'Two explosions' heard at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester
There are a number of confirmed deaths at Manchester Arena following a reported explosion at an Ariana Grande concert, police have said. Twitter users reported thousands of concert goers fled the arena covered in blood and crying, although it is not immediately clear what the reported "loud bangs" were. The noises were heard towards the end of the show, with witnesses claiming on social media they believed the bangs were a "gun shot" or a "bomb".

At least 19 dead in explosion at Ariana Grande concert in U.K.; terror suspected

A deadly explosion at an Ariana Grande concert is believed to be the work of terrorists, police said Monday, killing at least 19 people and sending thousands of terrified concert-goers running for the exits as chaos unfolded in a Manchester arena.

At least 50 others were injured and photos from the scene showed carnage as scores of ambulances and paramedics rushed to the area. Grande, who was just finishing her performance when the explosions happened around 10:35 p.m. local time, was not among the injured.

The Greater Manchester Police Department reported via Twitter that the agency is treating the incident as a terror attack until proven otherwise. British authorities are focusing on the attack as a possible suicide bombing, according to a U.S. law enforcement official briefed on the matter.

Alright, listen up. Fifty nine people are hurt and nineteen are confirmed dead. I’m sick of people just asking if Ariana is okay. Ariana wasn’t harmed. I’m sure she’s scared and my heart breaks for her because the people she immensely cares about are terrified, got hurt or were killed. I’m praying for her and her team. But the people. You need to pray for these people - seriously. They didn’t deserve any of this. My heart aches for the people who were there.

Manchester Arena Explosion

What happened in Manchester was simply disgusting. Concerts are supposed to be safe for everyone because that’s where they feel free, happy, loved, and accepted for who they are.

No one deserves to have their happiness taken away
No one deserves to see their best friend lying on the floor injured/dead
No one deserves to feel scared/wary at a concert
No one deserves to leave a show that way and

And if some will blame Ariana for that.. Well let me say that NO ONE should blame her. It’s not her fucking fault. Do you really think that she wanted that to happen? Do you think that it’s okay for her to know that some of her fans were killed after HER OWN show? She had ZERO control of what those people did. Just a reminder, she will live knowing that 22 of her fans were killed, so many were injured and some are missing. She will never be okay with that I mean who in the world would think it’s easy to get over that fact?!?! I feel so sorry for her and I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now, she doesn’t deserve to feel that everything was her fault when it clearly wasn’t and it may affect her mental state you know? And I hope she will cancel some of her shows to recover and I hope some fans won’t be bitching and whining (because they paid good money) if she cancels a show but guess what? Money can be replaced but someone’s life can’t. I’ll repeat this again, NO ONE DESERVES TO EXPERIENCE WHAT HAPPENED THERE. People died in the place where they should feel the happiest and the safest. It’s sad that the world isn’t safe anymore and what happened was devastating to know and please pray for everyone in Manchester… or pray for the world instead. There are so many shitty stuff that’s happening right now and I hope and pray that everyone will be okay.

To the youth who lost their lives, please rest easy and I’m so so sorry that you had your life taken in that way and I’m so sorry that the world is cruel. No one deserves that. Rest In Peace, Angels…


What happened last night - what happened in Manchester isn’t something we will just suddenly stop talking about.
Ariana nearly died last night - her fans did.
A concert especially from your idol is a place where you should feel safe, where you should be the happiest, where you should live in the moment and enjoy every second of it - they, destroyed our safe and happy place, they turned it into a nightmare.
From now on - a concert will never feel the same anymore.
Ariana didn’t deserved this, the arianators who lost their life last night didn’t deserved it.
Ariana is someone who cares about people so much, who loves everyone out there and who just wanted to bring love and peace in the world. - when an arianator died, this little angel cried for weeks. Now imagine how she feels when 20+ people died. - no, it’s not her fault but you fo feel guilty as an artist and as the person everyone wanted to see.
This is hard,
this world is fucked up.
But the worst thing is that people start bitching about the fact that she’ll MIGHT cancel the tour, excuse me, you want your money back? Well some parents want their children back.
This should have never had happen, not at her concert, not at any concert, not at our happy place.
I guess I won’t stop crying today,
I feel like a part of me died with everyone who left earth last night, I’m so so sorry - also for ari.
This will scar her for the rest of her life and I hope that one day she is able to perform again with happiness.
We will never forget this day, arianators will never forget. - It’s true that you should carry the memories from a concert with you forever, but not this kind of memories. - not like this.
Rest in peace to all the little angels we lost.
I love you,
we love you,
Ariana loves you,
your friends and families love you.
Gone but never forgotten.
I don’t think I can stop crying, I’ve already cried for hours but yet I still continue..
I’m heartbroken, rip. 😪💔🥀✨

concerts should be one of the most happiest places in the world and it’s so heartbreaking that a night out with your favourite people and idol can turn into something as tragic as this. remember not to let a situation like this bring you down and keep you from attending concerts. you deserve to feel at ease, safe, happy and free. positivity and love fights all 💜✨