fantastic comeback!!

not sure I’m going to survive the next month...
  • Twice is coming back
  • Astro is coming back
  • VIXX is coming back
  • Seventeen is coming back
  • Sistar is coming back

And I’ve seen them dying their hair…I know it’s going to happen…SHINee is going to sneak in there and STOMP MY ASS with another fantastic comeback AND I’M NOT READY…and I’M SO READY at the same time.


(but what are these rumors of GD and IKon coming back too…are they trying to kill us)

Imagine waiting for Xiumin to finish his dance practice. Both of you are tired after a long day, so all you want to do is go home and cuddle each other to sleep. Finally this fluff ball enters the room and says you that

So I got around to watching G.B.F. recently...

an all around good movie I haven’t seen it twice, considering a third

humor, making out, remarkably fantastic comebacks

even some great characters IMO

I mean what’s not love?

but I couldn’t focus becAUSE OF:

External image



External image


External image


External image


External image


I decided to watch Faking It because of him

holy shit am I in love with the show

no I didn’t marathon it, nor am I waiting for the next season


External image



External image


G.B.F. and Faking It are 10/10 would watch



Adrien and Marinette’s Future Children

Because I think about these things far too much.

Also based on the headcanon that the Miraculous can be passed down to other wielders but most prefer to hold onto them for as long as possible.

EDIT: A bit of confusion has made me decided to change a few things.

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  • FNC: you know what would be a great idea? If we could get Xiumin to collaborate with one of our girls he's so talented and underused as it is would SM even notice
  • FNC: *casually* Heyyyy there SM, old buddy, how are things?? I noticed you guys have just been sooo successful recently, I mean that Taemin kid, WHAT a fantastic comeback amIright??
  • SM: *not paying attention* yeah yeah definitely..
  • FNC: Yeah so anywayyy, you guys wouldnt mind if we just borrow Xiumin for like 2 seconds right?
  • SM: sure sure whatever you want Hey did you see Taemin's new solo vid--?
  • FNC: *already running away with Xiumin*
  • FNC: *releases Call You Bae*
  • SM: wait what that's mine???
  • FNC: *counting money*
Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs of 2014

Continuing with the K-Pop Timeout (1 Year) Tradition (see 2013 ver) of listing the Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs because all the other sites are just bothered with the Top 10 that pretty much everyone will have heard of/have fan wars over, below are our top 10 picks of songs that did not rank high but deserves your attention!

This is in alphabetic order NOT order of awesomeness because all of them are awesome.

C-Clown - Let’s Love

While I was sort of disappointed when the C-Clown boys changed from their ballad dance pop style to a more hip hop based sound, they quickly kicked my doubts out of the window with the release of “Let’s Love”. This song was unlike a comeback but a statement, that they are a group deserving some #1s! The song was brilliant and addictive, harnessing all of the talents of every member from the vocalists’ falsettos to the dance and rap (although I felt T.K was slightly robbed in lines). This MV was also really well filmed and bright so I highly recommend you guys check this out and give the boys some love! The MV can be found here.

Crush - Hug Me

This year K-Pop has gifted us with another man with fine features and smooth vocals when Amoeba Culture debuted RnB vocalist Crush who not only had a voice that melted your insides but dance moves to go with it. He already got my attention with his pre-release “Sometimes” which was amazing but somehow lacked a tiny bit of unff (if you get what I mean). But “Hug Me” gave me everything I wanted. This song was sick, the choreo was smooth and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko’s featuring rap really made the song completely perfect. I would highly recommend his whole debut album “Crush On You” to lovers of smooth RnB vocalists. Also, Zion.T featured in it so #eargasmheaven. Click here to check out the MV for “Hug Me”.

History - Psycho

So I placed them in the Top 10 Underrated last year and here they are again unfortunately. The boys really had a strong debut but I think their sudden change of style (from the style which they went back to later on) in their first comeback with “Tell Me Love” may have hindered their momentum. Anyways, Psycho is a great song with all the right K-Pop tunes thrown into it. It’s catchy, it’s a wonderful concept (Alfred Hitchcock WOOT) and has a sexy ass choreo that still slays me every time. Really, this song deserved to have done much better and propelled History into the spotlight. You can check out this amazingly psychopathic MV here. (Warning. It’s pretty crazy)

Jun.K (from 2PM) - No Love

Hands down the best boy band member solo release of the year (no offence to Taeyang I love taebae but Jun.K freaking blew me away). Jun.K really made it clear why JYP spoke so highly of his composing skills and why he was originally a YG trainee before opting to trade to JYP. The whole album was amazing and I took much effort to pick out only one song. "No Love” was the song that got you focused every moment because of the way he played with the notes and changed the tune and beat at just the right moments to create this masterpiece. While his album charted extremely well in Japan, it was pretty much forgotten in Korea which sucked because this was FREAKING AMAZING. If you have yet to check out this song, here’s the MV and I highly recommend his whole debut album, “LOVE&HATE”.

