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The Elements of Disharmony

I saw someone point out a long time ago that each villain in the series is an example of what happens when someone manipulates or abandons a concept that relates to the Elements of Harmony, so of course I made an edit for it. I unfortunately never got the name of the person who first saw the connection, but if anyone happens to know who it is, I would like to credit them.

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Do you have any fluffy Wonder Woman hcs (sorry if that's to vague)

❀ her and her s/o share everything?? literally everything. shampoo conditioner clothes food beds blankets. everything

❀ except for the lasso. diana has no problem with them using it (she trusts them enough to let them have it) but s/o just. doesn’t feel Worthy enough for it

❀ to show how much trust diana had in her s/o, she once gave them the lasso to use on her, so they could ask her anything. they just. asked about her favorite things and what she wanted to eat for the night. diana was touched, but also didn’t expect them not to use the opportunity to ask hard hitting questions

❀ giving diana food she hasn’t tried before is s/o’s favorite thing to do, no lie. like. she’s never had Fanta??? get that girl some Fanta. she’s never had ravioli? next date night is at an italian restaurant

❀ diana likes to sleep holding her s/o’s hand. not necessarily spooning (though she’s typically the big spoon) but just. holding onto them.