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Cheesy PickUp Line Challenge

4,001 of you wonderful souls follow me now 

and I swore to myself I wouldn’t do a challenge with every milestone, but… I’m gonna do one for this.

Below the cut is a list of the cheesiest and somewhat dirty pick-up lines that will serve as prompts for this little celebration.

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Not So Berry Challenge - Sims 3 Version

Hey guys! So I wrote up a Not So Berry Challenge version for the Sims 3 :) This is for all those sim lovers out there who don’t have the Sims 4 like me <3 If you would like to do the original challenge by @lilsimsie and @alwaysimming the information is below.  I am not taking credit for the original challenge, but I wanted to offer a Sims 3 version for people who would still like to have fun with the challenge.  If you do the challenge use #notsoberry and #notsoberrysims3 so we can see all your amazing stories! Have fun! <3 :D

Original Credit for creating this challenge goes to @alwaysimming and @lilsimsie. Find the original Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge here!

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Triple Threat Challenge (SPN Challenge)

Hey guys! So I have another challenge for ya’ll! This is called the Triple Threat Challenge because there will be 3 different prompts to pick from. They will all be from SPN. You can pick from a song that’s been played in episodes, a title of an episode, or a quote said in an episode! I am teaming up with @riversong-sam to do this challenge! I have some rules before you start so please read the rules!

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Meet Calla Lily Charming, daughter of Prince Charming the 14th and crown princess of the Magic Kingdom. She’s about to set off on a quest to find a prince or princess to marry so that she can return and assume control of the kingdom. The only problem is she doesn’t want to do any of that. Oh, and please call her Cayo. Calla Lily is such a mouthful.

So in case you can’t tell, the Disney Princess Challenge won the poll! I’m setting up the save file and working on finalizing the rules I’m going to be using, but I’m hoping to have something to post next week.

Now I have one more thing to ask: Cayo is going to have kids with 7 princes/princesses during her quest. Instead of me making them, I was wondering if anyone had sims that I could use? They could be someone new or a side character or spare from your story. (I just think it’d be fun to use other creators’ sims.) If you’re interested, please send me a message or leave a reply. :)

Voting results are below the cut.

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A sort of prologue...

By the shallow blue waters of Willow Creek lake, the Yates family mansion stands proud.  The Yates have been a prominent fixture of high society life in Willow Creak for decades.  The current generation is headed by Charles Yates and his beautiful wife Meredith, who have been married for over 20 years. Although it hasn’t been an entirely romantic relationship, they did have three perfectly attractive children; Maximus, Tabitha and Scarlett. 

Maximus at 21 years old is the eldest of the Yates siblings, and the rightful heir to the Yates family fortune and business.  But he is not remotely interested in stocks and investments… Maximus would much rather party hard till the early hours with his friends, or work on his body building at the local gym where he recently met his new girl, Ciara.  Things between Maximus and Ciara were going well until a drunken night in a bush and Ciara is now pregnant.  What will Maximus do?  He knows his mother and father will see Ciara and his unborn child as a huge embarrassment. 

Now Tabitha has just turned 17 and is counting down her final year at school. She is the perfect example of an entitled snobby brat, and is mean to anyone she considers to be beneath her, which means nearly everyone!  She is obsessed with her looks, the latest fashions and all material things you would associate with high society life.  Tabitha is generally not the type to work hard at anything.  She tends to expect everything is given to her, and when she doesn’t get what she wants, watch out!  Meredith has ambitious plans for Tabitha to marry into the Landgraabs, but with her nasty attitude will Tabitha jeopardise the matching?

And lastly but by no means least there is Scarlett, who is exactly 1 year younger than her sister Tabitha.  Scarlett is a bit of a dreamer and naively wears her heart on her sleeve.  She has never really been interested in the trappings of high society life, and as the years have passed her family have involved her less and less in their calendar of events, which has resulted in Scarlett often looking after herself.  But Scarlett prefers being alone, and allowing her to absorb herself in romantic tales of far off lands where princesses met princes.  She loves to reading and write her fairy tale stories and she too dreams that one day her own prince charming will come bounding into her life… Will her dreams come true?

Another Challenge?

Would you guys be interested in me posting another challenge?  I had such a blast writing up the NSB Sims 3 version that I’ve been working on an original one of my own.  Basically it encompasses all the things i’ve never done in the sims 3 that i’ve really wanted to.  What do you think?

The sims 4 islanders challenge

BY @emmasimming
You were stranded on an island in an unknown place which seemed to be called windenburg you grew to learn all the specialties about this island you learned how to find food and water and eventually made a little civilization of your family!

Must have 5 generations
Must live in the windenburg islands (bulldoze all the lots)
Once you catch 30 fish you can add 1 other sim after you catch 60 fish add one other person too the island etc (maximum 3 ppl)
Must not leave that island unless traveling to bluffs
You may build a house but only if you collect 50 sticks and have the money for it
Sticks must be scattered all over the island (find these sticks by using the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat
Must stay on this island till generation 5
Generation 5 you may leave this island but you must stay in windenburg
You can re scatter sticks every time you catch 5 fish
Founder must be teen or young adult
Mods are allowed but none that can allow you to make more money off things or anything like that
Challenge finishes when your 5th generation founder has their child

Feel free to play this challenge and have fun! Use the tag #ts4islanders and/or tag me if you play this