fantastic folds

hey juju, i hope you’re feeling better! 
i drew you a seth, because i love his design,,

Oh my gosh I love this so much, thank you!!!


If you use Krita the “basic wet” brush is fantastic for cloth folds and texture!

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Some songs you just have no explanation why you love just is.

anonymous asked:

i always forget that you're 13 because i'm 13 and i can't draw that well it's like, the way you draw hands: fabulous, the way you draw clothes and folds: fantastic, the shading: beautiful, the color: i could stare at it for hours, your art in general: lord jesus take the wheel have you seen anything more beautiful

hhhE CK/////

t ySM??? ANON HOW ARE YOU SO NICE ;;-;;;;;;

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“Please put me down it’s just a sprained ankle" crosshares

Velvet yelped, sharp and loud, as she tumbled to the ground in the midst of the forest. The Beowulf loomed over her, howling its victory.

And, quite abruptly, its head was blown off in a shower of gore and bullets. Velvet grimaced, the blood already lifting off her face and outfit as the Grimm vanished to nothingness. Standing before her, still wielding her weapon, is a girl in sunglasses wearing a fantastic outfit.

She folded her gun back up into a purpose and slowly, deliberately, slid down her sunglasses to look Velvet in the eye. Velvet felt herself flush, cheeks and human ears burning as her bunny ears folded in embarrassment.

This girl, whoever she was, had picked Velvet. She’d never been picked in anything before, except when it came to her parents.

“Coco Adel,” said the girl, sticking out her hand.

“Velvet Scarlatina,” she replied, taking Coco’s hand. Coco pulled her to her feet, only for Velvet to gasp as her weight hit her right ankle. She went down again.

Dang it.

“You all right?” asked Coco, rushing to her side.

“Fine,” said Velvet. “Just hurts.”

Coco hummed. Then, with surprising grace, she scooped Velvet into her arms and carried her through the clearing. Velvet yelped and threw her arms around Coco’s neck, hanging on tightly.

“Coco!” protested Velvet, loudly.

“Relax,” said Coco. “Just keep an eye out for Grimm and we’ll be fine.”

Velvet nodded, eyes wide. “You don’t have to carry me. It’s just a sprained ankle.”

“Sure I do,” said Coco.

Velvet sighed. “So, you’re not going to put me down?”

“Nope,” replied Coco, laughing softly. “Now, let’s go find those relics.”



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