0asdfg asked:

Hi, maybe you know this: what the chain on Yj neck. In the firm 'key' He wears it for almost 2 years. Have you any photo or info. ? Thank you


I’m sorry i took few days to answer your question. Actually I was searching some info bout the necklace but I failed. TT_TT I’m sorry. I’ve asked got7style if they know at least the brand of the necklace. 

Yes you’re right Youngjae has been wearing that necklace since last year. I dug up his photos and he was spotted wearing the necklace on Sept 2014, so today will be a year since he has the necklace. So far I have no info about the necklace. I guess he loves wearing the necklace and that’s why he wears it most of the time. I’ll try find more info about it and I’ll update once I have any info :) 

Sept 22nd 2014 

Oct 2nd 2014 

Dec 11th 2014

20th March 2015 

Aug 26th 2015