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Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
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Things that are too pure:

•Newt Scamander
•Scorpius Malfoy
•Luna Lovegood
•Remus Lupin

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Can someone please freak out with me about the fact the the MCU is gonna have Skrulls?!?!?!?! And the third picture looks like she fighting Kree… so Kree Skrull war?!?!?!?! I’m more excited for Captain Marvel now than I am for Avengers 3 or Thor Ragnarok!!! 

Newt Scamander aesthetic 💛

A Wolf’s Daughter

Pairing: Father!Newt Scamander X Teen!Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: What if Newt found a 14 year old girl he found in the wood who was raised by dire wolves? And then he takes her to New York with him and when Grindel!Graves takes his case she falls out and everyone tries to restrain her, but she’s scared and Newt’s like “Don’t hurt her, please! She’s just a child she’s not dangerous!” For the fic please?

A/N: Yay, another fic is up! Sorry for the wait! In this little story, Newt is like a father figure to the reader. I thought this idea was really sweet and I hope you guys enjoy!


Newt watched in horror as she fell out of his case, roughly landing on the ground with a loud thud. The place she called home was still suspended in mid air by the mysteriously, discomforting Graves. Seriously, that guy gave her the creeps. However, that was the least of her worries.
Her sensitive ears twitched as she heard rather loud murmurs fill the softly glowing room. Her keen eyes turned to Newt, who was still restrained beside Tina and Jacob; her friends. But Newt was more than a friend, he was her family and seeing him in so much emotional pain made her snarl furiously, baring her teeth, her inhumanly sharp canines cutting through the sensitive flesh of her bottom lip.

*****5 Years Ago*****

Newt trudged through the dark forest, muttering random facts under his breath, a thing he resorted to do when he was worried or afraid. Yes, even Magizoologists get afraid of creatures at first, that’s just how they learn.
In that particular forest, Newt came wanting to learn more about the dire wolves that were rumoured to live around in the area. He had come upon nothing so far and the sun was slowly starting to set behind the horizon. Not exactly the most ideal conditions when walking through a forest. Alone. At night.

It was getting dark quickly so he pulled out his wand.

“Lumos,” he mutters, the tip of his wand immediately sparking to life, gleaming with a shining white light. “So much for trying to be discreet.”

He hears rustling near a few bushes and his muscles tense up, immediately springing into a ready position. The rustling gets closer and closer. Newt inhales sharply, preparing for the worst when a young girl’s head pops out of the bushes, her eyes reflecting the light of his wand.

Already, considerably weird. A little girl (Newt supposed she was about 9 or 10) in a forest at night. But it gets weirder when he notices a dead rabbit in the girl’s mouth, its lifeless body limp and bloody. Now, if it had been any other person, they probably would’ve screamed a few times at the sight of the girl and the dead rabbit, however, Newt had seen worse and he remained semi-calm. He shudders, this was just wrong.

He doesn’t move and he watches as the girl’s eyes shine with curiosity, eyeing his wand suspiciously. She approached cautiously and Newt made sure not to make any sudden movements. He was utterly clueless, how should he react? Should he be scared?

“What’s that?” she asks suddenly rabbit dropping out of her mouth and landing on the ground with a splat. It remained forgotten for the rest of the night.

Newt blinked, he was surprised that actual words had come out of the girl’s mouth. He didn’t know why but he wasn’t expecting her to be able to talk. Just the demeanour he supposed.

“And who are you?” she asks, her eyes flaming with a burning curiosity.

He decided to answer the last question first.

“I am Newt, Newt Scamander.” he backed away slowly to create a larger distance between him and the girl but to no prevail, she simply shuffled closer. Newt examined her movements and noticed that they were more than slightly animal-like, even beast-like. “And this is my wand.”

Not even a second after his last word, he was surrounded by a pack of wolves, all of them baring their teeth angrily towards Newt and the young girl.
Newt reacted quickly, stepping in front of the girl and pulling him behind her in a protective manner. He didn’t know why, after all, he had just met the girl in extremely odd consequences however he had the sudden urge to protect her from harm.

Dozens of pairs of eerie gold eyes surrounded him and the girl, all of them narrowing as they examined the situation at hand.

“Please, don’t attack! There is nothing to worry about, I do not want to cause any harm! We will just…be on our way…” he awkwardly tries to shuffle away with the girl to prevent any chaos but she refused to budge, stubbornly planting her feet, and hands, in the ground. Her teeth were clamped around the fabric of one of the legs of his trousers. He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. So much for escaping the scene gracefully.

The young girl tugged hard, causing Newt to fall, face-planting into the ground. The girl giggled as he yelped in surprise.

“Look Mum! I caught a salamander!” the girl cried happily, her voice muffled by the leg of his trousers that was still clamped firmly between her teeth.

“That’s very nice, (Y/N).” a rough voice replies from the dark. The voice had a silhouette of a large wolf, approaching Newt and the girl - (Y/N) she had called her - with caution.

“It’s Scamander, actually,” Newt says, sitting up and blinking dirt out of his eyes. He faces the large wolf that had appeared. “You’re her mother? And you can talk?”

She didn’t answer his questions and instead growled, “Put that wand away and I’ll answer your questions.”

He hesitantly did, extinguishing the light. But before he did, he caught a slight look of astonishment on the wolf’s shadowed face as he complied and them the light flickered off. Now only the faint shine of the moon and stars overhead provided a dim glow, barely enough for Newt to faintly see the shapes of the animals surrounding him.

“Come along.” the mother wolf said curtly, leading the Newt and the rest of the pack through the forest. “(Y/N), make sure he doesn’t get lost.”

Newt immediately tripped and fell over a fallen branch, landing heavily on his hip.

“Well, hullo ground, I’ve missed you too.” he muttered under his breath.

