EXO Reactions: Having to live in the same dorm with girls.


Just basically, Kris acting “cool” 25/8. 

Or should I say trying to act cool.

I can clearly imagine him sleeping with his shades on. 

Or doing a moonwalk on the way to the bathroom.

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He wouldn’t live through it. 

Chanyeol would burst into silly giggles every time a girl would simply walk in the living room. But just imagine, he forgot his charger in your room and has to enter it at night, I don’t think his heart would survive so much pressure. 

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Poor little Sehunnie so confused, because so many females, living right next room and this is too stressful for him.

But after some time, he finds that girls are great gossipers, just like him….

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Don’t expect a word from him. 

You’re on your own in this. 

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This sweet little angel would do anything to help the girls adopt to the new lifestyle. 

Imagine breakfast already being served when you enter kitchen in the morning, with him standing behind the table with an apron and a little chef hat, waving at you to enjoy your meal <3 I’m in love

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Pervy Lu making seVERAL appearances.

Other than that, just another sweet boy, learning to live next to females.

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Honestly, I think he would be most chill about it. 

Trying not to make other girls awkward around him, he’d be the type to actually act like it’s not a big deal.

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Actually trying not to make so many lame jokes and pick up lines around you and other girls, but fails miserably. 

On the other hand, he likes to pay for his friends, so add shopping to your hobby list.

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Hide your bras, hide your panties, hide everything slightly embarrassing, you don’t want Jongdae to find it.

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Actually doesn’t mind and tries to make friends. I think he would be the one becoming closest to the girls.

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Just a few days since you started to live with the boys and you already try to move to the room FARTHEST from Baekhyun. 

I think he would have this sweet habit of sneaking into your room at night, frightening you to death.

But he also becomes your gossip girlfriend along with Sehun.

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Everything’s perfect as long as you don’t touch any of his bathroom necessities. 

And you’ve also found another shopping buddy.. only the difference is that it’s you who pays.

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