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I was checking out the preview shots that Amazon posted up for the upcoming Steven Universe art book and I find this old sketch design of Pearl to be quite interesting.

For one thing, I’m suprised that Pearl was originally going to be a character who was centered around fire/rock. But what also caught my attention was that her appearance here strikes a heavy resemblance to Flame Princess from Adventure Time.

This has me wondering if:

1) Pearl’s old design/character became a recycled idea passed down to Flame Princess

2) While Flame Princess was still in the works, R.S. was considering trying out a character similar to hers with Pearl, but scrapped it

Either way, I find the whole thing pretty neat and can’t wait to see what else is stored in the upcoming art book!

I finally finished my FFXV OC’s sheet! About time too, given how long I’ve had her entire info and looks in mind XD

I gotta say, this is the first time I drew an OC I’m PRETTY sure, I will never redesign. So I’m at least happy about this ^^


(via Giske Großlaub (@scarycircus) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos)

almost there!