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Have you done anymore research topics like the one with oryx and how there are "gods" higher tiered than him and the ones with wyrms?

Greetings, Colleague;

Thank you for your query. We are indeed currently working on the production of a lengthy, research-oriented entry, tentatively entitled: “A Confluence of Gates: The Waters of the Vex Underworld.” In it, we shall attempt to chart Vex machinations against a background of pre-Collapse mythographies, particularly those local to the cradle of human civilization. 

Without giving away too much detail before we have our proverbial moths in a row, we would like to note that the Vex “Move in bronze vessels on rivers of thought” - and that when the Boat of the Sun passes through the Ninth Gate, it is greeted by the Serpent who guards the doorways. 

We shall attempt to chart some of these waters, however murky. 

As always, we appreciate your continued interest in and patronage of this log (colloquially, “The Mothyards”), and we look forward to providing you with further information of mild interest and dubious utility.

Be vigilant, oh reader mine. There is so much left to learn. And you, you who keep the gates, O you who guard them and who report - I know you and I know your names. 


The Mothyards


Destiny Rise of Iron | New vs. Old Cosmodrome Comparison - Arekkz Gaming


Destiny Fic, 1600 words

Iona needs a team more than she can admit.

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The showers were a place for those who remembered.

Ghosts have a way with germs, eliminating them as they eliminate all other nasty side effects of living, back to the blueprint of resurrection. Showers aren’t a particular necessity especially with those who die frequently, or transmat often.

So the long row of showers -like a locker room with no lockers, no benches- was rarely full. Still, there were enough people that one or two of the stalls’ curtains would always be pulled closed. It was a usually silent, rarely shared event, the only sounds products of water and humanity. Sometimes humming, sometimes crying, most often just breathing.

Iona remembered, just a bit, and only while she was here. The recycled water of the Reef had felt harder than this somehow, a drum upon her back. Sisters talking and shouting in the background, naked community. Here, even with the plastic curtain squished against the sides of the stall she felt exposed, until she turned the water on and drank up the luxury of the feeling until her mind numbed. Until the glaring silence got too loud and she turned off the water and left.

There were never any Exos in the showers, they had no need to be there.

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1. some sketches i was doing today in class (im out of school now, yay!)
2. something i did for @amimefreak – i was doing it for your ask that i couldnt receive 
3. for that same ask. i got lazy with the hands. 


Destiny poster series capturing the final moments of each raid. Don’t forget to find these in the Bungie Day Contest and give them a vote!

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