Supernatural, Harry Potter and Sherlock inspired shoes! 

These might be my new favorites! 

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the FANBLOG. A lot has changed since we last updated you on the beautiful workings of FANSHOES and we’re happy to say that we’re entering a very exciting period for our company. Not only have we moved to a gorgeous new office (huge windows make us a lot less cranky in the morning), but our business continues to expand and we’re very proud to announce that we have partnered with Wal-Mart to give even more of you the opportunity to sport your team’s colors and rub victory in the faces of your rivals (we’re not taking sides, but you know how it goes. GO BINGHAMTON). 


This thrilling period in our company’s history coincides with an exhilarating celebration of worldwide sport. In case you haven’t heard (or just hate the NBC family of networks), the 2012 Olympics in London are well under way and there are thousands of athletes, both American and foreign, who not only sport the colors of their nation but were also proud collegiate competitors in the United States. While everyone has their eyes peeled to the ever popular swimming, track and field, and gymnastics events, there are plenty of intense sports that many do not pay attention to, whether it be due to lack of exposure or the ever popular, “What the heck are the rules of this sport and why does it look like those two guys are drowning each other”?  In honor of these “forgotten” sports, I will be doing a series on the histories, rules, and of course, the collegians, past and present, competing in these feats of athletic prowess.

Prepare yourselves for an education and thanks for coming back to the chronicles of FANSHOES, also known as the FANBLOG. Our next post will focus on my personal favorite, water polo. In the meantime, get over to your local Wal-Mart and check out our quality Cambou rainboots.