fansite update

taehyung is the god of visuals, you can’t even disagree. he’s so beautiful to the point where sometimes i feel like he’s a painting

FORYOONGI is recruiting!

Hello everyone! We are looking for at least two people who:

  • are fluent in english
  • have frequent access to the internet
  • are willing to commit time to updating the blog everyday
  • can work well with the other admins
  • can learn out tagging and captioning system quickly
  • can respect BTS’ privacy and fansites rules

Just message us with the following: (NO FANMAILS PLEASE) 

  1. Your name, your main blog, side blogs (this will help us see how you manage blogs)
  2. Twitter (you must have one and be active on it since we will communicate there and because we update the blog through twitter updates from fansites) 
  3. How much time you spend online a day on average.
  4. Country and Timezone (we don’t have preference on any)
  5. If you have any experience managing any fyeahs (can for anything, not just BTS)
  6. Why you want to be an admin

You don’t have to stan Yoongi but it would help if you know his fansites and be up to date to BTS schedules, twitter posts etc,. If you get accepted we will give you more details on how to help us run the blog. 

Please only apply if you know you have significant amount of time everyday to contribute to the blog. Do not apply if you are going to be active for a week or two and then quit.

This is an especially busy time since BTS have just comeback so we are looking to hire some people quickly! The sooner you apply the better :)


some things just don’t change, congratulations for graduating jungkook

jin posted this on weibo~

he’s so flawless and effortlessly beautiful no wonder he’s very confident of his looks. he’s a good looking guy with the kindest and the most loving heart. please love him!