fantasia winterguard

So I was reading, and there was a long bit speaking about “how there are some walks you just need to take alone” and it really brought me back to one of the most painful memories I have from Poland. When Leah and I visited the Treblinka Death Camp alone, while the rest of the trip was partying out somewhere else, we noticed an elderly man (from the looks of it, was ninety at least). He walked the near two mile stretch from end to end of the camp, leading to where the memorial was. It took us a while to realize that he survived the holocaust, and this was probably his way of dealing with it. He carried flowers, only that. He was having obvious troubles breathing, but refused help from all. It was beyond words and always will be. I had the upmost respect for this man, for what he’s been through.

I think Fantasia Colorguard, and their show, is entirely despicable for making a show based on this. They might not understand the gravity of what they are doing, mock shooting “jews” in their show, but it is morally wrong on some level I cannot even fathom. I cannot and will never understand how they sleep at night. Maybe, I see it different because I stood in the gas chamber at Auschwitz, and saw the scratches on the wall, where people tried to dig their way out. But making people relive those terrible moments, for the sake of a colorguard show, is the absolute most despicable thing I can imagine. The people who died in the Holocaust deserve the most respect of anyone on this earth.