MAMAMOO - Piano Man

The fiercest female debut of the year with the vocals, visuals and dance skills to boot, I was sad to see them receiving less attention than they rightfully deserved (I saw fan cams of lots of screaming in guerrilla concerts but WHY HAVEN’T THEY WON ANYTHING YET). They already got my attention with “Mr. Ambiguous” but “Piano Man” was a whole other level. It was a killer song that showcased all of their vocal range and harmonies, with groove, jazz and some sass to top it off. Also, B1A4’s Gongchan features as the titular Piano Man. You can find the song and MV here. To get to know the girls more they have recently started their own Youtube show called MAMAMOO TV aka MMMTV.

Puer Kim - Manyo Maash

The debut song for the Dark Queen (some fans call her that), Puer Kim, Mystic89 (home to Lim Kim and Eddy Kim) showed that once again they have pretty much all the vocalists with weird but awesome voices. This song is very different to a lot of other k-pop songs with its darker sound and unique touch added on by Puer’s voice. By the end of the song you will find yourself saying “Maash” with her every time and be begging for more. This song also has a kickass creepy but artsy MV which you can find here. If you liked this song I would also highly recommend her 1st Mini Album “Purifier”, especially this non-title track called "I’d Also Love to See You Dying”. That’s the Dark Queen for you.

Topp Dogg - TOPDOG

Topp Dogg. What can I say about you? To be honest any group with 10 members or above tends to slay. Cuz it’s 10+ the amount of vocal talent meshed together. Not to mention how ridiculously talented all the members of Topp Dogg are. After their song “Open The Door” in January, they have quickly defined their sound to be pure epic-we own this shit-type of awesomeness that hits you in the face. “TOPDOG” proved all of that. It wasn’t the song of a rookie group, it sounded like the return of the King. I only pray that the boys win an award soon and get more recognition because splitting up the profit between 13 boys aint going to make their lives easy. Check out this spectacular song and MV here.

Yoon Hyun Sang X IU - When Would It Be

One of the most anticipated debuts of Kpop Star alumni, Yoon Hyun Sang is an extremely talented singer songwriter who I looked forward to since he was taken in by LOEN. His debut mini album did not disappoint and even surpassed expectations with wonderful songs geared with beautiful lyrics. One of the title tracks, “When Would It Be”, a duet with IU, is one of the best duets this year but unlike other IU collaborations, appeared to be somewhat forgotten by most of the K-Pop fandom. I would highly recommend this song for anyone who likes clear, lovely vocals and a heart wrenching and artistic ballad. The beautiful MV can be found here.

Zhoumi - Rewind

I rarely find any SM release underrated, often times overrated but Super Junior’s Zhoumi’s "Rewind” really stood out to me as the former. Although he did bring home a #1 on MTV The Show, it was really the Chinese votes that made it happen for him there. This was an exceptionally brilliant solo song coming from SM following the slightly disappointing debut of SHINee’s Taemin (they could have done so much more with the maknae’s improved vocals), highlighting Zhoumi’s often forgotten vocal abilities and charisma with a RnB infused pop dance track. This was also one of the few SM solo tracks where the featuring artists (both EXO’s Chanyeol and Tao) actually complemented the soloist instead of stealing the limelight for no reason (see Super Junior’s Henry’s “Trap” vs his solo-solo comeback with “Fantastic”). I would have expected Zhoumi to have gotten a lot more #1 nominations on other music shows and the results in Korea definitely made it one of the most underrated tracks of the year. The MV also has much to offer, including *SPOILER* Zhoumi Abs. So go watch it here now!

Zion.T - Yanghwa BRDG

While Zion.T is not a totally underrated artist (like other K-Pop artist do acknowledge his epicness), the fact that many K-Pop fans still don’t know him and his MVs never get that many views says something. And it says his “Yanghwa BRDG” is definitely making the list of underrated tracks of the year. Gaining recognition through his RnB and soul tracks with his unique smooth vocals, Zion.T returned with a much more mellow track compared to his earlier works. However, mellow worked for this song as it appeared to have been better received than his last album “Mirror Ball” (which was artistic but commercially unsuccessful and made him a bit forgotten since his “Red Light” Album success). This song, in which instead of serenading about some girl was instead about his mother, made the song even more beautiful than it already was. This is a track I would highly recommend to audiophiles who love them smooth vocals. The MV is also extremely well filmed and you can see it here.

Which songs do you think were underrated this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and let the song sharing begin!!!

Peggy “Nerd on the Streets, Tiger in the Sheets” Carter

Modern Day AU, drunk idiots.

