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Hello there lovely palmtrees! We’re team Bora Bora of The Island Unity @islandunity and together we present to you The Bora Bora Awards! The awards are things you can do/visit as tourist at Bora Bora! 

- R U L E S -

- A W A R D S -

every award will contain 2 winners!

🌴 Best Posts: Leopard Rays Trench

🌴 Best URL: Mount Otemanu

🌴 Best Add-ons/features: Matira Beach

🌴 Best Theme: spotting whales and dolphins

🌴 Best Colourscheme: diving with sharks

🌴 Best Icon: Tupitipiti Point 

🌴 Best New Discovery: Mount Pahia

🌴 Sweetest personality:  Scuba diving

🌴 Best Overall: Bora Bora Lagoonarium

- P  E R K S -

  • Winners will be displayed on a beautiful page (under construction)
  • The page will be on every blog of us (= 6 blogs)! That means lots of viewers!
  • New friends
  • Tons of new followers!
  • A follow from all of us

- O T H E R S -

  • Winners will be announced around the end of the month June or when we’re happy with the notes
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  • Banner created by my amazing co-admin of The Island Unity: @fauhne
  • Please don’t delete the text and try not to selfpromote on this!!

Happy reblogging and enjoy your short trip to Bora Bora with us! ♥

Love, Bora Bora Team! xx

Beyoncé wins a Peabody Award for ‘Lemonade’

  • Congratulations to Beyoncé, whose visual album Lemonade continues to earn awards more than a year after its release. 
  • Alongside television shows like Atlanta and Veep, EW reported Thursday that Lemonade won a Peabody Award in the entertainment category.
  • According to its website, the Peabody Awards recognize powerful storytelling. 
  • Fun fact: Disgraced host Bill O’Reilly once lied about winning a Peabody.
  • The 2017 awards were announced just one day after old footage circulated of Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) calling out Bill O'Reilly — who was fired from his Fox News gig Wednesday — for claiming to win a Peabody Award when, in fact, he never did. Read more (4/20/17)

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We are so excited to be recipients of the Gold Screenwriting Award at the DC Web Fest!

Congrats again to Sean and Sinéad! They’ve garnered their second writing award this past weekend at the DC Web Fest! We are absolutely thrilled to be honored in this way. Congrats to all the other award winners as well!

If you are lost about all of these BMA categories etc, well here’s a post to help you understand how is the situation of the boys until now:


  • Top Rock Artist
  • Top Rock Song: Heathens
  • Top Duo/Group
  • Top Radio Songs Artist


  • Top Billboard 200 Artist: Drake
  • Top Song Sales Artist: Drake
  • Top Streaming Songs Artist: Drake
  • Top Rock Album: Hardwired… To Self Destruct (Metallica)
  • Top Selling Song: Can’t Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake)
  • Top Streaming Song (Video): Panda (Desiigner)

They also lost Top Rock Song, because Heathens, Stressed Out and Ride were up to that category and then Heathens won. So Stressed Out and Ride lost. 

THEY STILL CAN WIN (we’ll find out these ones during the ceremony):

  • Top Hot 100 Song
  • Top Hot 100 Artist
  • Top Billboard 200 Album
  • Top Billboard 200 Artist
  • Billboard Chart Achievement Award (we can vote in this one, using Twitter)

I’m gonna update this post when the ceremony starts.

Hey everyone! So I’ve recently hit 14k and to celebrate I thought I would do some blog awards so that I can have a page on my blog so that others can get the chance to check out what amazing blogs follow me! 


  • you please be following me: @izzystudies
  • reblog this post! (likes will not count)
  • only studyblrs please! (mainblogs only please)


  • Favorite URL
  • Favorite Theme
  • Favorite Original Content (make sure this is visible on your blog, and leave it in the tags as well!!)
  • Favorite Overall
  • Favorite Baby Studyblr (less than 1k, include this in the tags


  • A new friend <3 
  • a space on the awards page on my blog! 
  • I will also queue a bunch from you! 

