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I chose the impossible. I chose… R a p t u r e

                                                                                                    ― Andrew Ryan

I’m starting a new, digital collectable card series, themed “Autistic Action Heroes”, where I will introduce a hero and name the displayed in-story traits that generally fit them on the autism spectrum. 

The first card is Newt Scamander from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. 

Newt shows that he is autistic by: 

* Avoiding eye contact 
* Having difficulty understanding social cues 
* Being too blunt/honest 
* Running away from social events 
* Feeling really uncomfortable with new people 
* Having difficulty relating to other people
* Feeling really uncomfortable in new environments 
* Engaging in a passionately focused, all-consuming, special interest 
* Having great difficulty expressing emotions 
* Being openly accepting of people of all characteristics and walks of life

Feel free to add your own comments and observations.

The Thirst Order’s Greatest Hits Collection!


Lo is known, I think, primarily for her Kylux/Reader work, so I’ve included one of those, here—but she has great work outside of that, too. Her work gets straight to the fucking (hohoho) point and is just excellent smutty fun.

Whenever I Want: This is a Kylo Ren/Hux/Reader threesome—and it’s one of those that, despite me not being into Hux, like, at all, I find myself still thinking about.  I think that alone is a testament to its hotness—but it also has some good, nasty shit like cum-sharing and snowballing.

Kylo Gets Off: The title is self-explanatory. We all love Kylo Ren jerking off. But getting nearly 1000 words of it is such a blessing. He jerks off to the thought of fucking Hux and Reader at the same time. Usually I don’t like sharing someone’s fantasy spotlight, but I love this.

Punishment: I’ve recc’d this before on, like, two other lists, but I won’t stop reccing it, because I love it so much. This was, I think, one of the first sub!Kylo fics I read and loved. I still think about the line, “It’s so good,” he answered. “So warm and fucking wet…” Like, kill me please.


If you’re looking for weird stuff, sad stuff, or bloody stuff, Jinx is your girl. Not only does she have unique takes on certain AUs—her writing is fantastic. Her descriptive language is dark and poetic and beautiful.

A Full Confession: Okay, this seems self-aggrandizing, but hear me out. Almost all of the ideas in this fic, and a ton of the gorgeous/tongue-in-cheek imagery come from her. It’s easily some of her best writing, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out for that reason.

Exposed: I really love vampires. I really love Kylo Ren. So why not both? This is the answer to that question. Good imagery, hot sex. Is there any more we can ask for from a Vampire!Kylo fic?

The Angst Files, Chapter 3: All of the chapters in this collection are great, but this one is a favorite. Not only for the idea of Kylo Ren getting hard from his own tears, but the sex is visceral, too. A Sad Boy Sex Hall of Famer, for sure.


Maybe even more than she loves writing Kylo Ren, Beth loves writing Ben Solo. Her Ben Solo work is fantastic, and I’ve included one of my faves. Her smut is raunchy and her dirty talk is nasty as fuck. She pulls no punches.

Frozen NSFW: Beth will probably kill me for putting this here, but oh well, I’ll face death bravely. Frozen NSFW is a fantastic collection of dubcon/noncon scenes as Reader navigates her life as Kylo Ren’s new sex slave. And Kylo is just… an asshole. A hot, sexy, asshole.

Solidarity: I’ve recc’d this before, too, but, look. I said this was the greatest hits, goddammit. The sequel to another piece she so thoughtfully wrote for me, you’ll find doggy-style dubcon inside. I frequently think about the line, “Fuck this is the perfect little cunt. I think I need this to greet me at the end of every day.” Christ.

A Hasty Landing: Just one of many great Ben Solo pieces, this is one of my faves because of the intimacy and heat captured. I love the way Ben is written—snarky and naughty and fun.


It was hard narrowing down the list of Fae’s fantastic works to just three. There’s so much by her that I truly love. She’s incredible at laying down themes in even the shortest one-shots, her characterization is always engaging, and her imagery is unique and evocative.

On the Desk: I’ll be honest. I’ve probably gotten off to this thing like five or six times. Professor AUs are hot, but this is just beyond everything I could want from one. Professor Ren is dirty as hell.

