It’s the very first episode of Fansplaining, the podcast by, for, and about fandom!

In this episode, Elizabeth Minkel and Flourish Klink introduce themselves and discuss their panel at SDCC, “Fandom Is My Fandom: Or, We All Live in a Coffeeshop AU.” Topics covered include “going pro,” selling out, making money in fandom, fandom as a safe space, and whether we should use the term “fandom” or “fandomS.”

You can also read the show notes, or, if you’d rather read than listen, take a peek at a full transcript, or download a smaller .mp3!



verb: fansplain; 3rd person present: fansplains; past tense: fansplained; past participle:fansplained; gerund or present participle: fanplaining

1. Fansplain is a portmanteau of the words “fan” and “explain” that describes the act of a fan of a particular cultural phenomenon or work of art (book, television show, song, etc…), speaking to a perceived lesser fan (often condescendingly) with the assumption that their opinion or interpretation is less valid or completely incorrect.

“Janet was just discussing the costuming decisions made for the new season of Doctor Who when Katrina interrupted her and fansplained the Fourth Doctor’s famous scarf.”

“Ben just fansplained the entire plot of Infinite Jest while we were calmly discussing our opinions on the wider cultural context of its structure and popularity.”

synonyms: domineering bore/boar, self righteous idolater of fictional universes, one who excludes others from sharing in the fleeting enjoyment of this existence

2. The act of verbally explaining something by speaking through a box fan or other personal cooling device with rotating blades while it is in operation.

(courtesy of Janet, Kevin, & Mike)

Trying as hard as I can to avoid using the term “in case you missed it” or something similar, but in case you DID miss it, last week flourish​ and I launched the first episode of our podcast!

If you have any broad interest in fandom, please consider giving us a listen. And consider following our tumblr! We’ll be posting meta-fannish stuff there, reblogs now and hopefully original stuff soon, too. 

And I started to edit the audio of our next episode, featuring our first guest, meredithgene​, last night. That will go live on Wednesday! 

Transcript: Fansplaining Ep 3: What’s the Deal With Wattpad?

Here’s the transcript for our newest episode of Fansplaining!

Flourish Klink: Hey Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Minkel: Hi Flourish.

FK: HELLO AUDIENCE! Welcome to Fansplaining! It’s the podcast—

ELM: [laughs] Oh I just talked over it. Wait—welcome to Fansplaining. Episode three.

FK: It’s the podcast by, for, and about fandom, and today I have a very important question on my mind, which is, ‘What the hell is up with Wattpad?’

ELM: That is not the title of the episode, Flourish. It is, ‘What’s the Deal With Wattpad?’ It doesn’t have profanity in the title.

FK: OK, you’re right.

ELM: When you say it, like in a comical way: [“comical voice”] ‘What’s the Deal With Wattpad?”

FK: I can’t…I can’t say that and sound like I really mean it. [laughter] What is the deal with Wattpad?

ELM: Wait. Yeah, what is the deal with it? Despite our very flippant introduction, this is a…I don’t want to say serious, I don’t want you to stop listening right now, but this is a deep look at Wattpad, which is a reading and writing platform and social media site.

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Show Notes: Fansplaining Episode 3: What’s The Deal With Wattpad?


These notes go along with this episode (transcript on its way)!

from Fandom is my Fandom
Show Notes: Fansplaining Ep 1: “Why Wasn't I Consulted?!”

These notes go along with this episode (also see the transcript)!

  • 0:00 If you want to know more about Fansplaining, we have a nifty About page, which includes bios of your fabulous co-hosts and more! Oh, and our intro/break/outro music is “Awel,” by stefsax.
  • 1:15 The panel we were on was “Fandom Is My Fandom, Or, We All Live in a Coffeeshop AU.” It was on Thursday, July 9, 2015, from 5-6 PM, and it had a beautiful banner to promote it:
  • 2:45 One of Flourish’s favorite fanfics at age 10 was Oklahoma, by Amperage & Livengoo. In retrospect, she definitely should not have been allowed to read that fanfic.
  • 4:14 In addition to providing the audio for our podcast, the Geekiary did a great writeup of it. Thanks, UndieGirl!
  • 6:10 Aron on Twitter!
  • 10:27 If you were at the panel and noticed that something’s off, don’t be confused: we cut inside this clip for length.
  • 15:46 If you haven’t read Finnegans Wake and want to know what a “thunder word” sounds like, wonder no more.
  • 24:03 A.O. Scott’s article about San Diego Comic-Con can be read online (if you’re willing to deal with the NY Times paywall). If you want to read about that “we’re all children” thing Elizabeth mentioned, the relevant article is here.
  • 27:11 If you haven’t read Roland Barthes’ essay “The Death of the Author,” and for some reason you have a burning desire to do so, it’s available online!
  • 34:05 The word we’re looking for is “doublethink,” and it’s in George Orwell’s 1984.
  • 36:42 We couldn’t track down the post Flourish is referring to here! If anybody has a link to it, could you drop it in the ask box so these notes can be complete? Please-and-thank-you!
  • 47:08 Obviously K/S (Kirk/Spock) long predates this. The X-files was just the most recent link in the fanlore chain.

…and that’s it for today! You can also see these notes in situ (along with other comments people have left) on SoundCloud.

Show Notes: Fansplaining Ep 2: GeekyCon & Meredith Levine

These notes go along with this episode (also see the transcript)!

  • 32:20 Flourish was thinking of NuttyMadam’s Twilight series react videos.

…and that’s it for today! You can also see these notes in situ (along with other comments people have left) on SoundCloud.

Show Notes: Fansplaining Episode 3: What’s The Deal With Wattpad?

These notes go along with this episode (transcript on its way)!

Transcript: Fansplaining Ep 1: “Why Wasn’t I Consulted?!”

This is the transcript for the first episode of the fansplaining podcast! 


Flourish Klink: HELLO ELIZABETH!

Elizabeth L Minkel: Hi Flourish!

FK: This is our first-ever podcast and we’re already cracking ourselves up.

ELM: Yeah, we’re pretty funny to only ourselves…but that’s fine.

FK: That’s a good sign though.

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Transcript: Fansplaining Ep 2: GeekyCon & Meredith Levine

This is the transcript for the second episode of the fansplaining podcast!



Flourish: Heyyy Elizabeth! You’re in Florida right now.

ELM: I am in Florida. Orlando, Florida!

FK: And this is the second episode of “Fansplaining.”

ELM: Welcome! Thanks for coming back…or thanks for coming for the first time. I am recording live from Orlando, Florida, from the Hyatt Regency. Shout-out to Emily and Sam from Wattpad for letting me…sit in their room…before I have to go to the airport! [laughs]

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