I felt that I should share my totally awesome pumps with y'all. These beauties are by the amazingly talented Jessica Griffiths, & her company is FanShoes, the web address is;

She DOES ship over seas (she’s based in the UK) & will try to do any, & I mean ANY design you want. She does pumps and bags & in the past has even done heels!!!

She also has a Facebook page, were you go to order, but I’m pretty sure you can order on her website too, here’s a link to her facebook page;

Give her a like & maybe treat yourself to the shoes of your little fan heart dreams!

Avengers Heels: I made mine and you can too!

So today I endeavored to make a pair of Avengers heels. Had wanted to for a while and decided today was as good a day as any to make a pair. They were really simple to make and I figured it would be an early birthday gift to myself.

I have to give full credit for the idea and the help from the post below:

They were all sorts of awesome when it came to giving me the idea and I wouldn’t have even thought to do this, but I did make some changes to the way I cut out the comics just to make them my very own.

My DYI Instructions Below:

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Did anyone get to check out the new uniforms the Terps were rockin’ last night? If not, check them out!

The Terps are not the only ones going with a new look, FANSHOES recently introduced a completely new look to the website. The new design is much cleaner and makes the site much easier for you, the fans, to use! Like a team getting ready for a new season, the FANSHOES team put in a lot of hours the past few months to prepare for our new website and we hope you really enjoy the new experience this site offers. Please stop by to check out what all of our hard work has resulted in. As always, let us know what you think of the new site via twitter or facebook or even email our CTO, Marcus, at 

Let’s hope for another great weekend of football!



FanShoes Interview: Filling the gap in fandom merchandise

As fans, buying (or crying about not having money for) merchandise is one of our favourite activities. On TDF, we’ve made a couple of recaps on the best and cheapest places to buy merch (12). But we couldn’t help but notice that there was a lack of shoes from these places. 

That’s why we’ve interviewed Jessica, creator and admin of FanShoes, to find out a bit more about their business and how they view merchandise.


Roc City Roller Derby

What better way to spend a Saturday night than watching a bunch of girls in fishnets and roller skates beat the living FANSHOES out of each other? Last Saturday we were invited by the President of the ROC city roller derby (Muffy Stopheles) to check out the travel debut of the travel team, the Roc Stars.

Sitting in the “suicide seats”.

Since Roller derby is a pretty niche sport, I thought I’d give you all a little history lesson a la Wikipedia:

Vintage derby.

Roller derby has been around in one form or another since the 1880’s when the “derbies” were simple endurance races on roller skates. When many think of roller derby, they have vague associations with over-the-top, WWF-esq phase the sport went through in the 1970’s. While definitely still theatrical in nature (the girls have names like Queen Kicktoria, Torya Anewone, and Susan B. Agony and both matches I’ve been to have been MC’d and ref’d by a pretty quirky cast) the humor is very self aware and the actual game play is serious.

The players, especially the Roc Stars, displayed an extraordinarily amount of athleticism. Before the match began, their very well dressed coach conducted drills where the girls practiced complicated blocking moves and weaving in and out between players.

A little strategy meeting. Look at the coach’s serious threads!

 In short, Roller derby is a good natured, but very much contact, sport.

The pivot of the Garden State trying to hip-check another defender.

So you’re probably wondering a little about how the game is actually played. This is my second time seeing derby, so I think I’ve got the jist of it now. Each team has five players on the rink at a time. The game is split up into roughly two minute long “Jams”. One player from each team is called the “Jammer” and they wear a fancy helmet cover with a star on it.

Roc Star Jammer, Toxin Dioxin.

The Jammers are the only players who can score points and they tend to be small, fast and very good at weaving in and out of players. Ahead of the two Jammers is a mass of blockers (the eight other players) which are collectively referred to as “the pack”. The leader of each team’s blockers is called the “pivot”. They wear a helmet cover with a stripe on it and all other blockers on the team need to stay behind their pivots. The pivots essentially set the pace.

Roc Star Jammer and Team Captain Roxy D. Sniper gets ready to break through the Garden State defense.

When the game starts, both Jammers are trying to dodge and muscle their way through the pack by avoiding enemy players and using friendly players as shields and momentum boosts. The first Jammer to get through the pack is called the “lead Jammer”. It’s very good to be the lead Jammer, because it means that at any point during Jam, they can choose to wave their hands and stop the Jam (for instance, they can do this if they see the other Jammer is about to score). After either Jammer first passes the pack, they start scoring points each time they pass a player on the enemy team. Sometimes the lead Jammer is just ahead of the other Jammer; in this case, they’ll pass a few players on the enemy team and then call the Jam over before the other Jammer can score. Other times, the lead Jammer will be so ahead of the other Jammer that they can lap the pack multiple times before the other team can score a single point.

The refs have specific hand signals — this one signals the current skater is the lead Jammer.

Fouls have a huge play in determining the outcome of the game. To prevent egregious harm to the players, the Jams are pretty heavily refereed and a lot of overly dangerous moves (grabbing enemy player limbs, head butting someone etc) will send players straight to the “penalty box”.

