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Ste & Harry Spoilers

Mon 26 Sept:  It’s Freshers’ Week in the village and Harry, Zack and Cleo are enjoying student life already. Holly is charmed when she first meets Nick Savage and introduces him to the rest of the teens. (Ellie’s sexual consent sl)

Wed 5 Oct: It’s the day of the Little Starz talent show and Leah is in full-on diva mode.

Thurs 6 Oct: Ste demands joint custody of his kids.

Fri 7 Oct: Ste wanted to treat Leah & Lucas to the circus, but he couldn’t get tickets. Ryan got tickets, though, and he’s taking them. Leah & Lucas are scared and confused when Ste behaves oddly and takes them out of school.

Upcoming: Amy, Ryan and Ste are worried sick when little Leah goes missing. Will they track her down? And has Ste had anything to do with his daughter’s disappearance?  As Harry tries to support Ste when he prepares to take on Ryan and Amy, something else could also be at play (Ste suffers memory loss (x)) that could lead to new heartache for the couple. But what is wrong – and who will emerge from the custody war victorious? (x)