Tiny Rick! This is my instrumental version of Tiny Rick! This is not a dance!

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Different anon but (1): One of the students has a roomba in their room. No one knows where it came from. The students woke at precisely thirteen minutes to midnight and it was there. It does not vacuum. It follows you where you go. You learn quickly that it hates a particular shade of yellow and will avoid all who wear it.

(2): Traditional means of protection does little to deter the roomba, and when it folowed one of the engineering majors who seemed keen on dismantling it, it rode right over the salt and continued on. Some people claim that it has teeth, One students has the scars to prove it. No one can seem to agree where the teeth are hidden. It seems to like Them. Allows Them to pet it as though the roomba is seeking attention. Perhaps it is. No one speaks of this. The roomba must be avoided at all costs.            

So I finally completed my fusion chart project. The Top right is my OC Myra and she was drawn by @tinyplebbles, next at the bottom is Nu who belongs to and was drawn by @thebikupan, followed by the top left who is @lazyhydrasblog OC Zuanshi. Myra and Nu make Myu, who was drawn by @rule46redrex. Nu and Zuanshi created Nuanshu, drawn by @shiftbait. Zuanshi plus Myra resulted into Myrashi, drawn by @zerojigoku. And lastly we have the combination of all 3 merged together into Murasui, who was drawn by @punipawsart. Thank all of you for you’re incredible work as well as letting me use your OC’s.