Angie stared, the woman hovering over her was gorgeous. Her lips were painted a red that was probably illegal somewhere- she leaned down and those lips pressed into Angie’s throat- okay definitely illegal. Her curled hair slipped from her shoulders and tickled along Angie’s chest. Brown eyes that Angie vaguely remembers being lighter raked over Angie’s skin like a painter evaluating a blank canvas.

Angie really liked that look.

A hand slid up Angie’s thigh and those criminal lips found Angie’s pulse. That pulled Angie from her thoughts and her hands pulled at the white shirt stubbornly clinging to the woman above her. Angie frowned, there was something she was missing from this.

“Hey,” she breathed out as fingers fought against her bra straps.

“Mhhh?” A very distracted reply from the woman currently running a hand up Angie’s stomach to give her just-freed nipples some much needed attention.

“Oh,” Angie blinked a few times, this lady could really use that beautiful mouth of hers. “Uh, you’re name, what- what was that?”

Another hum, this time on Angie’s nipple which dimmed Angie’s interest in that answer just a bit, “Peggy.”

“Right,” Angie gave a breathless chuckle, the lady was English, that’s what had caught her attention, that gorgeous accent.

“Excuse me,” Angie looked up to see a gorgeous woman smiling sheepishly at her. The woman fumbled with the drink –drinks- in her hands and sighed, “Do you see the man with the mustache over in the corner booth?” The lady looked both apologetic and nervous and adorable with an English accent to boot! Angie thought and turned to follow the woman’s look.

Angie grimaced, “you don’t mean the creep that sent me a drink earlier?” Said creep was grinning and gave her a wave. The man next to him smiled the same apologetic smile this woman had given her, apparently I ain’t the only one. “You can tell him, I still ain’t interested.”

The woman shuffled awkwardly, “Err, well, you see, this” she raised the glass in her left hand “is not from him.” Angie tilted her head in question. The woman sighed, “you see, he automatically assumes that if a woman is not into him, she must… bat for the other team if you get my meaning, so he suggested rather vehemently that I bring you a drink and I told him it was ridiculous to assume someone’s, er, persuasion just because they are not attracted to him but he insisted so I asked the bartender what you had been drinking and she said a daiquiri and so that is what I have brought but it looks like you still have a drink so I think I will be going, sorry for bothering you.”

Angie blinked, that was a lot to take in in such a short amount of time, but those legs were beginning to walk away from her so Angie did what Angie did best: make rash decisions quickly.

“Hang on a sec, English!” Angie turned from the surprised woman, grabbed her glass, and downed it in one chug. She turned back to a pair of very wide brown eyes and smiled, “It seems I’ve no one to talk to, and nothing to drink.” Angie raised her eyebrows just a bit higher and that seemed to break the woman of her reverie.

“Ah,” The lady looked down at her hands and smiled, “Well, I may not be great at talking but I do seem to have an extra drink.”

Angie laughed, “With that accent I don’t think we’ll have any problems, though,” Angie grinned and side-eyed the woman now sitting next to her, “are there other activities that your mouth is better suited for?”

The brunette choked on her drink while Angie laughed, this is gonna be fun. Damn, I’m gonna have ta thank that creep.

           “So, English, do you have a name?” Angie elbowed the woman and leaned against the bar.

           “Oh, yes, my name is Peggy Carter.” Peggy extended a hand to Angie and Angie grinned.

           “Well, Pegs, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Angie Martinelli.”

           Three drinks, a round of footsies, and one hour later, Angie found herself in Peggy’s apartment enjoying the feeling of Peggy roughly kissing her against the entryway wall. It hadn’t taken too long for Peggy to drag them down the hallway to her bedroom. Removing Angie’s shirt was the hard part, but Peggy never did let a challenge stop her.

           A hand was rubbing circles into her stomach when Angie woke up. Angie hummed appreciatively when the scent of pancakes hit her nose and her eyes opened to the glorious sight of a mostly naked English woman smiling down at her, “G’morning,” Angie slurred past her smile.

           Peggy half-laughed and leaned down to kiss her, “Good morning to you darling.”

           Angie grinned, “One night and I’m your darling already?”

           Peggy blushed, “Only if you want to be.”

           Angie thought back on how Peggy used the fingers that were still kneading her stomach and shrugged, “If those hands of yours are free of charge, I’ll be whatever you want me to be.” Angie smirked and waited for the blush she knew was coming.

           It never came, instead Peggy said, “Well you are already naked, what more could I ask for?”

           Angie blinked. She spied syrup sitting on the nightstand, Peggy deserved a reward for such a fantastic comeback, and making breakfast, right?

           “Pegs, pass me that syrup will ya?”

           Peggy frowned but complied. Needless to say, she wasn’t frowning for long. The pancakes got cold too.

That’s my first Cartinelli drabble, I’m still getting the hang of writing them. 


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