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Relationship status: Single
Favorite color:  Rainbow
Lipstick or Chapstick: rare, but chapstick
Last song I listened to: Everything I Wanna Do by Nickelback
Last movie I watched: original Fantastic Four
Top three TV-shows:
1. Supernatural

2. Transformers Rescue Bots
3. Voltron Legendary Defender
Top three characters:
1. Billy Cranston (Power Rangers)
2. Katie Holt/Pidge Gunderson
Top three ships ♡ No regrets
1. Hot Spot X Silverbolt (Transformers G1)
2. Emma Tolly X Tancred Torsson (Children of the Red King/Charlie Bone series)
3. Slingshot X Blades (Transformers G1)

That last one is my ‘go to’ if I find a Silverbolt that isn’t into same sex relationships.
Books I’m currently reading: Charlie Bone and the Hidden Tree and Freedom Train
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FOX’s Deadpool trailer was preceded by a teaser with Deadpool saying “From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time …”

FOX should precede every Marvel movie they make with a teaser like that. Let us know what we’re in for.

“From the studio which didn’t read any X-Men comics before making eight fucking X-Men movies.”

“From the studio which made Daredevil. Yeah, the Affleck one. And Elektra. 10% at Rotten Tomatoes, Elektra.”

“From the studio which already fucked up the Fantastic Four three times already just to keep the rights, here we go again …”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I really love your works. Can you please do a drabble bout my... AHEM... OUR two bakas?? :) will be really great if you could. Aomine is a rich celebrity who disguises himself and tries to help the poor. One day, he mets Kagami, an unselfish guy who always thinks more about the poor children than about himself. Aomine slowly gets to know him and falls in love with Taiga, madly and deeply!

They are such idiots, aren’t they? XD But we love them XD

“Taiga-nii! Something smells great!”

Aomine jumped at the loud voices, pulling his cap lower while making sure his sunglasses were in place, pretending to type away at his mobile. A few kids ran past him, laughing and shouting at someone who was at the nearby street court. Aomine could hear the comfortable thump of a basketball on the hard concrete. He could also smell something sweet in the air, and his stomach grumbled in response. One of the kids glanced at him and stumbled to a stop.

“You guys go ahead!” the kid yelled to his friends, skipping over to Aomine. “Hey, Daiki-nii! I haven’t seen you in ages!”

Aomine smiled, crouching to his knees so he was just a little above eye level for the kid. “Hey there, Reiji. Yeah, I met your mum at the housing. You being good?” The boy grinned toothily and nodded. “She said you got into basketball recently, so I came here to take a look.”

“Uh-huh!” Reiji looked over his shoulder. “The new nii-san here is super good! He works at a bakery so he brings us lots of food too!” His grin turned cheeky. “He’s so good at basketball, I bet he’d even put Daiki-nii out of a job.”

“You little brat,” Aomine laughed, ruffling Reiji’s hair playfully. “Show me this Taiga-nii of yours and I’ll decide myself.”


Oh. Oh. So that was ‘Taiga-nii’.

Aomine stared dumbstruck at the man in front of him, a man who was hugging the children and distributing pastries around while letting them mess his hair and climb all over him. He had striking red eyes that lit up with joy, and his dark red hair looked soft as girls tried their hands at braiding it in different ways.

“Hey, hey, you bounce it! It’s not a football!” he laughed as one of the boys kicked the basketball over. It bumped against Aomine’s foot. “Oh, sorry…” the man pried the children off him and ran up to Aomine.

Aomine bent down and picked it up. “No worries. They seem to like you,” he grinned, dribbling the ball with ease.

The redhead smiled. “Yeah. Kagami Taiga,” he held out a hand. “Haven’t seen you around here before!”

Aomine shook it and hesitated. Can’t tell him my real name… “Uh, yeah, I like to drop in once in a while, but I don’t live close by.”

Kagami didn’t mention the obvious lack of personal introduction, just stepped back with a smile. “You wanna play then?”

“Yeah! I bet Taiga-nii can beat Daiki-nii’s butt!” Keiji shouted from the fence.

“Language!” Aomine and Kagami yelled in tandem, before looking at each other and chuckling.

“So, Daiki, huh?” Kagami hummed and Aomine couldn’t believe his heart skipped a beat. “Let’s see how good you are.”

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