• Dirk: See Rose, you don't get it, Kill La Kill isn't just fanservice. It's a highly progressive show that uses sexuality as a motif and parodies fanservie as a genre and has an excellent take on the magical girl genre as well, in reality it's a feminist anime if anything.
  • Rose: Stay decapitated next time so I won't ever have to hear anything like that ever again.

I really pains me to see that people actually think having FT girls sexualized is a good thing. Sexualisation is not equal to being sexy. Gray with his removed clothes is sexy. A close up in Lucy’s butt in the middle of a fight is sexualisation. Learn the difference. Sexualisation is not healthy in any way, and doesn’t promote feminism at all.
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if jagi is a fanservice then what is a kaistal. at least jagi exists.

jagi…… is a fanservice…. pffftttt…..hhhahhaHAAHAAHAHAAH 

“Why are they still ignoring the fact when we, kfans confirmed it by ourselves. No boys say that for a joke. And plus, the moment was not opened*. Only jongin and kyungsoo were there in the moment*. Why would jongin chose a word like Jagi in that situation for a ‘joke’? That’s just nonsense.” ~a kfan

*JI covered his mouth when he called KS ‘jagi’, it was meant to be secretive, plus SH looked pissed off and he checked the translator noona right after that ‘jagi’ word being spewed out. So, fanservice where?

Tbh… i dont get this, same gender idols do shit like above and ppl would say it’s fanservie, opposite gender idols use the same starbucks paper bag and ppl would say they’re legit dating. 


“chanbaek just fanservis ! ” ; “ chanbaek not real ! ” ; “ my oppa not gay !!! ” ; “they don’t love each other !!!”; “ it’s necessary to separate fantasy and reality !!! ” ; “it’s delulu !!!!!!”….

15th December: Shantae in Winter gear (still showing skin tho cus fanservie hahaha)

I freakin’ Love Shantae and her series- gutted that she didn’t get into smash (but tbh I’d rather she lost to Bayonetta woman than Cloud…) Oh well I doubt Matt Bozon or the rest of Wayforward will even see this but in case they do I want you guys to know that I can’t wait for the upcoming Shantae.

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