Reblog if you tell yourself a "bedtime story" at night to help yourself get to sleep

It can be anything…a fanfic, a headcanon, a personal fantasy, an original story, smut, whatever. Just reblog if you think up some kind of fiction to yourself to help you fall asleep.

I used to fantasize about the existence of a never ending hole
and full of nothing but darkness and wind and freedom
big enough to jump into
and fall forever
fall so long I forget that anything can touch me
so long I forget that anything exists outside of the air licking me
and if I felt lost I fantasized company
someone to do backflips with and laugh
silent cause the air grabbed the sound and held it
if I didn’t I was happy
I was a child and this was all I dreamt about
endless wind and air and dark and abandon
I am no longer a child
I wish that freefalls would consume my dreams
just one more week

A.O.A.M. - Freefall

(hi guys im back hope ya didn’t forget about me)