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anonymous asked:

Leah wants to spend Christmas with Starry it says in new spoliers I'm dying

Yaa! Leah spoilers are here. Remember when Harry had to bribe Leah to spend time with Ste??? Now she’s taking Ryan down :DDD

And have you seen this????? OMG thank you @fansofaidengrimshaw!!! I want Harry to woo Ste by convincing Amy to let the kids spend time with Starry at Christmas <333 Then they have a domestic day with cute Lucas and Diva Leah, followed by a romantic Christmas snog :D You know, something like this: 

lovingstarry  asked:

Hi there I am new on tumblr but love Starry!! Can I use some of the pics you post of them for my profile? Also what are some tumblers I should follow beside you of course? I see u write fanfic, do you take story idea requests?

Hi my name’s Yunny (rhymes with ‘sunny’) Yay another Starry tumblr! Sure, we all copy and share each other’s photos lol. I think you should follow: @lxy203, @harryste, @hollyoaksofficial, @hollyoaksloversx, @ste-lomax, @eyepalm, @ichthyocoprolite, @starry4ever16, @starryfanforlife, @starrycuties, @fansofaidengrimshaw@happyfangirlingx, and @stexharry. That’s a good list to start with haha. I’ve never taken a fanfic request before, but I could try! Give me an easy one to start with and I’ll see what I can do lol xx~~