Okay, Fine: No smut in this—but it’s one of my favorites. A twist on the sweetness of a Coffee Shop AU, this fic instead features  an antagonistic relationship between Kylo (in his triplet form) and Reader. Enemies to Lovers, perhaps? Great dialogue, great characterization, great narrative. It’s good-feelsiest fic around.

Don’t Tell Kylo: In this fic, you’re double-teamed by Organa Solo triplets Ben and Matt. This fic is a perfect hallmark of Fae’s style—it’s hot with a consistent thematic foundation and strong emotions.


Because Kat is known most widely for Love is a Four Letter Word, I wanted to take this time to point out a few of their other excellent works. Kat’s narrative style is so immediate and engaging, and their language has the ability to drag tears of out of me, which is, like, unheard of.

All Tied Up: This work is heavy noncon. Reader is kidnapped by the twisted triplets and horrible things happen. You should absolutely not read this if it isn’t your thing, but I could not fail to recommend it because if it is your thing, it’s fucking hot as hell, and you’ll love it.

On Display: Reader is fucked against a window by Kylo Ren, an officer gets off to the show. Exhibitionism/voyeurism are one of my big kinks, and this piece just… hits all the right spots. One of my faves.

Infraction:  In relative terms of the Kylo Ren fandom, this piece is older. But it’s still one of the hottest in my memory. It has one of my favorite lines in fanfiction ever: “Yes, you would. You’d never leave, the only thing you’d ever have to do is get fucked.”  *SWEATS*


I’m going to imagine Tora will be shocked I even included her, but she hardly gives herself enough credit. She’s been the only person who’s managed to get me to enjoy Hux outside of a Kylo/Hux/Reader context. Her sense of humor and sass come through brilliantly in her writing.

Valentine’s Day: I have to be honest. I really enjoy these Hux drabbles. As mentioned, Hux isn’t my guy. But the banter and snark here makes me think maybe he could be my guy.

Untitled: Another Hux/Reader drabble, which I won’t title as “this is dumb” because it isn’t. There’s great sexual tension captured between Reader and Hux, and the unexpected cigarette burn is so salacious.

De-Stressing: This piece is Kylo/Reader—and there’s daddy kink. Look, y’all know I don’t typically go for daddy kink, but this one is enjoyable. If it’s your thing, this is right up your alley.

Current Favorite Tools Available in the Clip Database

I’ve had people ask what tools I use in Clip Studio Paint, which is hard for me to answer because I use a lot of different brushes. (If you want to know what’s used on a specific image, please give me the post’s ID number and I’ll find it on my blog and tell you!)

Here are some of my current favorite tools and brushes. I will give you the name that they are listed under so that you can find them in the clip database as well. These are listed in no particular order, because they’re all great!

This is a collection of fantastic tools to create work that looks like it’s a traditional marker piece.

The collection contains several different tools including brushes with chisel or brush tips, blenders, and a texture you can overlay on your image to achieve the grain effect you see in traditional, scanned image. The texture is even pre-set to have the correct blending type and opacity!

For extra fun, I suggest using colour swatches from your favorite art markers in conjunction with these tools, for even more authenticity.

Overall this set is AMAZING and I love just playing with it.

I’ve been using these pen tools a lot lately for sketching and sketch style ‘inks’. I’m not sure if they’re intended to mimic any specific type of pen, but they’re fun to use and the line quality they produce is really nice. “エッジ鉛筆“ in particular is one of my current favorites!

Created by the same person who made the fantastic marker brush set, they’ve also created an amazing watercolour set! Like the marker set, it comes with several tools with different looks and effects and overlays you can put over your image (I use the ‘pigment pooling’ texture from this set a lot). There are also blenders in this as well.

My favorite feature of this set and what makes it rank higher than other, similar watercolour sets is the colour blending effect. These brushes can use a single colour, or it can use both your main and sub colour, showing one colour when you press lightly and another when you put more pressure. This allows for some great depth of colour and more natural flow to the blending. Fantastic!

