, tracing muscles along his back, the indentions on his spine. I arched my hips, needing so much more of him than I was going to get right now. “Please.” I begged, needing to feel him more. Hell, I was more turned on than I had been in ages without him even touching something my swimsuit covered.

Finally his hand moved over my breast and I was nearly undone. Strong fingers that palmed and then traced impossibly light circles over my bra. I wanted to feel him, skin to skin, no barriers. I groaned in equal part frustration and desire. His eyes met mine, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, and I breathed in as he breathed out, fissures of ecstasy shooting through me. “I want nothing more than to make you come right now.” He whispered hotly against my mouth. “I want that more than I want to breathe right now.” My body shuddered and I rocked against him. “But I want the first time I get to watch you come undone to not be rushed.” He groaned as I moved against him again. I couldn’t help it, these involuntary movements of pure desire.

“Just a little more.” I nearly sobbed the words out, wanting to feel more of him. Wanting him to feel more of me. On a groan he moved back in, taking my mouth- nearly savage in desperation. His hands that had been driving me wild with promises of what was to come, finally moved my flimsy bra out of the way, covering my pebbled nipple and then pulling at it. I heard a moan and I was fairly certain it came from somewhere in me, but I wasn’t 100% sure. God, at that moment I wanted nothing more than to get sweaty and naked. Urgency took over, I pulled at his shirt until somehow I managed to get it up and over his head. My hands moved over him, stroking the ink marked skin of his ribs, letting my fingers walk over him, needing more. In an awkward dance of clothing removal my shirt and bra were unceremoniously dumped onto the floor. Bare skin hit bare skin and my breath caught in my throat. How had I not done this years earlier? Why had I not jumped on him and demanded that he screw me to the wall the first time we met?

God, he was so hard. He pressed into me, rocking against me, rubbing me in the most delicious and erotic way. I want all of our clothes off. Now. I reached down to his fly, all thoughts of make up and call times forgotten. I just wanted him.

“Okay.” He pulled back, up, off of me. “I- I- that can’t happen.” He was visibly shaken, his arms holding him off of me. His eyes drilled into mine, refusing to look anywhere other than at me. “If you go anywhere near my fly I will lose any self control I have. I don’t want the first time we do this to be on this stupid couch.”

I couldn’t stop touching him. My hands moved over his cheeks, cradling his face, then down over his neck and incredibly defined shoulders.

“I like waking up this way.” I whispered, my voice was broken, so obviously beyond turned on. I touched that strip of skin that I’d briefly fantasied of licking not too long ago. I still wanted to do that. His hand was still covering my breast and I wanted him to move, to do something to keep building this wonderful tension between us. I reached down for my shirt and pulled it back on, but left my bra on the floor.

Josh pulled away just a bit, pulling me under him, tucking me into his arms. “I walk in, it was a shitty and hard afternoon, and there you were.” I could still feel just how very turned on he was, that had to be uncomfortable. “Asleep and not in that passed out drunk way you had been when I left you this morning.”

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” I explained. “I just wanted to be around people.”

“So, alone in my trailer was your solution?”

“I knew you’d be here eventually.” I smiled. “And if I get to wake up this way more often I’ll fall asleep in your trailer all the time.” We were quiet, enjoying the peace of the moment, the feel of each other. “What happened today?”

“Just a hard day at the office.” I felt him press a kiss to my forehead. “Peeta is not nearly as easy to play this time.”

“I do miss my sweet boy with bread.” I knew our time was up. “I have to get to make up.” I didn’t move.

“I’ll wait for you.” He didn’t let me go.

“Go back to the suite.” I made no move to let him go. “Who knows how long I’ll be.”

“I’m having a hard time letting you go.”


You think the police will keep me from you? You think your newest fling will keep me from you?

I will have you.


There was smudges of a dark crimson. It could only be one thing.

I found the letter that night after we wrapped in Josh’s trailer.

On the couch.

My bra was missing.

I sat down and cried.