To enter into the blog awards you have to reblog this post before the 5th of June! I will post a link to the page on my blog with the winners and include a separate post to congratulate those who won on the 10th of June :) 

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hey lovelies! I’ve never hosted a favourites before so I’m just trying this out and I can’t wait to discover more gorgeous blogs! So if you’re interested, please keep on reading! x


◦ must be following me (niqhtblissinq). I will check, so please don’t lie.

◦ must reblog this post at least once (feel free to reblog multiple times)

◦ likes won’t count, but can be used to bookmark this post

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◦ a follow from me, if I’m not following you already

◦ a new friend!! <3

◦ featured on a page (under construction)

◦ promos per request (max. twice per week)

◦ I’ll queue from you

◦ I’ll help you with anything, just ask! (votes, advice etc.)

higher chance

◦ reblog this post more than once (I’ll notice you more)

◦ queue/reblog from my blog

◦ have a similar blog style

◦ be an active blogger

◦ talk to me, I’d love to get to know you better! (I don’t bite!)

◦ follow me on instagram @strxssvogue and message me to let me know you did


◦ this gorgeous banner was made by @leavingforever / @xfldesigns

◦ I’ll choose 15-20 blogs as my favorites

◦ I’ll choose once I’m happy with the notes

◦ if you have any questions, just send me an ask here (or here if you’re on mobile)

Good luck and happy reblogging!

- Nads x

Presenting:  Rei & Chloë’s Marc Jacobs Perfume Awards!

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R U L E S:

  • Follow me ( @redivide ) and Rei ( @sihlvers ) - as per tumblr’s guidelines, you don’t have to do this step but not doing it does decrease your chances as we would like to give back to our followers
  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count)

C A T E G O R I E S:

  • Daisy Eau So Fresh (Best URL)
  • Daisy Eau So Fresh Kiss (Best Icon)
  • Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush (Best Theme)
  • Daisy Dream (Best Posts)
  • Daisy Dream Blush (Best Colour Scheme)
  • Honey (Best Add-ons)
  • Dot (Best Overall)
  • Daisy Black (Rei’s Faves)
  • Daisy (Chloë’s Faves)

Two winners per category ^-^

P E R K S:

  • New friends (aka us!)
  • HTML help (both of us are web devs/ designers)
  • A spot on this super snazzy Awards Page!
  • Promos when you ask (max twice a week)

O T H E R:

  • Banner made by the beautiful @sihlvers
  • We will choose when we are happy with the notes !
  • Talking to us will increase your chances as we will get to know you and your blog better!

Good Luck! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Love, Chloë & Rei

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hello, loves! rei and i have decided to host our very first awards together called the cocktail awards :)

🍸 Rules 🍸

  • must be following rei @sihlvers and i @vanillahs (we will be checking)
  • reblog this post at least once
  • likes are only bookmarks

🍸 Categories 🍸

  • apple rickey - best overall
  • raspberry peach punch - best icon
  • cherry cream soda - best url
  • basil grapefruit ginger spritzer - best theme
  • gin and tonic - best posts  
  • coconut lavender lemonade - best colour scheme
  • emerald palmer - sihlvers favourite
  • passion fruit summer drink - vanillahs favourite

🍸 Perks 🍸

  • two new friends (!!!!!)
  • a follow from both of us (if we are not already following you)
  • a spot on an absolutely beautiful page found here

🍸 Higher Chance 🍸

  • talk to us (increases your chances a bunch)
  • reblog this post more than once
  • reblog rei’s other awards here
  • follow alyssa on social media found here

🍸 Other 🍸

  • rei designed the stunning banner and created the winners page as well, so check out all of her other awesome designs on her theme page here
  • we will pick the winners once we are happy with the notes
  • good luck & happy reblogging

thank you so much, beauties! have a great day/night :)