draculas-cigarette  asked:

5 bands that you thought you'd like but were disappointed by

  1. Animal Collective: every time I listen to them, I feel dizzy and like I’m going to puke. I’m not saying that their music sucks. All I say is that their music makes me nauseated
  2. Grizzly Bear: the only thing I remember about them is that their music makes me sleepy. I tried fellas, I really did
  3. Smith Westerns: their set was one of my favourites from Lolla, but their studio album felt flat, and not to mention they’re rather dicks
  4. The Kills: Alison Mosshart’s obnoxiousness exceeds my enjoyment of their music
  5. Warpaint: I love a song or two and they really seem to be the type of band/people I’d like, but I don’t know, I’m just not enticed.

but if you’d ask me like 3 months ago I would’ve said The Walkmen or Deerhunter which I’m finally able to enjoy so yeah

draculas-cigarette  asked:

can you post a picture of your record player?

oh wow, sorry for delaying the answer for so long

It’s a Pioneer PL-200. Manufactured in the 70s I think. A professor used to own it, told the guy that sold it to me. I hooked it up with a compact phono pre-amp and some shitty computer speakers I nicked from my brother.