fantastic baby

T.O.P is legit a ball of fluff.

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  • Before KPop: I regret living
  • After KPop: It's impossible for me to regret living since I stan 45 sparkling girl and boy groups, have 693 beloved biases that I care about, watch 1,600 variety show formats and chart shows, own slayer merch, am sone to the bone, can rap T.O.P's part in Fantastic Baby, know what "chogiwa" means, worship the eyebrows of Key and Taehyung as a religion, and am a certified badass GZB
Fantastic Baby Dance Choreo: 2012 to present

For yabaikang; insp.


YB, Dae, Ri, TOP: Full dance; shoulders rise, feet stamp, window-wiper arms go 180 degrees

Jiyong: Full dance; shoulders rise, feet stamp, hyperflexible window-wiper arms go 230 degrees


YB: Full dance.

Jiyong: Full dance. Only stops to sing.

Daesung: Stops using shoulders. Still does full feet and arm motions.

Seungri: Loses some of his focus to winking; choreo largely intact.

TOP: Flicks arms at 90 degree angles. Bobs on feet.


YB: Full dance.

Jiyong: Shoulders down, window-wiper arms at the originally normal 180 degrees. Otherwise full dance except when singing.

Daesung: Twitches arms. Shuffles back on beat. Makes up for it with fancy finger motions.

Seungri: Alternates between ignoring choreo and competing with YB in enthusiasm. Therefore either full choreo, or nothing at all.

TOP: Bobs head to the beat. Jogs around stage at walking pace.


YB: Full dance

Jiyong: Supremely relaxed. Shoulders down, arms loose.

Daesung: Somewhat comparable to 2013 TOP (see above) forwards dance becomes a jogging motion. Uses all his energy to scream supersonic bird?calls into the mic instead.

Seungri: Sprints around stage. Dances little as he has taken over both his rapper hyungs’ rap and therefore suddenly impossibly has the most vocal parts out of the five of them.

TOP: Stands in place. Raises cane every 4 beats to the music; watches Daesung dance to make up for not dancing himself.


Whyyyyy would you cut that all out though? He was going to do a thing but in the end he’s just…sitting on a chair surrounded by cat-women? Okay….