The girl giggled and skipped ahead when she saw him get up, she seemed unfazed by the darkness, it just didn’t affect her at all.

Newt’s head swarmed with questions about the wolves and whether or not he was going to make it out of this whole thing alive. But the questions about the girl, (H/N), overpowered the other ones as he cautiously followed the group.


“Ma-gi-zoo-lo-gist.” he pronounced each syllable clearly and laughed as (Y/N) scrunched her face in confusion.

“So you’re not a salamander. You’re a wizard and a Magizoo-who-what-thing?”

He chuckled and pat her head. “Close.”
She smiled a sharp, toothy grin before running off to play with a few wolf pups. She wrestled around with them as if she was one of them. And she really was.

Newt had spent a week in the wilderness, (Y/N)’s pace keeping him company and providing him a place (or more like a pile of leaves) to stay as he studied their behaviour. (Y/N)’s father, the pack leader, allowed Newt to stay and study them when he and all the others realized that Newt was harmless, not a wizard wanting to hunt or kill.

“Not like the other ones, you. Always stay that way, Mr. Scamander.” he had said.

He had learned a whole lot and decided that he would have to leave soon and carry on with his studies and travels. But he just couldn’t bring himself to leave just yet…

He smiled as he continued to watch (Y/N), admiring her fiery personality. Never before had he ever met someone so free and open-minded, she was quite remarkable.

“She’s one of you, you know. Your kind.” the mother wolf said, discreetly standing next to Newt, watching the girl play.

“Is that so?” Newt pondered, his eyebrows raising. “I hope you don’t mind by my asking but can you tell me a little about her and her story?”

The mother wolf sighed before curling up on the brown forest ground. Then she began.

“We found her when she was very young, not even a year old I would say. A group of wizards just dropped her off in a basket in this forest. I don’t know what they expected to happen to her but that was an act of pure cruelty. Leaving a defenseless baby in the middle of the woods, they’re crazy! You can see why we don’t have a particular liking to wizards.” Newt sat down beside her, listening intently. “So I raised her as my own and I will say I am proud of what she has become. You’ve probably noticed but she has adapted quite well to the wildlife; her teeth are sharper than the average human and she has very keen senses.”

The wolf suddenly stopped and Newt could’ve sworn that he saw tears in her golden eyes.

“However, I think the time has come. She has so much potential and I hate to keep her in the wild forever. She has to return to her real world and continue to learn and grow. I’ve always tried to push those thoughts away but I cannot any longer for the perfect opportunity has arrived.” Newt’s eyes widened as she continued to talk. “I can see that you have grown very fond of my girl, and she you. Mr. Scamander, please take my daughter along with you and raise her as you do your other creatures. Show her the world and teach her all you know, give her the opportunities and experiences that I was never able to provide.”

After a day of making decisions and negotiations with the pack, (Y/N) was free to go with Newt, and she was undoubtedly sad but also very excited. They bid their farewells and hugs and kisses were exchanged, a few tears fell as well. As they left hand in hand, her small fingers wrapped around his long ones, the wolves howled in the dark, filling the air with the song of farewell.

“I promise to protect her. I will keep her safe.” he had said to her mother. “I swear upon my life.”


“What’s this?” Seraphina Piquery inquired to the tree adults restraining on the floor.

“A teenage girl,” (Y/N) answered before anyone could say anything, not moving a muscle, still ready to pounce. She tasted blood from her lip. “Never seen one before?”

“(Y/N), don’t make this worse than it already is,” Newt said, feeling very nervous. She was a strong, responsible girl but now that she had hit her teenage years, she was starting to develop a confident attitude. Though it was a perfectly good one for everyday life, however, it could probably get out of hand and misinterpreted in a room full of stuck up wizards.

“Definitely met some with more respectful personalities.” the president said, scowling. The room filled with murmurs.

“She’s strange. I detect something wolfish about her.” her ears perked when she heard the stranger’s faint whisper. The president nodded her head curtly, but before she could give an order of quarantine, she pounced on the nearest guard, her teeth bared and her fingers extended.
She created quite the diversion but it didn’t last long. Before she knew it, she was floating in mid-air, dozens of Aurors aiming the tips of their wands in her direction. Then pain, intense pain ripped through her body and she screamed, sounding suspiciously like a wolfish howl. But through all the screaming Newt heard his own name being called and her pleads of help directed towards him.

“An animal!” a wizard in the crowd shouted.

“A disgrace to wizardkind!”

“What a demonic creature!”

“No! Stop! Please don’t hurt her!” Newt yelled, his voice straining as he watched you withering in the air. “She’s not dangerous!”

“Mr. Scamander, everyone has just witnessed this girl attack one of my guards!” President Piquery huffed angrily, signaling the Aurors to cease the spells. Her body went limp and Newt’s heart was in his throat, pumping madly.

“She was scared! Though she may have tried to disguise it as sassy teen talk. But yeah, what would you do if you were in a room full of people who wanted to harm you or take you away?”

“It does not matter anymore, she had just proven our point. Take her away!” Piquery requested without hesitation.

“NEWT!” she shrieked as she was forcefully dragged away, thrashing wildly, attempting to escape. It was no use.

“Madame President! Please have some consideration! She’s just a kid!” Newt pleaded, tears threatening to fall as he watched his daughter (yes, his daughter) disappear from sight. The president didn’t even acknowledge him. He felt himself being dragged away by the guards along with Tina and Jacob.
(Y/N)’s shrieks were faint as the distance between them increased, however, her shrill voice was still ringing in Newt’s ears.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you (Y/N).” he panted, fighting hard to escape the iron grip of his captor. “If it’s the last thing I do.”


Part 2

Newt, I don’t think i’m dreaming”
“What gave it away?”
“I ain’t got the brains to make this up
—  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)