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((Please don't interpret this as rude I'm just trying to understand and you seem wise)) Where does it say Keith is Asian? I'm not saying he's not I just can't find it. Cuz his dad is Texan, right? Which makes his mom Galra and thus not of any Earth ethnicity? Please I'm not trying to be rude you just seem smart in this issue.

  • No canon source has listed Keith as asian (as far as I know)
  • People headcanon him as Korean because of his voice actor (Steven Yeun) or as Japanese because of his earlier counterpart (Keith/Akira Kogane)
  • Assuming his mom is full-Galra, Keith is therefore half-Galra. 
    • However, there is the possibility that his mom is only part-Galra herself. Keith’s mom could therefore be asian herself, and we just don’t know it yet.
  • Keith’s father, assuming that was Keith’s biological dad, is inferred to be from the South, possibly Texas. We have no idea what race/ethnicity Keith’s dad is, because that information hasn’t been given to us yet.
  • ‘Texas’ is not a race or ethnicity, because Texas is only a state. You are Texan if you live there or were born there, but if you were doing a census you wouldn’t write ‘Texan’ as what you identity as.
    • A white person can be from Texas.
    • An asian person can be from Texas.
    • Anyone of any race can be from Texas, they just have to be born in/live there.

TLDR: The Korean Keith theory is still alive and well, hallelujah.

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Oh wait I think I did have a prompt I mentioned in my rambles haha Aaron feels a panic attack coming on and Robert calms him with his hands on his face (keeping it clean ha) x

Day 8 of my Aaron comes home drabble prompts:

Lungs bursting and yet he had no air to fill, how could he be at once so full and still so empty.

He wanted to run, to keep running but his limbs wouldn’t move and he was trapped. Held in his own prison. Kept in place by fear, no not fear it was something else, panic they called it and yet that wasn’t right either.

Aaron felt disconnected and out of control.

He was a scared kid alone in his room hoping the door wouldn’t open.

He was drowning.

He was alone.

Nobody loved him.

He was alone.

No one ever stays.

He is alone.

He was in prison.

He was alone.

Robert was going to leave him.

He was going to be alone.

He is alone.

He is alone…

“Aaron! Aaron! Breathe, you have to breathe for me,” Robert’s voice breaking through.

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I really hope that all this shit talking Ryder’s crew mates did about Reyes Vidal romance and how he can’t be trusted wasn’t some messed up foreshadowing because if Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal™ happens I’m gonna lose my shit