New Superpower Soccer Series: 아스타를 향해 차구차구/Towards Astar Chagu Chagu

This is a brand new original anime produced in Korea which combines card game hissatsu with soccer. Currently it’s only available on the KBS website but the YT page I linked is slowly putting up all the episodes (7 so far). 

I cross-posted this in the Inazuma Eleven tag because the two series are very similar, and this series has been vital in filling in the sakka void in my heart….

Would anybody be interested in a fansub? I would be happy to be the translator, but I would need additional help in timing and encoding. 

Please contact me if you would be interested in helping out with the subbing!!!


Whew! This took me a while! Special thanks to cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for allowing me to use her awesome translation! She is currectly translating the “Boruto The Movie” Novelization, and if you are a Naruto Fan, you should definitely check her page out!

I wanted to convey the hilarity of the drama track as best as I could so I didn’t just slap a picture on it and added the subtitles. I tried to give it life! I based the video on the Drama Track’s cover in order to highlight which person was talking when…

How did I handle the “Hyakubi Jinchuriki” and her “Tailed Beast” since they are not displayed in the cover? Watch the video and find out!

Do you think I did a good job at it? Please let me know!



We still need to add the Japanese subs and I’m currently working on an mkv  softsub version  for download, but this should hold ya’ll over for now.

Big thanks to StarFumu, Katana Nova Cat,  WolfmanJaaack, Congitsune, ShadowWolf and others for all their help! 

Haikyuu!! DJ Kakedashi Sentiment KAGEHINA Español

Pairing: Kageyama Tobio/Hinata Shouyou.

Author: Hakushu.

Lenguage: Español.

English Scalation: September Scalations.

Source: My Reading Manga.

Traducción al Español: Katlawliet (traducción, limpieza, edición, lector de prueba)

Summary (from SS Scalation): Kageyama se sorprende cuando Hinata admite que le gusta en vez de odiarlo causando que él mismo reevalue sus propios sentimientos.

Descarga: MEGA 

Contraseña: kpef001

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Donation Drive: Miss Dream in Danger!

Miss Dream is in a bad financial pinch.

A lot of things happened all at once:

- purchase of new hard drives for file storage (we’ve been adding insane amounts of crap over the last year and we finally ran out of space)

- equipment repairs to scanner used for raws creation

- computers used by admin team completely dead

- our hosting costs almost tripled due to the need for several private servers / core VPS to keep the site operational

On top of that there’s lots of new print media content being released in Japan, and the cost of purchasing it all myself and paying to ship / import it is now beyond my means.

I want to keep up with providing new content and translations, but at this point I can’t finance it alone.

If you’ve ever used Miss Dream as a resource, if you enjoy our translations and reference materials, please consider donating so we can stay online. If you are able to, please consider signing up for a recurring donation so we can meet our operational expenses to stay online indefinitely.

Without the support of the Sailor Moon fandom we won’t be able to keep this resource online. 

If you are unable to donate, please spread the word about our situation. Any help is appreciated. Thank you :)



New fansub of Perfume’s appearance on Oshareism (talk show). Remember to watch in HD. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out Perfume-City Downloads section for the DL link and send a thanks in the Perfume TV thread. This will be the last sub for a while so be sure to enjoy and if you haven’t checked out the past videos, they can be found in the thread.