I don’t think everyone knows just how excited I am about Genderalia! Here is everything you need to know!

“We are a diverse group of college students and graduates from Oglethorpe University. Our first feature production, Genderalia, is a social documentary created and conceptualized by Gaoya Yang and is scheduled to be released this fall.

Genderalia is a film about gender roles and their impact on peoples’ lives. This documentary will serve as a vessel for the unheard voices speaking out about gender roles in our society.”

Please support us through the following social media outlets where you can find out more about the film and stay posted on the production progress…

Twitter: @genderalia
Instagram: @genderalia

-Elliott Alexzander

Ten years ago today David Tennant started filming his first Doctor Who episode

It was ten years ago today, on Monday 25th July 2005, that David Tennant started filming his first episode of Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion.

David had already filmed his regeneration scene in April which appeared at the end of The Parting Of The Ways but this was the first time that he filmed any of the Tenth Doctor episodes. David started rehearsals for the episode on Monday 18th July, mainly working with Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler.

In fact filming on the episode had started on Friday 22nd July when ‘pre-shooting’ was filmed. These were scenes (without any of the main cast) for items which needed to be played back onto television scenes e.g. Harriet Jones broadcast plea.

According to Doctor Who Magazine:
'Main recording began on Monday 25th July on some waste ground in Brentford - a derelict car park found at short notice next to an empty Beecham’s Pharmaceuticals factory - with the crew travelling to London that morning. 

Tennant had received good luck messages via the crew from both Tom Baker and Peter Davison.

David donned his new costume for a press photocall at 11.45am, posing with Billie Piper, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson, and then changed into pyjamas to record the confrontation with Harriet, with James Hawes calling out “Beam” to cue the cast for the digital effects to be added later. 

Recording was followed by Doctor Who Confidential, and at the end of his first day, David cheerfully commented “Can’t get rid of me now!” and went home exhausted after the nervous energy keyed up inside him over the previous months.’

Main filming on The Christmas Invasion continued until Monday 22nd August 2005.

Below is a video about the first day of filming from David Tennant’s video diaries:

Doctor Who section of - David Tennant’s most frequently updated website