fantail dove

The Garden Fantail

This is widely considered to be the original Fantail. ^v^

You can see in this first bird the traits that were exaggerated into the American. The high, out thrust chest, the back angled neck, the forward lean up on tippy toes…

But this is a weanling, probably under ten weeks old, with a VERY full crop. 

Look at the following adults, showing the normal stance for this elegant breed.

Unfortunately, these aren’t shown in the US.

Which is such a shame.

Look at how well balanced this lovely bird is!

Look at the mobility of its lovely tail! It can choose to flair or drop it as it pleases. It can walk. It can fly. 

Look at them go. ^v^

Garden Fantails are still deeply beloved in England, where they are proudly shown. 

Colored birds are referred to as fantail pigeons, but white birds are colloquially referred to as fantail doves. 
They are still both pigeons. Same species. Same breed. One is marked and the other is not. (Specifying to clear up the terminology.)

You will occasionally find these in the US in pet shops, but they are not common and, God, what a shame!

i love these birdie boyfriends so much


Saw the birb fandom trying their hand at this meme and had to try it for myself, with my own little twist for my personal fav OT3


Hey, I love your blog! Just thought I’d share with you these pictures of my baby fantailed dove Luigi. He loves sitting on my head, is constantly hungry and hates being left on his own.