fanta apple

kitterahsdollhouse  asked:

Who prefers what flavors of food?

everyones fav beverage? (lot of food asks cause I’m still full don’t judge me >.>) 

>Adar = sour things all the way and will drink Arizona Peach tea and nothing else until he dies

>Riley = salty foods are a weakness (aka wendy’s fries) and they like gatorade. Soda’s give them a headache.

>Devin = He haS THE BIGGEST FUCKING SWEET TOOTH. like you cannot hide sugary things from him because he WILL find them eventually, even if you snuck it into the house without telling him. Mountain dew is a top tier favorite

>Pax = loves spicy things. He really loves Fanta Apple


AND you can wear it on construction sites!

Playing favourites

A/N: GISHWHES is over, so I’m back. Here’s a new story for you all, a Sam x reader, because I can.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have an idea for me, or just want to tell me how much you love my stories ;P

Summary: This time around it’s the reader’s turn to get transformed into a toddler, and Sam and Dean has to take care of her.

Word count: 4212

Y/N sighed for the third time in about as many minutes. Sam and Dean had been gone for hours, interviewing witnesses and doing god knows what else, while she was stuck in the dark motel room with the books and the dust.

The case was a weird one. Four dead people; all killed in places and ways that shouldn’t have been possible, but the hunters were nowhere near an answer. She’d been through both her notes and the lore at least twice with no result, and now, she was mindlessly scrolling through the Internet, waiting for Sam to come back. And Dean, of course, she corrected herself. Mustn’t forget him. But Sam, her brain countered, and she sighed for the fourth time.

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