Reading Angela Carter—I had forgotten how exquisitely ambivalent her physical descriptions are—sexual to the fullest, beautiful in ugliness, slightly off-putting because of their fantasmagorical humanity—the smells, the skin, everything unrealistic and yet painstainkingly rooted in reality.

Happy birthday to the wonderful, amazing, inspiring, fantasmagorical, beautiful, brilliant, strong, incredible Queen Alex Kingston ❤ While I’m not obsessively tweeting and reblogging everything about you like I did when I was 13, you’re still my hero! Much love and have a wonderful day!🎉❤❤❤

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So cried out from 2nd watching of BoFA. Would you mind giving out some fic recs? Fix-its and AUs being favorite but all welcome.

Ok. Well, no one’s ever asked me for a fic-rec, but here goes

A Smith and His forge Bilbo’s door gets jammed one day. Luckily, a company of dwarves just so happened to have set up shop in front of the old smithy. (Still ongoing but quite good.)

Take me Home to my Heart  All were born the same, with eyes blank and souls incomplete, waiting for their other half. Was it a child of men, little hobbitling, dwarfling or a little elfling, all walked the Arda with white, colourless eyes, through childhood and into adulthood, until they found their One, who brightened their world and filled their eyes with colour, hearts with love and joy.

Story how Bilbo lost his precious, but had it returned to him anew. Or how Thorin would not side with Thranduil for Erebor’s sake, but did unite races to protect his home. (A bit sad but so good)

A Hobbit in Erebor After the battle of Five Armies, Thorin asks Bilbo to stay with the dwarves in Erebor. Bilbo accepts but, doesn’t quite know what he’s getting himself into. (slow burn, but sooooo good)

Things We Grow Together Dwarves are born with a bone-deep knowledge of their One, but Thorin stops feeling the pull of his after the dragon attacks Erebor. Needless to say, he is surprised, and not initially pleased, to find his One living behind a round green door decades later.

Hobbits find a seed that represents their innermost self and can offer it to someone else to plant. This creates a bond as strong as deep roots in the earth between them. It is just like Bilbo, after years of thinking that no one would want his, to offer his soul-seed to a dwarf that does not understand gardening metaphors.

But just because they have found each other does not make the quest to reclaim Erebor any easier, and in the end a sacrifice is still made.

Thorin has to trust in the strength of the bond between himself and his One, because otherwise he will never believe that the sacrifice was worth it. (slow burn, but really good)

Stoneblind Courting one’s Beloved is a difficult enough process at the best of times, with complex customs and many steps to remember. For Thorin Oakenshield, it’s a whole lot more complicated than that.  

For a start, his Beloved is a hobbit who has absolutely no idea that he even is Thorin’s Beloved, let alone the steps of courtship.  

Secondly, Thorin may or may not be completely invisible to said hobbit, for reasons only the Maker knows.  

As Thorin is swiftly learning, Mahal has ever laughed upon his sons of the Line of Durin. (it sounds sad, but it’s so well written and ultimately not sad)

Messages of Ink “Bilbo, must you?” Thorin complained as Bilbo set to marking his husband with newly acquired blue ink. “I do have a meeting with Gorís in an hour and I am sure this will not wash off easily.” He continued, fingers twitching uselessly as Bilbo concentrated on writing a message upon his bare wrist.

“Oh hush, you big baby.” Bilbo snorted and took in Thorin’s cry of outrage with a wide, cheeky grin. “Tis just a small message to remind you that you are mine.” He said nonchalantly. (this is purely super sweet fluffiness)

Love in Idleness Taking Bilbo Baggins, a successful movie actor who is only just getting used to the perks and intricacies of becoming A Face People Want To See, and putting him together with Thorin Oakenshield, with his very traditional (read: slightly backwards) ideas about what constitutes Real Art and Real Talent, might very well be viewed as just some clothead’s idea of a joke. But there are jokes, and then there are carefully calculated risks the size of controversial reproductions of classic Shakespearean plays - for Bilbo, it is the chance of a lifetime to prove himself to all those who have ever deemed him too one-dimensional to even attempt stage, while Thorin has the opportunity to get out of the rut that’s been hindering his career for so long now, and shine in a role worthy of his talent once again. That is if the two learn how to share the same space for more than ten minutes without wanting to tear each other’s hair out. The course of true love never did run smooth, after all… (I cannot stress enough how fantasmagoric this fic is. It’s so amazingly excellent that I just CANNOT. (it’s still ongoing too))

Nothing Gold can stay Bilbo Baggins led a rather peaceful life, thank you very much, until an old acquaintance decided to turn it upside down, and he found himself agreeing to take a job that’s… let’s say not exactly up his alley, and might eventually cost him a little more than his treasured cozy lifestyle. Who would have thought tutoring a slightly menacing monarch’s more than slightly overbearing nephew could prove to be such an… adventure? (You want wonderful, well-written, slow burn moden!AU, this is the fic for you. It’s definitely one of my favorites)

One-Sided Conversations Thank you for listening,” Thorin said, getting to his feet. “I hope to be able to return the favour, one day.”

The man on the bed didn’t respond, but since he’d been in a coma for longer than Thorin had known him, that wasn’t entirely surprising. (This fic is so sweet and well written, another of my faves. modern!AU)

Candid Thorin wasn’t entirely sure why there was a six-foot candid photograph of him hanging in this exhibition, but he was going to wring the neck of whoever had put it there.

In which Bilbo is a photographer, Thorin an accidental model, and Gandalf just likes to make trouble for everyone. (More modern!AU fluffiness)

Of Seasons As far as he could tell, he had been kidnapped, which in itself made this week more than a little unusual.

In which Bilbo steals away the Lord of Death, and Thorin can’t quite bring himself to stay angry about it. (Mythology!AU that is just so sweet and wonderful and perfect)

“I did give Lily a really beautiful black skirt and velvet jacket that is just fantasmagorical. I just made that word up. She has done me a huge favor by being that girl that takes on my spirit and sends that music out into the world to a whole other generation. There is no greater gift. I thought a beautiful black outfit was the least I could do for Lily Rabe. She lost her mom [actress Jill Clayburgh] not very long ago, one year before I lost my mom. When I wrote her the note that went with her outfit I said, ‘I know you lost your mom and so did I. I’m around if you need me.’ We’ll probably be friends forever.”