Saturday’s match was a double header and started with Rochester’s B-team (The B-Sides) battling it out against the Hellions of Troy. The match was very close. The Hellions started ahead at first, but the B-Sides quickly caught up and the rest of the match the two teams stayed neck and neck. At the end, the dust cleared and the B-Sides were victorious.

B-Side Jammer “moving” Hellions of Troy pivot out of the way.

The second match-up was the Roc Stars versus the New Jersey team, “Garden State”. “Garden State” started out winning a few lead Jams, but fell behind fairly early in the game and struggled to keep up. Their strategy was to play very defensively and they would occasionally make impressive jam scores when Roc Star Jammers would foul and be in the penalty box. Ultimately, though, the speed and aggressiveness of the Roc City Jammers (Asa Clubs and Toxin Dioxin to name a few) won out.

Go Roc Stars, go!

Some of the profits from the night’s games went to a local charity, the Animal Service League. The league was also running a drive for soap for another local charity, Sample Soap. All-in-all the derby was a great time. Next match is August 13th in the Dome Arena, check it outtt.

~guest article by Lyla, FANSHOES CTO.

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Photo Shoot: Village Gate

Despite some rain and some gray skies, the models were able to light up the Village Gate a couple weekends ago during our FANSHOES photo shoot. As you can see we are going to be releasing some new products soon, including our slip-on canvas shoes which should be hitting the store shelves in the fall.

The rain was out in full force down at the Village Gate but luckily the FANSHOES team came armed with umbrellas and cameras and was able to make it a very successful and fun day. The photos turned out great thanks to the models Nick, Gabby, Pheobe, Brittany, Tonya, and Amanda. Thanks again guys! Another big thanks to Dark Horse Coffee for allowing us to use some of their space to use these photos. Dark Horse Coffee is another one of those great companies that makes the Rochester community so awesome to be a part of.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook for updates on products, news about the company, as well as free product give-aways. Who doesn’t love free shoes? Also feel free to say hey to us on Twitter. We are always excited to meet new fans.


Hello everyone and welcome back to the FANBLOG. A lot has changed since we last updated you on the beautiful workings of FANSHOES and we’re happy to say that we’re entering a very exciting period for our company. Not only have we moved to a gorgeous new office (huge windows make us a lot less cranky in the morning), but our business continues to expand and we’re very proud to announce that we have partnered with Wal-Mart to give even more of you the opportunity to sport your team’s colors and rub victory in the faces of your rivals (we’re not taking sides, but you know how it goes. GO BINGHAMTON). 


This thrilling period in our company’s history coincides with an exhilarating celebration of worldwide sport. In case you haven’t heard (or just hate the NBC family of networks), the 2012 Olympics in London are well under way and there are thousands of athletes, both American and foreign, who not only sport the colors of their nation but were also proud collegiate competitors in the United States. While everyone has their eyes peeled to the ever popular swimming, track and field, and gymnastics events, there are plenty of intense sports that many do not pay attention to, whether it be due to lack of exposure or the ever popular, “What the heck are the rules of this sport and why does it look like those two guys are drowning each other”?  In honor of these “forgotten” sports, I will be doing a series on the histories, rules, and of course, the collegians, past and present, competing in these feats of athletic prowess.

Prepare yourselves for an education and thanks for coming back to the chronicles of FANSHOES, also known as the FANBLOG. Our next post will focus on my personal favorite, water polo. In the meantime, get over to your local Wal-Mart and check out our quality Cambou rainboots.


Thank you!

Recently FANSHOES was featured on a prominent Mommy Blog, Mommy Ramblings. We are so thankful for Carolyn featuring us and giving a great review of our product. Feel free to check out her review of FANSHOES here

Mommy Ramblings is doing a giveaway and a promotion through her blog post so be sure to go check that out and maybe even win a pair of FANSHOES for yourself! Thanks again Carolyn for featuring us on your blog!

Playing in the Puddles

Lately it seems like rainy days are pretty few and far between here in Rochester. Apparently this isn’t the case down in Florida. Here are a couple tweets we received from a couple friends of ours these past few weeks.

Chelsea, is one of our Campus Reps at USF for this upcoming Fall. We are very excited to have her as part of the FANSHOES team and are looking forward to the impact she is going to have on the USF campus. Be sure to connect with her on twitter at @sea_rae

The next tweet is from Andy Guze, one of the Co-Founders of Flying Colors. Flying Colors is another collegiate licensed clothing company that is selling some great products. Be sure to check them out and connect with them on twitter @FLYINGCOLORS_

Thanks for connecting with us guys. To the rest of our fans and followers out there, please stop by and say “hey” to us on Twitter and Facebook. We love hearing from you guys!

FANSHOES is looking for campus reps! Starting now until the end of May, FANSHOES is seeking outgoing, sports-interested and pro-active college students to model, promote and spread the word about FANSHOES.

FANSHOES Campus Reps will not only receive free products and FANSHOES gear to keep, but will also be able to earn cash for their hard work. Our FANSHOES Campus Reps will be featured on our website and Facebook page and will gain valuable marketing, social media and PR experience.

Being a FANSHOES Campus Rep is a great opportunity to develop professional skills, earn some spending cash, and of course get free swag. 

Interested in applying for our FANSHOES Campus Rep Program? Apply here

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