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I’ve just started watching Still Star-Crossed, the tv show from ABC

And wow…Americans are so lucky to have a large choice of TV shows! Meanwhile, France is still like C’eSt QuOi?

*Romance? Mystery? Fantastic? Still Star-Crossed.

*Medieval Drama? Past plays a big role? Political Drama? Still Star-Crossed.

Also, Rosaline x Benvolio is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Look at all these romance tropes! 😍 😍 😍 😍

*Ennemies to Lovers? Rosvolio

*Arranged marriage/Marriage of convenance? “The Capulet girl” and “That Montague".

*Slow burn romance? Rosaline x Benvolio

*Badass Couple who slays together? Rose x Ben

*Validate and listen to one another? Benvolio x Rosaline

*Bicker like an old married couple? ROSVOLIO

Those medieval dorks…

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And obviously my bae Princess Isabella

Ambitious, Wants to inspire women in Verona to proactively seek independance and recognition, the Shadow Queen™ of Verona, Ready to manipulate people and circumpstances in order to reach her goals, Political savvy (seriously, her brother better give her the crown asap!), underestimated and belittled because she’s a woman and she’s done with it so she’s working her way to the top….Hmmmm BOI   🔥 🔥 🔥 .

I low-key want her to be the Big Bad but oh well…At least I’ll have her sass.

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I heard that the time slot was moved because of the low ratings. Here goes another show I didn’t even have time to appreciate. le Sigh…

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I feel like the Gravebone fandom is not taking enough advantage of historically accurate men's underwear. Where are the union suits with the "Kenosha-Klosed-Krotch" like in the Leyendecker ads? Where are the sock garters and hole-proof hosiery? The B.V.D.s? The underwear with buttons in the front and tie strings on the back or side to adjust for fit (WWI military style)? Fandom needs to up its game.

It’s a challenge to truly describe the beauty that is early 20th century men’s undergarments in fanfiction as we, the writers and the readers, usually want to get to the good juicy bits of heated gazes and lingering touches and breaths that are both quickened and slowed and stopped all together, rather than begin a deluge of descriptions in an attempt to capture the most sensual and accurate way to untangle a man’s girth and naked form from his layers of cotton that most of us are unfamiliar with historically as well as in practical terms. 

(And my guess is the magical world in the US probably had their own types of underwear, seeing as they had their own fashion styles, which differed from no-maj society.)

That said, I did go a googling for a little bit and found some lovely pictures that I will now place here–under the cut–because of reasons that are valid and have nothing to do with wanting to see Colin Farrell in garters and full body tighty whities. (Also this is a little informative article on the history of men’s underwear that I found pretty interesting to read.)

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The Squid in the lake is now the school's mascot -unofficially but several students like playing fetch with it- (note do you know their gender everyone is debating names now)

Oh, good!  That’s very good.  Not that I’m encouraging students to interact with a wild creature, no matter how sweet and gentle he might be.

Not sure if the headmaster will approve the mascot choice either, but oh- he’s a boy, yes.  Not that I knew him or had anything to do with him, of course.  



Being a No-Maj and flirting with Percival Graves.

Percival seemed to tower over you. His appearance alone was seductive. The sharp suit he wore and his unreadable expression were both alluring. His dark hair, which seemed to glisten in the light the roaring fire illuminated, was combed back away from his face. Were he stark naked and painted white, he could’ve past for one of Michelangelo’s famous sculptures.

“Are you sure you should be sitting this close to me?” You murmured, dragging your eyes up to his. “I’ve been told that your kind have rather backwards laws about relations with non magic folk such as myself.”

“As long as I don’t hold your hand or dance with you,” Percival replied, “or kiss you goodnight.”

Silence fell between you, the crackling of the fire being the only sound. The two of you inched closer to one another, eyes on the others lips, but as you were about to kiss, there was a knock at your door.

“I’d best get that.”

“A Dream of Weep”

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

This was my contribution to LitJoy Crate for their April box. Nothing here is a spoiler for the book =) Lazlo holds many fantastic stories of the mysterious city of Weep in his head. This is am interpretation of what he imagines. I don’t think he really believe it was all just like this, but he has this habit of collecting all the stories. And just keeping them all. All real little jewels in his mind, until the day he might go and see it all for himself, he throws none of them out.

  • [After Newt manages to get himself seriously injured battling Grindewald]
  • Queenie: He saved that girl.
  • Tina: Of course he did. Chivalrous bastard.