There’s more, but these are the things I’ve been using the most lately. I highly recommend checking out the stuff in the Clip database, you might find something you love.


soooooo thought id share some stuff i did this semester that i did in the same style as that deh poster! this was the first project that i did the whole watercolor and cut-outs thing for, its a fantastic mr. fox dvd set, complete with wrap-around cover, dvd front-thing, and booklet-insert! (shout-out to my professor for literally banning me from doing digital painting so i could make this)

The zodiac signs as book elements/things
  • Aries: The Narrative Hook- just endless possibility
  • Taurus: Hardcovers- beautiful and strong
  • Gemini: Relating to the Characters- being understood
  • Cancer: Flashbacks- how did we get here?
  • Leo: Binge Reading- when we can't put the book down
  • Virgo: Shelves- the fantastic display of our collection
  • Libra: The Subtext- reading between the lines
  • Scorpio: Character Development- personal growth
  • Sagittarius: Cliffhangers- the feeling of needing more
  • Capricorn: Foreshadowing- how will we get there?
  • Aquarius: Plot Twist- the thrill of unexpected changes
  • Pisces: The End- the disclosure's bitter sweetness

At Twin Ring Motegi for the 2017 Idlers 12hr endurance race

I attended the 2017 12hr of Motegi with Team RWB last weekend. Here are a few quick snaps from the day. More shots coming soon. 

It was great to see the reborn RWB Adriana in her new ‘Heavenly Wide’ form. This is the car that crashed at last years event, and was left in bits and pieces. Nakai-San and his team have done a fantastic job putting her back together for this years event. Nakai-San himself did a few laps in the car, setting some super quick times which was great to see.

It was fun to take some time out in the Gran Turismo cafe and enjoy some of Motegi’s own ramen noodles for lunch. They have a few Gran Turismo simulators set up in the cafe as well, so we set about trying to break some lap records (tried). 

Also managed to pay a visit to the Honda Collection Hall, which I always like to do when I visit Motegi. It sits in the grounds of the circuit and hosts a fantastic collection of old, new, race and stock Honda cars and bikes. Said ‘waddup’ to Asimo while I was there too.


Recently Viewed: Fantastic Planet

Work tomorrow doesn’t start until later in the afternoon. Decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity and watch Fantastic Planet over on FilmStruck.

Criterion’s description on the “Info” page interprets this 1973 animated art film as an allegory about the dangers of conformity, but what I really savored was all the delicious world-building. Through the eyes of a human narrator, director Rene Laloux explores the bizarre culture and customs of gargantuan, blue extraterrestrials known as Draags while simultaneously offering brief glimpses of how these unwitting oppressors regard their diminutive “pets” (ranging from fascination to revulsion)—and each is utterly alien and incomprehensible to the other. As our protagonist gradually transitions from slave to rebel to savior, he traverses gorgeous, grotesque landscapes populated by terrifying monstrosities (think H.R. Giger as reimagined by Max Fleischer), and every single frame is an absolutely breathtaking painting.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that I chose Fantastic Planet over literally everything else in FilmStruck’s library primarily because it runs a brisk seventy-two minutes; it ended up being one of the best sic-fi movies I’ve ever seen.


Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch)

Original caption:

We bring to you Johnny Storm aka “THE HUMAN TORCH” from Fantastic Four ¼ Statue! We will be making the FIRST EVER complete team of the Fantastic Four characters in ¼ Scale Statue form. Big thanks to David Barruz for the beautiful sculpt and Salt & Pepper Studios for helping produce. Human Torch comes Pre-Painted including art box, base print, and packaging with black foam and velcro straps. Production time estimated about 6 months after prototype print is done and will be shipped from China factory. Edition Size Total is 40 Pieces Only. Colored renderings are used as a reference only and are not necessarily production final colors.

All total prices below EXCLUDE shipping and paypal fees. If purchasing whole four character set, the base of each character will join together to form one diorama as pictured (similar to Prime 1 Studio Turtles).

Send Preorder Deposits thru PayPal to as gift or if paying as goods, then add 4.5% PayPal fee on top. Put in notes exactly which version and option, if any, you choose. Send me screenshot of your deposit made thru message to confirm your order.

Balance PLUS shipping is to be paid upon item delivery. No shipping cost estimate yet until closer to delivery date. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thanks for your support! PM me if any questions.


1. Human Torch Regular Normal Body Version with Partial Flame Effects (as pictured) - $675 if purchased by itself / $625 if purchased as set. (Deposit is $175 for both individual or set purchase)

2. Human Torch Exclusive Clear Body Version with Fully “Flame On” Body (not shown in sculpt renderings) - $750 if purchased by itself / $700 if purchased as set. (Deposit is $200 for both individual or set purchase)